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  1. Allrpm

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    Rode a great loop out of Vancouver B.C. to Pemberton on the weekend. It was around 300km of gravel and back-road travel down to Harrison Hot Springs. RPM
  2. Hard and fun ride last weekend! RPM
  3. Allrpm

    Post your XL offroad photos

    A bit of fun by the river last night! RPM Sandbox.mp4
  4. Allrpm

    What'd you do to your KTM today?

    I thought they were SS! Nope! Ya that is really broken ! Maybe Rottweiler could make headers for our 990's to fit the SSO exhausts as well? Now that would be cool! RPM
  5. Allrpm

    What'd you do to your KTM today?

    It is 304 stainless so it is not going to rust out. If it broke right beside the weld in the HAZ it should be a warranty? Cannot say much without seeing it. At least you are on the road! RPM
  6. Allrpm

    What'd you do to your KTM today?

    Where did it break? There isn't really any load on it anywhere. Chris (Rotweiller) didn't have one? Any pics? RPM
  7. Allrpm

    Boot Feedback

    I went straight to the AStars Tech7. I ride a big heavy bike and going off road I wanted big protection. I have to say that they are super comfy as well! One dab of the foot off road onto a small rock could ruin your day with a soft boot. I don't walk much in them and when I do I get lots of looks because people can usually hear me squeaking! RPM
  8. Allrpm


  9. Allrpm

    XLADV Project 990! $14k 28k miles

    If you decide to part out anything put me on the top of the list! RPM
  10. The Mosko Moto set up would work I think. The wedges can mount pretty high and may clear. RPM
  11. Allrpm

    What'd you do to your KTM today?

    SAS, Rotti Intake , O2 dongles and SS plugs, De-canister, Dog house and snap-out on, (SSO already done) It is more, "Awesome"! Just need this bloody snow to go away! RPM
  12. Allrpm

    990 Won’t Start

    Did you get it sorted? RPM
  13. Allrpm

    2010 KTM 990 Adventure for sale

    I would be interested in your Flex bars set up if you are into parting with them. Thanks, RPM
  14. Allrpm

    990 Won’t Start

    I hope the beer is cold! RPM
  15. Allrpm

    990 Won’t Start

    The Right Side Plastic Cover at the top of the frame where the wires go towards the Headlight are known to be a huge issue. The "Other Forum " Advrider a fellow with a 990 Baja, "Neptune Triton" noticed it and created a thread. MANY GUYS have found this to be the issue. His started by just dying sometimes then like you said he turned the bars to the side and it died. I just did mine last week and it was ok so I wrapped some tape on the harness and coped out the plastic allowing the wire to move more freely. I would almost bet that this is what happened to yours. Good Luck. RPM