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  1. Up in the Cariboo B.C. neat old cabins.
  2. I have been using these bars for 6 months now and I can say they are great! My wrist doesn't hurt so that is a plus. You really do not feel them working but they are! I like that the steering doesn't feel vague and an extra bit of weight is no biggie in my book.
  3. Another great video done by Toofargon of a group ride a couple weeks ago. East Harrison FSR B.C. to Lytton B.C. RPM
  4. Fun ride around Southern BC. 1090 and 990 Baja. RPM
  5. Well I just got a GT Fatty 90/100-21 and cannot wait to get it mounted up! I have a Dunlop 908RR on my 990 now with a couple thousand km left on it so it will be a good comparison I think. It may go well with the new 908RR rear I have ready to mount up.
  6. Picked up a set last night 12deg Enduro Bend not the exact recommended bend from the guys at Fastco but at the price I got them for I can't complain! It will be a while before I can try them with all the snow this year! RPM
  7. Allrpm

    Wheel Straightening

    I dented my 990 stock front rim, sent it to Woody's as well. Came back perfect. Then I bought a nice strong set of his wheels ! RPM
  8. Thanks! It is a DJI Mavic. It is lots of fun. So is riding in a sweatshirt in January! RPM
  9. January in Vancouver ! 12deg C so nice to go play around! RPM
  10. Allrpm

    Dakar 2019

    No Canadians this year. Will support my neighbours! Can't wait! RPM
  11. 2 degrees C and a dusting of snow here and there made for a great ride behind Squamish B.C. ! RPM @rpmadventures
  12. A quick rip up the Elaho Valley B.C. RPM
  13. Beautiful ride yesterday up the Elaho Valley B.C. 3 degrees C in the morning meant cold finger tips! RPM
  14. Big bike on tight single track trails Hope B.C. RPM
  15. Being that you are a Redverz fan what about the Hawk? About 1/2 the weight, good size and high quality materials. If I didn't still have my 'ol Moss Starlet tent (They still grab big money on ebay) I would lean that way. RPM
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