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  1. I'm leaving early Friday morning from the Bay Area. Somehow I'm strapping down all my camping gear and tools on a bike with zero luggage capacity. If anyone wants to join me from NorCal let me know!
  2. If you know how to contact that guy, let him know that the new firmware version 133.30 fixes this problem. The real problem is, dealers aren't educated on the update process.
  3. Ok guys finally got my KTM My Ride and firmware version 133.30! It only took 2 months! I went to a different dealer (NorthBay Motorsport in Santa Rosa, CA) thank you guys! It did take a week of back and forth communication between KTM technical support and my Dealer, but they figured it out and return the bike just how I wanted it. It was covered under warranty and I didn't pay anything, but sadly the technician only got paid .50 for time from KTM. First day he tried the update it, but it locked up the digital display and they had to wait for a specialist to remote desktop into my bike. They were able to unlock the screen but when the specialist tried to ping my bike they wouldn't get anything. The decision was made to replace the Digital speedometer. Apparently the new display came with the new firmware version and it was just plug and play for the dealership tech. Very happy now!
  4. I would go down south more often but it’s 8-10 hour ride..:
  5. All signed up. Not sure I can even make it, but I hope I can. The video you linked looked like so much fun. Hopefully I can fit everything on the KTM without side cases or rack.
  6. This KTM my Ride
  7. I’m never like this on the phone, I’m always polite and courteous to anyone really. Almost too polite... This has been the first time I’ve ever been talked to like this and the only time I’ve lost it. She gave me no options, just sucks for you. You’re a idiot for buying our product. Good luck getting something you payed for. That was her none sympathetic attitude I had to deal with. In the beginning she was helpful, called my service team and told them to get into contact with KTM technical support. Which is a no brainer! The dealership sales manager is one of those guys that’s overly happy and promises the world. He’s always telling me they’re working on it. The service manager acts like my existence is inconveniencing him. He’s managing a bunch of kids that are his mechanics. I don’t want anything for free, I just want what I payed for. I’m not asking for a handout. The sourse of this problem was the power parts catalog from 2017. KTM my ride was included, now it’s not in 2018. It’s now free with the software update 133.30 if you had KTM my Ride prior to the patch release. I posted this mainly to vent, it’s such a small deal that doesn’t really affect anything on the bike. I just want what I payed for. This motorcycle has been a huge waiting game that has been stressing me out. I envested over $5000 from day one in accessories, I just want it right the first time. I have one idea that I’ll try next with the dealer that actually knows how to do the update. With firmware 133.30 they fixed little bugs in the bikes electronics like the day time running light sensitivity. When you go under a tree or under a overpass the headlights will turn on and off way too often. It’s much to sensitive. If I bring the bike in for this issue specifically they’ll have to do the update under warranty, and when the update is installed it’ll automatically give me KTM my ride because it’s now standard on all bikes.
  8. I purchased my new left over 2017 1290 Super Adventure R on February 3rd from a local dealer. The Salesman showed me the 2017 Power Parts manual at time of purchase, I bought the optional travel pack which was listed in the Powerparts manual. This option comes with Hill Hold Assist, Quick shift, Motor Slip regulation, and KTM my Ride. When we were finishing the paperwork, the service department took the bike and tried to install the features for me. About an hour after sale my bike is still in the back. I was then told they couldn't get the features installed because KTM's website showed my features as already installed, when in reality they actually weren't. How this works is, the KTM dealer puts in a purchase for the features on the KTM website. At that time a code is generated and that code is entered in the XC1 scan tool. This "unlocks the features purchased" Now I'm told they are contacting the KTM NorCal regional manager and I just need to hold tight. About two weeks go by and I hear nothing, so I decided to go in and see whats up. Found out they forgot about it and re-emailed the manager. 3rd week nothing, 4th week still nothing. I get tired of waiting and decided to call KTM customer support on my own. They basically kicked my dealer in the butt and told them to call KTM technical support. Now my dealer had issues even communicating with tech support, they would call leave a message and they'd hear nothing in return. I call customer service again and basically get told "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME" so I yelled back at her saying "TO GET WHAT I F***ING PAYED FOR!" At that exact moment my KTM dealer called me and I hug up with her. They had been given new codes for my Travel Pack. Went in the next day, they installed the features in 5 minutes! When they gave the bike back I noticed KTM my ride was not on my list.... Everything else is there expect for KTM my Ride. They tell me they'll call technical support again, and I already know nothing will get done if I don't do some research. What I've discovered over the weekend is. My motorcycle has firmware version 033.33 in the digital display, the most current up to date firmware is 133.30. In the new updated firmware KTM had made KTM my ride standard on all models. This is why my Travel pack did not display My Ride. The problem I'm running into now is finding a technician that knows how to install the firmware. The dealer I purchased the bike from would do it for free but they have no idea what I'm talking about. The firmware requires the KTM XC1 scan tool that's fully updated and a special Orange KTM USB cable that connects to the motorcycle's USB plug in the storage compartment. The other end of the orange cable connects into a laptop, this is where the firmware comes from. The XC1 initiates the process. KTM offers no training on this process, all dealers are left in the dark until a customer comes in asking for the updated firmware. I was able to find one dealer near me that did it once and is a very intelligent guy, I trust him with this process. The only issue is payment. Who is going to pay this guy? I'm not because I already purchased the KTM my ride with the travel pack. I called customer support again and the same lady running my case took my call. I told her the situation and she told me "I don't care what the power parts catalog says, KTM my ride is not apart of the travel pack." I told her isn't that false advertising and against the law? She responded with "If you want KTM my Ride you'll need to pay for the 133.30 update." I was furious and told her I need to speak to a manager. She wouldn't transfer me! She kept telling me in a rude tone they can't do anything and I would need to pay for it. I called her a F***ing B**** and hug up. Called back trying to get a manager and they no longer are picking the phone up for my number. Way to go KTM!!! I will never ever buy another KTM product. I'm beyond pissed off that it's gone this far.
