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  1. Rogers

    KTM 1290 Issues

    Finally found a welder that was comfortable welding on my motorcycle. It was a tight space but he got it done without issue!
  2. Rogers

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    I think the damage to @Jason R bike was caused by the rear shock bolt bending. If you look closely at the mounting area of the upper part of the rear shock you can see the frame is curved. Inside the curved center brace SHOULD BE a solid straight upper shock bolt. Well this bolt is bent and the frame curved to match the shitty cheap bolt. The twisting action of the frame caused it to fail.
  3. Rogers

    KTM 1290 Issues

    I had a machine shop make these replacement tower mounts. Now to find a welder
  4. Rogers

    KTM 1290 Issues

    Yes i’ve had frame issues. The tower mount, rear shock mount bending which was a result of the upper shock bolt bending, and lastly the left crash bar bent my frame from a fall.
  5. I'm at 20-23psi front and 15-20psi rear. Street or Dirt. I like low pressures. Mojaves gonna be fun! I have a new GoPro Hero 7 this time.
  6. Rogers

    KTM 790 Adventure R Spy Photos

    Easy access to the Air Filter! I'm sold!
  7. Rogers

    KTM 790 Adventure R Spy Photos

    Dang look at the size of that tank!
  8. Rogers

    1200GS LC 21 fender modification

    One Disc up front sounds a little scary to me. Are you using this bike mainly off-road? Such a heavy bike.
  9. Rogers

    KTM 790 Adventure R Spy Photos

    I was also very disappointed we didn’t see a finished production ready model. Glad I wasn’t waiting for it
  10. Rogers

    KTM 790 Adventure R Spy Photos

    I prefer a cable clutch to be honest. When I was a kid riding in the big redwoods I’d occasionally get cables stuck on trees and bushes. Cables would snap and I’d always have a backup cable taped to the old one. Easy trail fix. Ive heard of riders loosing clutch hydraulics and totally ruining a trip. From time to time I have this worry when riding my adv bike solo. This wouldn’t change my mind on the 790. I’m probably going to change over in 2020 with a new bike and I’ll be watching this model closely. Im mostly concern about aftermarket bike protection. How can these tanks be protected?
  11. Rogers

    KTM 790 Adventure R Spy Photos

    Ouch. Heavy
  12. Rogers

    High Sierra 2018

    The E09 tire is like butter on a 1290 SA-R. My theory is run a more street orientated rubber so I get the range. It doesn't seem to matter if a tire's knobby, my tires seem to always be bald. We'll see how the E07 lasts for me.
  13. Rogers

    High Sierra 2018

    I went with a Mitas E07 for the High sierra event. I still can’t get onboard with Motoz tires. Mine just chunked to death in under 1000 miles. Do ride like a maniac...
  14. Rogers

    High Sierra 2018

    These are the fires in the area of Mammoth Lakes. Owens Fire 98% Contained. 312 Acres Hot Creek Fire 98% Contained. 436 Acres Lions Fire 65% Contained. 8,138 Acres Ferguson Fire 43% Contained. 94,331 Acres
  15. Rogers

    High Sierra 2018

    Some fire in the area.