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  1. Hinch

    Harley Davidson Pan America

    I don't hate the looks. I think it *is* designed with the current Harley crowd in mind. I'm always ready to give the benefit of the doubt to any company that flies in the face of convention (hell, I like the old 1999 Ford Taurus), and the Pan America looks like nothing else. I wonder if they'd made a Multistrada look-alike how much grief they'd be getting for that. Plus it may introduce Harley folks to try the upright comfortable sensible adventure bike seating position. I do know that this bike looks so massive it may influence the orbits of the smaller planets.
  2. I wanted to make sure Redverz tents was included on the "With Us" side of the ledger, not the "Agin Us" side.
  3. Hinch

    AltRider's CRF1000L Accessories

    Installed the Altrider skidplate on my Africa Twin a couple weeks ago. Top quality, like all of Altrider's stuff. Patiently waiting for the crashbars to be developed.