    Works well on the 1290. The bracket supplied for the horn doesn't fit on the new body design. I'm running the bike without a horn now. I recommend securing the brake likes to the high fender. If not the brake line with rub on the crash bars and wear the brake lines down.
  9. 1 review

    The o.e.m. low front fender can be problematic and dangerous on dirt/gravel roads and during off-road excursions, especially when the conditions become wet and muddy. It can clog with mud or rocks, lock-up the front wheel and throw you on your head. The KTM 1090/1190/1290 High Mount Front Fender Kit enables you to remove the o.e.m. low front fender and replace it with the ’08-’12 SX/XC front fender or a Super Moto style front fender. Enables mounting ’08 – ’12 SX/XC or SM (Supermoto) front fender Durable aluminum construction CNC machined for precise fit Includes horn relocation bracket Lightweight Quick & easy to install Allows clearance for muddy conditions and knobby tires Fits ’13 – ’18 KTM 1090/1190/1290 Adventure & R ALL mounting hardware included Available with or without front fender Made in the U.S.A.
    The peg drops back 5mm and down 5mm, something that the KTM needs. You stand too high and isn't comfortable with these peg you gain confidence and control. I did slip off the peg in a water crossing. Not sharp enough for my boots.
  10. 1 review

    Designed specifically for Adventure riders by Adventure riders, the ADV1 and ADV2 series pegs vastly improving comfort and handling. The large overall length and width enhances comfort and the benefits are felt navigating dirt roads and on long stretches of open roads. The platform spreads the boot contact patch and lessens stress on the feet, legs and hips. Using body English to change directions of a 500lb+ bike is vastly improved as the pegs add leverage. Leaning the bike over and pivoting from one turn to the next is more efficient while providing better control when riding off-road. Superior Comfort, Enhanced Leverage, Lifetime Warranty and built in the USA by off-road market leaders since 1976.
    I like the unlockable features, but every time I start the bike it says "Not Legal"
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    Functions on Adventure models (1190/1290): (See notes below for 1050/1090 models) ABS mode "Offroad": The ABS function is only active on the front wheel (single-channel ABS). The rear wheel can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. ABS mode "Off": The ABS function is switched off; it remains deactivated even after switching the ignition back on. The front wheel and rear wheel can lock at any time without the ABS controlling the braking procedure. Function "80 octane" (up to model year 2016): Reduced engine power for trips with lower fuel quality The 'OFFROAD PACK' 60600980000 is additionally required for the 1050/1090 ADVENTURE to be able to use the dongle. Functions on the Super Duke models (1290/1290GT) ABS mode "Supermoto": The ABS function is only active on the front wheel (single-channel ABS). The rear wheel can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. ABS mode "Off": The ABS function is switched off; it remains deactivated even after switching the ignition back on. The front and rear wheels can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. Functions for 2014+ LC4 models (690): ABS mode 1: The ABS function is only active on the front wheel (single-channel ABS). The rear wheel can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. ABS mode 2: The ABS function is switched off; it remains deactivated even after switching the ignition back on. The front and rear wheels can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. We carry the proper KTM Dongles for the correct bike in stock. Please choose from the model list below. NOTE: Your dash will now show 'Illegal' upon startup and all that is required upon startup from now on will be hitting the return key. We have no idea why it does this but it's minor compared to resetting everything every time and it kind of inspires us anyway.
    Bought these used from Eric Hall. Very happy with these mirrors. Adjustable mount and adjustable mirrors make it very off-road friendly. The mirrors are big enough to see everything behind you but small enough not to interfere with your hands.