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  1. Rogers

    Robbed at Gunpoint in Nevada

    Ticket prices are out of control! Hope you get this handled! Well I was just involved in a motorcycle accident in which my motorcycle was totaled badly but I came away uninjured. Someone saw it and decided to call 911, I never asked for it. After the other car left and I was taping my bike back together, Fire department came with every freak’n truck they own, and they never put a finger on me. I said im fine, and denied all treatment or hospital ride. The situation was handled. Two weeks later I get a bill for $700!!! They said it was for an assessment and vitals!! This never happened! I had a heated argument with the billing company and now I have a lawyer looking into it. They said I had my vitals taken in the report which was falsified. I’m discussed with my local emergency responders right now.!
  2. Rogers

    High Sierra 2018

    I'm in! All payed up. XL T-shirt for this fat kid, and all the coffee cups you have!
  3. Rogers

    KTM 1290 SA-R Travel Pack Horror story!

    The way you find out what digital display firmware version you have is. Press the SET button when menu is closed Press the UP or Down button until Preferences is marked. Press the SET button to open the menu. Press the UP or Down button until Service is marked. Press the SET button to open the menu. You'll see the next service in this menu and also the display firmware version. The most up to date firmware version is 133.30. The older version is 033.33.
  4. Wonder if the people they were looking for had weapons?
  5. Rogers

    Rottweiler's Insane 1290R Build

    Wonder why in this picture they kept the SAS system. Rottweiler bike doesn’t have rottweiler block off plates? ?
  6. Selling my basically new IMS foot pegs. I’m not liking how big these pegs are. Selling for $150 plus shipping.
  7. Rogers

    New 1290 Super Adventure S?

    Just saw this! What do you all think about the huge Dakar type shroud? I kinda like it
  8. Rogers

    Spring '18 Rally

    Is the weight that significant? I can't imagine it being that much more. Eric I think you need to go big! This is XLADV right?
  9. Rogers

    Spring '18 Rally

    Maybe leave 0200 or 0300 Friday from Santa Rosa. I'd like to get to the camping site early, setup and start riding before dark.
  10. Rogers

    Spring '18 Rally

    He has some amazing pictures on his Instagram
  11. Rogers

    KTM 790 Adventure R Spy Photos

    Can't wait to ride one!
  12. Rogers

    Spring '18 Rally

    I'm leaving early Friday morning from the Bay Area. Somehow I'm strapping down all my camping gear and tools on a bike with zero luggage capacity. If anyone wants to join me from NorCal let me know!
  13. Rogers

    KTM 1290 SA-R Travel Pack Horror story!

    If you know how to contact that guy, let him know that the new firmware version 133.30 fixes this problem. The real problem is, dealers aren't educated on the update process.
  14. Rogers

    KTM 1290 SA-R Travel Pack Horror story!

    Ok guys finally got my KTM My Ride and firmware version 133.30! It only took 2 months! I went to a different dealer (NorthBay Motorsport in Santa Rosa, CA) thank you guys! It did take a week of back and forth communication between KTM technical support and my Dealer, but they figured it out and return the bike just how I wanted it. It was covered under warranty and I didn't pay anything, but sadly the technician only got paid .50 for time from KTM. First day he tried the update it, but it locked up the digital display and they had to wait for a specialist to remote desktop into my bike. They were able to unlock the screen but when the specialist tried to ping my bike they wouldn't get anything. The decision was made to replace the Digital speedometer. Apparently the new display came with the new firmware version and it was just plug and play for the dealership tech. Very happy now!
  15. Rogers

    Spring '18 Rally

    I would go down south more often but it’s 8-10 hour ride..: