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  1. I used to wave all the time. Now just sporadically. It is kinda annoying to be honest.
  2. It is brand new, never used, never mounted. I bought it thinking I would switch between this tire and more off road tire when needed but changed my mind. Bought at Revzilla where its price is $200. I'd like $170 OBO.
  3. A little Gopro movie. I took a couple of micro SD cards which i bought for $4 on eBay. Mistake. GoPro didn't like it. I have just two readable files.
  4. The next day we rode to Mojave hoping to get close to the airplane storage/cemetery. Rode some dirt roads around the fence perimeter but couldn't get close enough so frustrated turned around, played a little in the desert and took some mountain roads home. We did a little over 400 miles including 120 offroad. What a great weekend! Before we left Mojave we found this Saab training jet
  5. We have decided to spent a night in the area. We didn't have any camping gear so had to find a place to sleep. We got to the city of Boron where we got a room at the Budget Inn. It seemed like a ghost town with Edwards AFB facilities visible close by. There is a little museum with some nice artifacts related to AFB and NASA. Too bad we got the late and it was closed but we will be back to check it out.
  6. After a while we hoped back on our bikes and turned around. Got back to Grass Valley and took a road north through it. Beautiful desert riding with many great views. Got to the north boundary and went west towards China Lake. We just explored trails without any set destination and enjoyed the day. Back on the dry lakebed
  7. We rode Black Canyon Rd back and forth and finally got to the Scouts. To our surprise it was stacked with water and even some food. Miners carved a home in one of the tuffa domes at Scouts Cove.
  8. Our next stop was Scouts Place in the Black Mountain Wilderness. The road leads on the boundary of Grass Valley Wilderness to almost China Lake where it takes sharp left turn through some flats towards big volcanic formations. After miles of fairly easy however, sometimes, moderately difficult trail we go to the Black Mountain Wilderness and started looking for the Scouts
  9. A little disappointed decided to ride to Husky. It was an easy, relaxing ride. It was quite dry but no dust from at all from my friend who was leading. Sunny but cool day, great for riding. Got to Husky in no time. Added a sticker to the flag pole The Monument is growing every year with a new tributes We enjoyed the special atmosphere in this special place for a few minutes and off we went.
  10. Two of us decided to ride some desert paths in the Cuddeback Lake area for a weekend. So last Friday I used gpsvisualizer to map out some gpx trails and Saturday morning off we went. Our first stop was supposed to be an old, abandoned airstrip. Thanks to gps had no problem finding the road leading to it. The little road was pretty sandy and not big bike friendly at all... Of course both of our gopros were off so no movies of us fighting through that sand. Fortunately it was quite short I guess Navy didn't like visitors on the unused airstrip because this is what we saw: View from the gate looking back at the dry lake bed:
  11. or if you don't want to spend hundreds and thousands just ride as much as possible on a different terrain. Watch youtube university Nothing like experience.
  12. I'll be there but not sure yet what day.
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