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    Getting away from the "one of these days" and going to "I'm doing/going......"
  1. Didn't the oil cooled bikes also have a few of these same issues as well?
  2. I'd consider buying one if I wasn't such a cheap bastid and a shitty cook!!!!
  3. I appreciate the XL community and the matter of fact delivery I've experienced. Be nice, be kind but don't bullshit and be direct. Sadly some will take offence and be offended, hopefully they can figure out how to pull their big boy/girl panties up and deal with reality. Sorry I've never had a filter and can't be offended
  4. I have the Caberg Tourmax and also have a fat head so that's probably why it fits so well!!!!! Seriously I wore this helmet for 5 weeks straight over 10K miles on my Alaska ride last year and it was fantastic. It comes with a pinlock insert as well. NOT DOT but it is ECE 22-05 so I'm good with that. Negative: the pin lock tabs seem to be a bit high so I got some poor sealing at times in the nose area. Overall I am pleased enough to purchase another one.
  5. Welcome and glad to see proper use of the bike!!!!
  6. Welcome to the fun factory from Northern California! Sam
  7. That video was funny!!! I did some looking to find it (because I don't have FB) and found it was made in 2012. Some interesting aspects of IG that I had no clue about until this thread. There are tools to get, check, verify, etc followers. I had no flipping clue about any of that and am realizing many use IG as somewhat of a business tool of sorts. Yes social media is the way to go currently and it is what it is. I'll still be that nerd w/o a ton of followers who doesn't post quite enough to garner millions more but enough to make myself smile! Oh and yes sunsets, feet in the sand, plane wing and so much more inline with the video!
  8. Hello and welcome!!!! Looking to travel to your area later this year if all works out!!!!! Sam
  9. I had very limited off road riding as a kid. I borrowed bikes from time to time but that was not often. I started on the streets in my 20's after years of riding on the back of my dad's bikes. My "entry" in the ADV life was an '05 KLR, then a second '05 KLR and I found I really enjoyed going anywhere. After that I decided to get a GSA and went to Alaska last year with a buddy. Since I've picked up a twin cam GSA and am looking where else to go. Colorado next month, working on the route currently.
  10. It showed me one of the fake accounts. I also saw an app or site that shows who you are following and if they are following you. May have been earlier in this thread.
  11. I've got a NoMar and it's great. I've also got the hitch mount for portability but that does take time to unbolt it from the floor mount and put it on the truck. Okay only 3 bolts so not all that bad. For dirt rims I also have a Baja No-Pinch tool that is super easy to mount the tires.
  12. Welcome from Sonoma County (north west of you)!!!!! Nice choice of ride for your wife too!! Sam
  13. Good to see you on here. I started following you in IG prior to seeing you on this site!!!! Love the small world connection Sam
  14. So I finally checked the follower check and was pleasantly surprised (only 3 fake). I do look at each new follower and if I think they are spam I block and report them. Eric it comes as no surprise that XLADV is far bigger than Touratech and many others. You aren't here to sell, sell, sell but rather more of a show, tell and share. In fact your feed is one of my favorite of the people I follow!!!! I'm also not one to post all that often but I do really enjoy this forum as well
  15. This has been rather interesting and informative for me. I don't have many followers but was confident several were spam. Now to check out that site. Thanks everyone for the info as well as new people to follow.