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  1. Ian Andersen

    Ireland - You Thinking about it..

    That would be great if you can put me in touch with Scott Haskins
  2. Ian Andersen

    European Tour 2016

    Well I have 2 months allocated... (56 [email protected] 230km a day) It is too bad because it means I won't get as much time in places as I would like. But it is an amazing opportunity and I don't know when all the pieces will line up as well again!
  3. Ian Andersen

    Ireland - You Thinking about it..

    I am headed to Ireland mid-late May to ride... I'd love to hear about your route or suggestions...Thanks in advance
  4. Ian Andersen

    European Tour 2016

    Hello, Starting Tuesday I am off on another adventure.... Mototrip 2016!! Feel free to contribute any places to see, people to meet, hashtags to use... 12,000+ kilometers, 20+ countries.... (the map is as close to my route as Google maps would let me get) Starting in Novi Sad, Serbia then Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, cutting through Sweden to the Norwegian coast and south along the coast. Then southern Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Ireland, back through France, and then a route TBD back to Novi Sad Serbia which is my starting point... Comments and company are welcome!! https://goo.gl/maps/vZCMvEkYvAw
  5. Ian Andersen


    I will be riding through the UK in mid May. I'd love to hear more about your trip!