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  1. MtnRider

    IMS Long Beach 2018

    I too thought the show was a bit of a snore fest. I hope things pick up for next year otherwise that may be my last year to head down
  2. MtnRider

    KTM Rally 2018: Park City, UT

    Good to know...maybe I'll be able to make it
  3. MtnRider

    Honda Monkey

    SSR is a Chinese bike, they are the importer for the Benelli and very well may make it. So far I love this little thing. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2018/04/07/2018-benelli-tnt-135-review-12-fast-facts/ http://benelli.ssrmotorsports.com/bikes/tnt135.php I was interested in an exhaust for shits and giggles but sadly I feel Yoshimura missed it
  4. MtnRider

    KTM Rally 2018: Park City, UT

    What happens when you don't own a KTM and show up on a BMW?
  5. MtnRider

    Honda Monkey

    I like the bike, well done and brings back memories but at 4K I think that's absurd. I was in the market for a Grom until I saw the Benelli TNT135 in South America. Fortunately SSR imported them to the states a few months ago and I picked on up. Now the Monkey is 4K, the Grom 3,300 but the Benelli was only 2500. It has a 4 valve head, oil cooler, actual oil filter, 5 speed gearbox and great styling. So all of that and the price made it nothing to think about.
  6. MtnRider

    Hello from PacNW

    Nice fleet you have had and yes I agree there are some I would and others I would not want
  7. MtnRider

    Greetings from San Francisco

    Sorry for being late the to party...unfortunately I am working Saturday (Today) but off next Saturday
  8. MtnRider

    Greetings from San Francisco

    Welcome, welcome, welcome from a neighbor slightly north of you. I'm up in the Santa Rosa area. Feel free to holler if you make it up this way. Sam
  9. MtnRider

    Hello from PacNW

    Welcome...so 43rd bike for you.....that means you have 42 others sitting in the garage right?
  10. MtnRider

    Pan-American Hwy 2020-2021

    Hopefully not. I'm looking into shipping via Air Canada. Last case we will rent but after the disaster in South America that is a very last case
  11. MtnRider

    Pan-American Hwy 2020-2021

    I know about long term planning... We're doing NZ and Australia in 2020
  12. MtnRider

    Hello from BC

    Welcome!!! I look forward to reading and viewing your travels. Let me know when you're in Northern CA (San Francisco Bay Area) and hopefully we can meet up.
  13. MtnRider

    Mitas tyres - Game on

    Okay that was a fun video to watch and made me really want to be riding rather than at work
  14. MtnRider

    XLADV Merchandise Thread

    Oh Oh Oh ME TOO!!!!!!!
  15. MtnRider

    Sleeping bag choices

    I've got three Western Mountaineering 15, 25 and 45 degree. The 15 packs into a S compression stuff sack so rather small and the 25 into an XS bag. These are also semi-rectangular bags so a bit more room for braod kids like myself. http://www.westernmountaineering.com/sleeping-bags/microfiber-series/ponderosa-mf/ http://www.westernmountaineering.com/sleeping-bags/extremelite-series/terralite/ http://www.westernmountaineering.com/sleeping-bags/extremelite-series/mitylite/ I completely agree about ensuring you have a good insulated pad, I have a Sea to Summit pad that packs super small but just wasn't warm enough or thick enough for me. It's a great pad just not one I believe I will use again. http://www.seatosummitusa.com/product/?item=Comfort+Plus+Mat&o1=0&o2=0&o3=921