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  1. I still follow Tim (despite him not following me any longer ) and saw that photo then on BMW's page as well. I'm in the same boat as you being an amateur picture taker but if he specifically told them no, and has record of it, he should be entitled to proper compensation. This does seem to be a stick situation but my initial though is hey I just re-posted a photo that benefits my company and it's a great shot. Will be interesting to see where this goes
  2. Just saw a few different Forma boots this weekend at Adventure Days. They do have more robust boots with hard protection (aka motorcrossish) that you may want to consider......or not.
  3. So it looks like Jeremy convinced me to make this next year after hanging out with him and many others at Adventure Days this weekend. I met so many people including Jocelin and Tiberio. Watching both Jeremy and Jocelin ride gave me more inspiration to push harder and learn more.
  4. I completely understand both of those sentiments....I thought it was affordable compared to their typical training but still at the upper end of my budget. Work...I had to find coverage so I could attend, sure hope it's worth it
  5. Well after some debate and figuring WTH I'm now going to the rally and so is my buddy Alfredo from the @WeExplore2 page. Hope to see others up there.
  6. Just got my confirmation!!! Hope to learn and practice some new skills and not embarrass myself too much
  7. Welcome and great photos. I had heart palpitations looking at that sand.....I'm "allergic" to sand Okay I just really suck at riding in the sand. Hope to visit you in Colorado at some point.
  8. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!! As previously said, very nice bike
  9. Welcome!! Nice fleet of rides you've got. I'm looking to be your way sometime this summer to visit a buddy. There are some incredible places to explore out there!!
  10. Got a new follower here now. Nice photos
  11. Just curious if anyone here is planning on going to RawHyde's Adventure Days next month? I will be there. Sadly it's the only RawHyde course I can afford at this time
  12. Thanks for joining to apologize, that is kind of you. Would like to continue to see you around here if you have the time @Roderik van der Heijden
  13. Well I must say that was one of the best intros I have read. Sounds as though you have had a moto dreaming career for quite some time and that's fantastic. I look forward to making it up to Portland again and meeting up. Feel free to holler when you make it to Northern CA (Sonoma County) and we'll find some fun places to explore. We do have a thread on IG but I'm not sure exactly where that is at the moment. When I log into there I'll take a look at your pages as well. Mine (my buddy and I) is @WeExplore2 Sam
  14. Can that be considered English as a Second Language?