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  1. We have a medication that usually helps, 1 part more throttle and 1 part stay loose I'm still working on that proper medication....apparently I've had a contraindicated reaction between the 1 part throttle and 1 part stay loose. It appears my ratio may be off as I get 20 parts throttle and 100 parts Ass Puckering Rigidity but I will continue to work on the ratios of this to that
  2. Very cool indeed. I'd be interested in riding that loop next time I'm down there but can you do something with the sand? I find that I'm allergic to it
  3. Welcome to an amazing place to hang out. EXCELLENT photo and I'll be following you when I log into IG. We will be down in South America in a few weeks but more south west. Sam
  4. You had me at "real community". There isn't the BS here as with so many other forums. In addition to that getting to "know" so many others has been enjoyable. Thanks for what you have created sir
  5. Good to have you back, hopefully 100% recovered. Bike looks nice. For the logo color, it all depends if you want stand out or subdued. I like the subdued look so after my initial thought to go with white for the pop of color I would actually do black lettering for the stealth look.
  6. Was there any discussion on how it fits or the cut?
  7. I now have the follower check app or whatever it's called. I get someone who follows me and I look at their pics then start to follow because they have some good content. A few days later I do the follower check and they are no longer following me. I'm guessing that is their method to obtain followers but I'm not sure but I typically unfollow them too! People on the internet tend to be oh so much tougher than in person. You know the "keyboard warriors" and such.
  8. Welcome!!!! I will be there at some point to check out your area. If you make it to CA be sure to holler...many people here, including myself, ready to offer the same to you! Sam
  9. I've had a few that follow then unfollow a day or so later. Fortunately I haven't had any of the "hey girl"....guess I'm not as desired as you @beemer bunny @Eric Hall I'm not so sure how you kept your composure with regard to your daughter. Some people completely lack any morale compass to be nice. Now to be honest I have been creeping on you a bit because of the tasty food and manly workout pics! Serious note, I can't thank so many of you on here for helping me learn about IG, follower checking and such. It has been interesting.
  10. Thanks for the info. Very interesting about a positive review then switching to the Spot after extended use. @Getrad628 I'm very interested to hear more about the reasons to switch as well as the pros and cons between the two after your uses with both. I don't have much knowledge or use with either and always willing to transition to a better product (if I can afford it!)
  11. On the market Feb 1st so it looks like I'll be waiting a while until I'm able to physically check it out. Such sadness
  12. If it doesn't put a grin on your face you must be on the wrong bike or just not into it!!!!!
  13. Absolutely incredible....don't have much more to say than that and WOW!
  14. Really enjoyed following your trip on IG and not finding the hidden sticker but got the direct mail hook up from you!!!!! Much thanks Now I'll have to get a ride up to your area and do my best to document as well as you did.
  15. How nice it would have been to attend with far less traffic. We went on Sat and it was a zoo (as usual). It felt as though there were fewer vendors but that could just be a feeling. I didn't get to check out the new Badlands so that was a bummer. I hope to see it at my shop in the very near future. You were looking forward to seeing the KTM that was not present and I wanted to see the prototype Honda Monkey. Entertaining that rather than a Grom for a fun city play bike. Fantastic to hear about the knowledge of Ducati CEO.