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  1. Thanks Marc! It's for sure on my do list next year.
  2. Shower? What happened to using baby wipes!! LOL
  3. I've been using LHRB's for years on both my off road bikes. It's the hot ticket when going down loose, steep stuff.
  4. I'm going to have to paste this link to the ADVrider crybaby "fork stiction" thread!! LOL
  5. Well guys my bike is ready but medical issues have put this ride off for another year. I'll reopen this thread when I'm prepped for next year. What a shame! I'm pretty pissed off and bummed that it did not work out. The Beta was really looking good. Bought a new clutch basket, plates, new tires, tools all put together, clothing, backpack, upgraded my SPOT 2 the a Gen 3, etc. All was not a loss though. The experience of prepping, route planning, lodging, and knowing what to do will carry over to next season when I'm feeling better. Other good news is being able to use this setup on some shorter 2 day rides throughout the next season.
  6. Wow, what a very cool opportunity!! That's my dream bike. I'm really looking forward to your impressions Eric.
  7. There really are a bunch of choices for tires. I might just mount this new Kenda and run it from now to the end of the trip. The front one seems to really last long! I'll figure out what tire as I get closer. The main thing is a safe tire. It just has to last the trip. I tried the street biased ones and it got ugly in the sand washes!
  8. Yes, I have a brand new rear Kenda Big Block I'll be trying to use up before the ride. I decided to go fancy and will mount up a new set TK80's or Big Blocks for the actual ride. The Kenda BBs have really been working good. I've been reading the TK80's last a little longer though. I don't want to chance experimenting with Hendus or other stuff.
  9. Thank you Eric! I'm really looking forward to this. I'll include my bike prep in the planning. Oh, and yes 2012 Beta 520RS is the bike.
  10. Stay tuned guys. I'm planning a North/South Rim loop focusing on the North Rim. I'm hoping to be leaving in late September. Right now it's in the planning stage. I'm looking at about 1200 miles and 6 days at this point. Mostly paved and some of the cool fire roads on the North side. I just ordered up some Butler Maps and looking at lodging. This will be motel camping off my Beta.
  11. Very cool! I have ridden one and it's a reliable solid machine. The new ones even have oil injection.
  12. Holy cow!! 18000 bucks! Of course it's already decked out to the hilt. Yes the 690/700 is another bike to consider for sure. I'm pretty sure the motor is designed for long travel miles. I will say it was really weird swapping from my Beta to my buddies Indian when we were in Death Valley. His 750lb beast turned very slow and you could really feel the weight. It was a very short lived swap. The first viewpoint we came to he plopped over on my bike because he could not get a foot down. I really am happy I started this thread here. It's making me rethink my choice of bikes. Not only by what you guys say but a few of my riding buddies as well. I don't get out and ride as much as I used to. A few times a month at most lately. For now I'm going to continue getting my Beta dialed in for more "short adventure rides" that are local here in CA, AZ, NV. I'm thinking my next big adventure might be the Grand Canyon in fall......
  13. I'm really torn on what to do. Currently I have a 05 KTM300EXC for hard core trails and my plated Beta 520RS for everything else. As much as I'd love to have a big bore adventure bike, it's just not in my budget. I might be able to swing it in a few years but at 56 years old I have to ask myself do I really need one for the type of riding I do. I recently got back from a 850+ mile ride to Death Valley and the Beta did just fine. Fully loaded it weighed in at 360 lbs and was actually manageable. Not as comfortable as the bigger bikes but more than sufficient for my needs. A typical day ride for me is about 200-300 miles. I'm not into camping off the bike. OTOH I do understand the motor is not designed to for long miles between oil changes and it does not have a cush hub. I'm kind of sorry I sold my Ninja 650R. That bike could do a easy 5000 mile trip without a hickup.
  14. You know how it is. We have this addiction to getting our bikes setup just right. If you look closely at my Beta you will see a beat up bike with close to 20k dumped into it! I was looking at the BMW GS's. And WOW!! 22K for the base model. After getting it all dialed in you have 30K into your ride. But man what a nice bike! OTOH, the KTM 950/990 adventure bikes can go just about anywhere. IMO they are the gold standard for the big daddies. The new 1190/1290's are way too much. I rode a few of them on demo days. 150hp on a dirt bike is insane!
  15. What you see on my bike are the factory wheels. I also have a extra set of RAD wheels with Tubliss and real knobbies. I'm not running a cush hub and does not seem to be a problem. Plastic oil pump gears are a big issue on this bike. If you have any kind of overheating (running 300+ degrees for extended period) they need to be changed. My next change I will be getting the steel ones. Problem solved. I personally really like the dual oil system. The engine side does not get contaminated with clutch material. Something to note is not to overfill the oil. Beta recommends 1000cc of gearbox oil under harsh conditions or extended high speed running. Not good! The vent tube ends up blowing out the excess. 800cc each side works really good. My fuel range varies from about 35-50 mpg depending on gearing and riding conditions. For the DV trip I averaged 52mpg. That's with 15/45 gearing. When I run 13/48 gearing and a 10 paddle in the dunes I get less than 30. 14/48 gearing is the sweet spot for everyday dual sport riding and I normally get around 40-45mpg with an even mixture of slab and dirt. Other things of importance: The chain tension recommended in the manual is way off. It's too tight. I run minimum of 40mm freeplay and closer to 45mm. I have seen 2 motors torn down that the owner overtightened chain and ruined the countershaft splines. Valve adjustments are pretty simple for a shim design. I personally wait until the motor is hard to start then do an adjustment. In 250 hrs I have only needed one. Mine is a 2012 and I got the upgraded decompression device installed when doing first valve adjustment. The wiring harness is a rats nest from the factory. I rerouted most of mine and put some slack where the subframe meets the main frame. This way it's easy to swing subframe up and out of the way for suspension servicing. Suspension is very subjective and lots of guys argue on what the best setup is. I try to get my sag close to 105mm when standing. I'm a "C" rider. I have the 45mm Marzocchi forks and Sachs shock (piston style like the KTM's). Both ends work really well for any type of riding. I had mine valved for desert. Rocks, sand and whoops. As stated I have a big challenge trying to get the suspension set up for adventure riding. I'm going to stick with the 6.0 rear spring and go up a rate to .52 in the front. I weigh around 200lbs in street clothes.