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  1. I was just described as the “Fran Tarkenton of the Operation“ and I can’t imagine a better compliment.

  2. Savage https://t.co/jR4nDhFsbn

  3. I have this action figure, still in the box, at my desk. It confuses all who see it. “What. Is. That.” https://t.co/5NhlK4IzPq

  4. It’s cool @FOXSoccer that you’re giving these new camera operators experience. I now know what the back of the uppe… https://t.co/P8R7E3GkRD

  5. RT @ChaseMit: Bitch I can do both I got time https://t.co/jM4azhQuGf

  6. Jebus @FOXSoccer could you get more biased announcers for #KORvMEX ? You know there are Koreans in the US too.

  7. @Jossfjh @voxdotcom Oh, I didn’t forget. I just ran out of time, the result should be obvious: Welfare is cheaper,… https://t.co/b4WUspLOC2

  8. @KevinMKruse @AndyRichter https://t.co/mETNvJeKrK

  9. RT @goldengateblond: Oh I'm sorry did our focus on the truth get in the way of your narrative? Seriously, &%$#@! these people forever. https:…

  10. Ah, NOW I remember why Joel Campbell was such a disappointment #CRCvSRB

  11. @orphaned_annie https://t.co/klJgtL5nML

  12. If you think this country hasn’t changed in the last 18 months, this might change your mind. https://t.co/1uk8ClRbpy

  13. This item is clearly haunted. https://t.co/YmS3TEI1Un

  14. RT @mikescollins: When you're almost done picking teams in gym class. https://t.co/HjblABuKsm

  15. @daegi didn’t like the food in &%$#@!uoka, so we went to Busan where we can a. Read the menu and b. Eat the stuff we… https://t.co/EsieUYutec

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