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  1. Dog sitting my sister in law’s pug, so I have to turn the subtitles on. https://t.co/5Ri171ogXI

  2. RT @TheTweetOfGod: Wrong. Most of them turn out stupid. https://t.co/1xUO4ej1oA

  3. Actions. Have. Consequences. We all need to remember this. https://t.co/GV1lo9Gmm0

  4. If I say something bad about Dempsey, he’ll score. So... Dempsey has had so little impact this and last season. He’… https://t.co/GaoQP4rIqZ

  5. @AmandaMarcotte https://t.co/fLxWeTaDG5

  6. @JohnLegere Nobody in my office with T-Mobile gets decent service. We’re less than a mile from your headquarters. Maybe work on that first.

  7. @EffinBirds I can bless this.

  8. Did my once a month LinkedIn check, and it had a job with a good company, similar to my career path. Unfortunately… https://t.co/hgHn884EWB

  9. I just realized Debbie Harry is older than my dad and I don't know what to do with that information.

  10. The cube next door are all Integration developers. They fortunately have time to make a *$s run in a busy Monday mo… https://t.co/FfCycH0ROf

  11. Watching Mourinho and Ferguson congratulating Wenger somehow coincided with the increased pollen content in the air… https://t.co/CXseuEgmqU

  12. My normal apathy at this standup meeting has been exponentially increased with my pending flight out at noon.

  13. After reading Michelle McNamara’s incredible I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, it’s so great to hear an arrest of the… https://t.co/EPfTrs2RlU

  14. Well, this really explains why people have been avoiding me. https://t.co/fgsXJYBTlx

  15. It’s been a while since #SoundersFC have possessed the ball as well as this. It helps not having Dempsey backheelin… https://t.co/X9YMgogtpW