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  1. I had the G9x and now the 20S. Personally the 20S worked perfectly fine and much better than my prior system. I've been reading but haven't really found if the improvements are all that much more and worth the upgrade. If I were new in the market again, I would most likely wait for the newer, better, best but I'm a whore for new fangled crap
  2. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!!!
  3. I saw that, just wasn't sure it had arrived and kept you dry.
  4. This is very good to read. I'm just about ready for new shoes on the GS and I was giving these serious thought. Now I believe this is the route I will take!!!!
  5. Dang...what an ordeal. Thanks for keeping us posted on the back and forth, hopefully it gets resolved quickly and positively.
  6. Excellent write up and photos. I really enjoyed your posts!!!
  7. Do you really believe a company would release a nothing to have people look away from a something problem? Dang.....I'm shocked, I would have never expected that.
  8. Welcome. I too am in Northern CA (Santa Rosa area) and heading out tomorrow for Denver. Your route sounds great. Sam
  9. Good to know I'm in the micro followers group!!!!! Maybe after I retire in 7 years I'll figure out how to do this marketing thing to be a real badass at whatever new fangled thing is there!!!! Awe hell I know that isn't going to happen, I'll still be that nerd who is slow on the uptake. Despite that I sure as heck will be riding much, much more and many new places!!! On a serious note, I have really enjoyed communicating with people on IG and working on meeting up in person if/when we are close. There are several I follow (many of which on here) that have stunning photos and I look forward to scrolling through the feed for them.
  10. Buchanan's did the wheels on "my" '73 V7 Sport. In quotes because it is and always will be "Dad's bike"
  11. Considering I'm Mr. Jones this may be a bit awkward for me!!!!!!
  12. Welcome!!!!! Good looking bike Sam
  13. I've got nothing other than I'm game to look at whatever you come up with. I do agree a store of items other than the simple things (stickers, shirts, hats, etc) is one heck of an undertaking. There are some excellent luggage companies in a somewhat flooded market. Maybe focus on one specific item? Just a thought. Due to my physique (short, fat, tree stumps for legs) I'm not one for off of the shelf gear so I would just watch the show on that. Side with so many others I'm more than willing to review, examine, test, evaluate and return anything you would like. Yes return because too many people just want, want, want and I'm good trying and giving back or paying forward.
  14. Didn't the oil cooled bikes also have a few of these same issues as well?
  15. I'd consider buying one if I wasn't such a cheap bastid and a shitty cook!!!!