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  1. HAHAHA!!! At about 3:15 in I laughed so hard it hurt!! Right after I pause it to look at the Tenere. I hit play and faintly make out a word I can barely hear from another rider. Then in a crystal clear voice "Shade you can't say**** on video, it's on right now, you can't say ****" !!! LOLOL This is one of the best "local" riding videos ever!! It's really cool to see what these big bikes can do. I have to say of all those bikes the KTM is probably the best when the pavement ends. OTOH, I like to see the Tenere holding it's own. I'm not much of a BMW fan, but damn those bikes can rip through that stuff when the going gets rough!! And of course it goes without saying the KLR is always just plugging along in the nastiest of conditions!! I have a pretty good GPS track for that area as well. I agree the sand washes to the Petroglyph's are brutal!! I'm amazed and encouraged by just what these big bikes can do! I just did that ride about the same time you made this video. Did you guys hit that nasty G out toward the end of the wash near the Peyroglyph's? I almost went over the bars!
  2. I missed DV this year. My buddy could not get his Indian Chief running in time
  3. Very cool. Although mine weighs about 75lbs more than yours! This is looking to be a really fun event!!
  4. Right on my man!! I'm being a wimp and trucking my bike. I'm really excited for this event. It's going to be really cool to see a mixture of these beasts and how you guys set them up for long adventures. I have been saving a long time for my beast. For now the Beta will just have to do......
  5. Not a bad idea. OTOH, I do not like to rely on electronics. I have a pretty cool mad holder that stays clipped to my bars and folds out when needed.
  6. Hi there guys, if anyone is interested here is a really nice map of the preserve. Latest update way 2008. But still a really nice map. I just got it and it's a very detailed topo with all the points of interest. My plan on this trip is to check out as many cool points of interest as possible from the dirt roads. Next time when I bring my wife we can check out the stuff from the asphalt..... So far, Eric's GPX tracks look to be a very nice loop.
  7. I'm in and ticket is paid for. My wife Carol actually bought my ticket. How cool is that!! Thank you both for making me feel welcome. I'll be heading to the event sometime early-late afternoon Friday and leaving early Sunday morning. I've never been there but assuming exit Essex and head for Black Canyon Group and Equestrian Campground across from Hole in The Wall campgrounds. I have a San Bernardino map but hoping the Information center will have maps of the park or I can just wing it and ride with guys that know the area better than me. I'm thinking this will be pretty easy navigation because we are staying on roads and not going out into the open desert/forest. I found the link to maps and alerts:
  8. Hi there Eric. I'll know This Friday if I can go or not. So the group will be meeting at Hole-in-the-Wall campground? Is this where we stage and camp? This will be a first time for me riding in the area East of the 15 and North of the 40. I'm using my Beta for the next few seasons while I save for my Super Tenere. Hope you don't mind me joining the group. And I definitely want to do some of the sandy roads. I need practice so when I do get a beast I know what to expect. Don't laugh too hard. 15/41 gearing, and great wind protection with repurposed 650 Ninja windscreen and Giant Loop batwings. It weighs right at about 350lbs and has close to a 175 mile range (with spare fuel in saddlebag). It will have a skid plate for the event. I'm really hoping to meet some guys with these big adventure bikes and see how they are setup! I'll be trucking up there and camping in my truck tent. I'll let you know by this Friday.
  9. Wow!! Very nicely setup bike Eric. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Oh I see. You got a heat shield already with the bags. Just go to the hardware store and get a larger set of hose clamps. Honestly, the way you have it configured is really nice. Just a matter of positioning the heat shield.
  11. Hi there Jason, Your setup looks perfectly fine. I suggest to simply install a Giant Loop or generic clamp on heat shield.
  12. Thanks Marc! It's for sure on my do list next year.
  13. Shower? What happened to using baby wipes!! LOL
  14. I've been using LHRB's for years on both my off road bikes. It's the hot ticket when going down loose, steep stuff.