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  1. Oh my god that was epic!!!! One of the best set of lines I've read in quite some time!!!!!
  2. So I'm one of those that doesn't tag #xladv for the most part. I need to ask you, when do you like/want that tag? Only for a badass moto photo or just any moto related photo? I don't feel as though I post all that often but do post some other than moto. I completely agree. There are a few kayaking and other pages I follow as well. I wish everyone I followed would show up on the feed. I don't care for the logarithms that generate who shows and who doesn't.
  3. Holy crap you did fantastic and didn't appear to have any struggles! Well done
  4. Welcome! Been following your IG for a while. Glad to have you join the best hangout off the bike
  5. How often do you go through your list and delete people? I guess I have so few followers when I get a new follower notification, I check them out and either report for spam, follow if I like what they have or nothing. How do those of you that have big followings follow others or do you keep your following pool small? Lastly what other pages outside of moto do you follow?
  6. Much better photo of Mexican Hat than I took when I was there
  7. My brother-in-law was one tied for 2nd and featured in a slow-mo video riding across 1/2 tires or something. I'm confident I would have been first!!!! Oh first to be told to leave as I suck
  8. Welcome Egle...I've seen many of your photos and read some of what you've written. Awesome to have you here!!!
  9. Maybe group run in a vehicle. All about the adventure, doesn't need to be on a bike That would be great but I highly doubt I can get the time off.
  10. Perfect weather!!!!!
  11. NICE! Your smile speaks volumes
  12. I'd be right there with you if it weren't for that sand thing Looking forward to your stories
  13. Very neat to see an inside view. Spring Canyon was one hell of a drop!!!! I realize the video doesn't do it justice so I can only imagine just how insane that really was
  14. I'm not sponsored by fact XL just reposted a pic I took yesterday it it received more likes on the XL IG than I have followers I dumped FB years ago and haven't looked back but since IG is FB owned I guess I'm still there to some extent Reading the discussion here has been very entertaining as well as informative. Wouldn't mind sponsorship but would not be nice just because of that. I find the majority of my hashtags (far too many most of the time) are not for products but how the photo and time make me feel. I also follow many non moto related people/pages because they are of interest to me or have really cool photos. Enough of my ramblings....back to regularly schedule postwhoring!!!!