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  1. Don't you need a turn signal on BOTH sides? Seems to be missing one! Good luck I am sure it will be fun. RPM
    I got the chance to use this Big Bad Boy a couple weeks ago. I can say it is a very well made tent. Setting it up is not too bad once you get a few times on it. There is a ton of space for one person, I had my Thermarest cot inside and had plenty of room for another. The height is nice as well, I am 6'1" and being able to stand up is nice. The Vestibule is a nice place for gear and bags or whatever. I have a small tent for 1 nighters but I am already spoiled by this tent. It is not that small to pack up and at 12+ Lbs it is not light, but depending on your camping system it may fit the bill. I would recommend this tent to just about anyone and that means people that are not motorcycle types as well because of the space that is available. Price is fair when compared to good quality tents out there.
  2. Didn't ride today but twisted the grip! RPM
  3. My Baja met up with another 990! RPM
  4. To confuse the issue even further, my 990 Baja came stock with the Dunlop Rally Raid 140/80 18. So you wonder is the mfg saying this is the recommended size on this wide rim? Round and round we go.... RPM
    I have had one on my Baja now for about a year and I think it is great. I have the suede top and leather sides. I like the shape for moving aft on the seat on a steep decent, there is no bump to put you up higher. The fit is perfect and hey it looks great! It is wearing well and after about 3000kms it is just starting to break into my butt. Long slogs on the freeway were ok, a touring type saddle may be better but I have my doubts. For me any way. Recommended for sure, they are pricey but it is a custom piece of kit made for your bike and your specifications. I was lucky to get one that was used for one ride and the fellow went another route, when I put it on first try I was saying," Yup Perfect!" Cannot ask for more than that. RPM
  5. Every time I look at this suspension I think what an over-engineered Lump! I had an R1100RS with this design. They already have "Forks" in place but have added significant weight with the shock, links and a-arm. The advantages with anti-dive can be worked out now with electronics manipulating fork action. BMW really needs to phase this design out, it was a good (but still heavy) idea years ago. Yes there are TONS of bikes out there without an issue, the fact that some of these are now failing may be another reason to do so. My 2c rant. RPM
  6. I started riding at 13 on a brand new 1st year for "Prolink" 1981 Honda XR200R. '84 XR350R '87 Kawasaki EX500 '79 Honda CX500 '79 Honda CB900F '95 BMW K75s '94 BMW R1100rs '99 Ducati ST4 2013 KTM 990 Baja I think I have covered most of the engine configurations, I seem to be going back to by dirt bike roots now with the KTM, and find myself looking at big thumpers again more and more. RPM
  7. After slogging from Thunder Bay Ontario on the super slab I decided to check out some old mining back road country in B.C. Found a neat old cabin and some great riding. It was 32deg C and I was cooking hot. It was a great ride and have to see more again soon. RPM
  8. Transport Canada and the FAA's rules are very similar. With the growing popularity of drones the regulations are changing constantly. My understanding is in the US you really have to check right down to your local county for bylaws of drone use. As long as you are responsible, respect the rules and others it shouldn't be an issue. Check your local Craigslist, there are some good deals out there. Get a drone! It is fun, then you can get some great shots and videos! RPM
  9. I fly a DJI Mavic Pro for work and it is awesome! I am going to take it to the beach and shoot some footage of the kids playing at the lake this summer. It is small enough to put in a back pack with an extra battery. It will be a go to for many in the off-road world. They have a new cheaper and smaller one called the Spark that looks cool as well. For many of us that already have a Go Pro, the KARMA is a cool machine and it includes a gimbal accessory so that you can hand hold for steady footage. Just check your local regulations before you take it out and get some videos on the site!
  10. Picked up a new (Used once) Redverz Atacama tent and set it up this weekend in the back yard. This thing is HUGE! As soon as my 8 year old daughter saw it she wanted to have a picnic in the garage area! Quality is top notch. I will do a review on it once i travel with it. I did not need to buy the waterproof bag for it since my 990 Baja came with a bag that I had not opened yet and the tent fit perfect with some room to spare.
  11. Well, I got dibs on lets see...... Wheels, Suspension, Roti stuff ! Oh sorry, am I jumping the gun? LOL ! It would be interesting to see their response. It could be ending in a claim though, if you seize the motor not from neglect do they right it off or offer to pay for repairs? Insurance is a strange and fickle animal but sometimes it goes in your favour. My 150HP out board motor basically blew up and my insurance company offered $7000 to repair it or use the money to replace it. I replaced it with a new one and kicked in the difference. RPM
  12. So Dec-09... Coming up on 4 months?!!!!??!?!? I am sure you have already gone through the p___sed off stage and pounding fists doesn't help but I may have lost it by now. Have you checked the local dead bike wrecking yards for a 990? IF there is one with the keys it would be worth it to buy for around $400! AARRRRRRG !!!!!!! There I said it for ya! RPM
  13. TiresWheelsBrakes

    MAN! That is a meaty beast of a tire! RPM