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  1. Jafix

    MSR Dual Sport Boots (Size 12)

    Fantastic, thanks for the prompt response. Hope you enjoy the boots! -Jeff
  2. Jafix

    MSR Dual Sport Boots (Size 12)

    @Gfab70 PM Sent
  3. Hey all, I have a pair of MSR Dual Sport Boots (Size 12) that are going unused! They're brand new, and in the box. I obtained these through a raffle, and they were a bit too large so didn't end up using them. In the spirit of giving, I'm offering these up to someone that needs them in exchange for a donation to Lostforareason.org. (donation link). If you're attending the upcoming High Sierra ride this week, I can bring them there. Can meet in person in OC area, or we can work out shipping. Cheers, Jeff
  4. Jafix


    I think what resonates best with most people is when companies are engaging with their fans & customers. It's not really enough to just make a product, put it up online, and expect to reach everyone you want. The companies I see making the most headway are the ones that respond and are transparent about things with people. The other side of that though is if you start engaging that way with your customers and then stop doing it for whatever reason, you've built an expectation that a channel to you is open but then nobody is listening anymore. Seen this happen with bike companies and craft breweries in the area a lot. Managing media stuff is definitely time consuming though, but its a valuable investment in managing a brand it seems. There's no silver bullet for online presence, and the best at it just seem to be always adapting.
  5. Jafix


    I've always been kind of surprised at how out of touch and stale most motorcycle industry online presence feels. I know the motorcycle industry isn't the biggest out there, but going to e-commerce sites that feel 5-10 years old and having difficulty finding the products that you want is really frustrating. So it's really no surprise to me that smaller shops are so stubborn when it comes to getting exposure or growing their online presence. Cheap and dirty seems to be the name of the game.
  6. Jafix

    High Sierra 2017

    Brother and I will likely be rolling the little bikes again this year with KTM 500's. Likely going to go up at least a day early as well.
  7. Jafix

    690 Adventure?

    As if anyone needed more inspiration for badass 690's, Spencer Hill in WA is building out a brand new 690 and you should check him out.
  8. Jafix

    High Sierra 2017

    I've been looking forward to this trip ever since the drive back home from last years trip!
  9. Jafix


    There can be a lot of noise on Instagram now, and the way photos are ordered and delivered to the end user isn't always clear. Eric, I liked when you showed some info on the posts that reached the most people or collected the most likes, interesting stuff.
  10. Jafix

    Shoei Hornet X2 Seeker (size L)

    Dropping this to $400 shipped.
  11. Jafix

    High Sierra 2017

    2016's trip was awesome, looking forward to this coming year!
  12. Brand new condition helmet, only worn for about 2 total hours of short rides (15 mile commute) before I decided the fit wasn't good enough for my head. Helmet is essentially brand new. Shoei Hornet X2 Seeker (Size L) Color: Black & White graphic Included: Box, Helmet bag, Clear shield with pinlock Also Included: Dark Smoke Shield ($60 value) Price: $475 Will ship overnight for free if purchased for $475
  13. Jafix

    High Sierra 2016

    Awesome, thank you guys! Looking forward to this trip, and my brother has a KTM 500 he'd like to bring up.
  14. Jafix

    High Sierra 2016

    Brother and I are registered for this ride, pretty stoked to join since I couldn't make it last year due to scheduling. What's the mileage on most of the tracks you guys do in this area? I'm guessing a bike with 150 mile range is more than enough, but want to be sure before we set any plans.
  15. Jafix

    ADV Fitness thread?

    I've had bulletproof coffee as well, and it's pretty tasty actually. Blending it works really well. Strength training has been incredibly useful to me, I'm not very trim but I can lift heavy things haha. It helps a lot with your stamina when riding offroad for sure. If you're going to start lifting I'd find a trainer/coach to work with that is reputable. Not to derail at all but somewhat on topic... if you're getting back in the gym or starting for the first time. Trainers are great to work with, but make sure you communicate if you're getting any pain. And if you consistently get pain when training, find a doctor to see! I've personally injured myself training a few times, and each time was probably totally avoidable if I'd been smarter and listened to what my body was telling me. On diets, I personally have had a lot of success with paleo diets. I suggest trying Whole30 out and reading about the theories behind that. My most successful times when changing my diet is when I've recorded every single thing I ate, which is easier when you're not eating out.