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  1. I still own a BMW. So I should still be able to participate in the GS trophy. Even if it’s a K 1600. I can rent a GS for the weekend
  2. One day I rode my GSA and wasn’t very happy. So I’m going back to KTM
  3. Eric what would you suggest for a skid plate? The KTM plate looks real good. Mounting locations look good and it covers basically everything
  4. Today I’m selling my almost new 21 inch front Woody’s wheel Works wheel with superlite hubs, superlaced thick stainless steel spokes and waved front rotor. If you’re looking for a better off-road experience, this is the ultimate upgrade for any GS rider!$1000 plus shippingCall or text 916-899-two5six1
  5. I've been going over to the KTM shop every couple weeks, from what I've seen it doesn't have a damper.
  6. Listed below are the items I'm purchasing from day one. I'm not factoring in a skid plate yet because I can't decide on what I want. Really want Woody's Wheels but my budget is slowly running out. Rottweiler Performance Intake system Stage 3 kit with a second Velocity stack, and 12mm O2 plugs $564.85 SAS and charcoal Canister delete Stage 3 kit $89.95 Quick Flip Mirrors $229.95 Steering Damper $659.00 Total $1698.23 Slavens Racing High Fender Kit $82.90 Fork guards $114.95 Total $216.09 Touratech Frame Guard Kit $119.95 Total $129.94 Altrider Clutch Cover $98.97 Total $114.90 Grand Total $2159.16
  7. So my bike is stripped and back to stock other than the wheels and a couple other items. Here's the craigslist add.
  8. More details about the wheels Woody's Wheel Works: www 21 x 1.85 inch Excel front wheel, www 19 x 2.5 inch Excel front spare, www 17 x 3.5 inch Excel rear. Superlaced thick Stainless steel spokes and nipples. Custom Superlight hubs with waved rotors.
  9. This is the ultimate GSA you'll ever fined. Every aftermarket add-on that you could think of. Detailed maintenance record comes with the bike, maintained to perfection! Listed below are each item that i've installed and comes with the bike. Asking price is $15,000 for th bike stock with Woody’s wheels. Or $19,000 with all the extras 24,000 Miles *Wheels* Woody's Wheel Works: www 21 inch front wheel, www 19 inch front spare, www 17 inch rear *Exhaust* Akropovic Headers, Mivv Suono Muffler *Engine* UNI Foam filter and x2 foam pre-filters, AF-XIED Air/fuel module. *Protection* Altrider Lower Crash bars, Altrider Upper Crash bar bracket, Altrider Skid plate, Black Dog Cycle works spare skid plate, Altrider Radiator guards, Altrider head light guard, Altrider Kick Stand sensor guard, Altrider kickstand foot, Altrider luggage rack, Altrider Header guards, SW-Motech shift lever. *Ergonomics* BMW Rallye seat, Rox 1 1/4 Riser, Double Take Mirrors, Windshield strengthener bracket *Lighting* Clear Water Erica Lights, Custom amber side markers Parts Changed out recently Brand new OEM front and rear shocks, Brand new OEM Clutch assembly, Brand new OEM Drive Shaft, Brand new OEN fork seals with Recall clamps. *luggage* Wolfman Expedition Dry Bags All original parts come with the bike. Seats, exhaust, luggage rack... etc I do not have the OEM wheels anymore. The green on the bike in the pictures is only plasta dip and peals right off. Not permanent at all! See my pictures my garage and pictures
  10. Yeah I love my snap-on tools
  11. 790 adventure r

    I'm watching this bike closely. If the design continues to look like these spy photos I'm jumping ship and moving to KTM. Hopefully a perfect ratio of power and weight. So so SO excited!! I really like the high fender setup on this photo. The seat looks like a two piece rather than the one piece at EICMA. And hopefully the lower fairing is the fuel tank!
  12. This is a great looking bike! Recently I've be tossing around the idea of selling my 1200 and getting a smaller bike and turning it into a rally machine. This setup is something that I'll keep in mind. Thank you for sharing
  13. Altrider asked me to do a short video showing the installation of their crash bars on a liquid cooled 1200GS model. Thought I'd share it here for anyone interested.
    Haven't installed this pipe yet. I went with Mivv because of its light weight design. Stock pipe is 11.0 Pounds, Akrapovic is 9.5 Pounds, Mivv Suono is 5.5 Pounds. This baffle is removable, huge plus for me. More to follow.
  14. 1 review

    Designed to improve the aestethics, sound and performance of the bike, Mivv slip-on exhausts are the result of maximum attention to design, with the aim of satisfying those who want to distinguish themselves by the look of their motorbikes. The SUONO range is the perfect combination of looks, innovation and applied technology. For its design we chose the best materials to ensure maximum lightness to the product. This exhaust features a central body made of black stainless steel with a brushed “Black Satin” effect, obtained with a special colouring process that provides a more aggressive look to the silencer.