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  1. Great points about IG. As it is just a fun hobby for me, I love trying new shots or getting shots/video of my friends. I will be more aware of how I use hashtags now. And thanks for the reposts you have given me.
  2. #8 is my choice for animation. However none of them have a sound that says moto. The sound of a big bore bike engine / exhaust would be fitting.
  3. My KLR is ugly to begin with so covering it with stickers from places products or people that give me entertainment does not bother me. However when I get my next bike it will not get the sticker treatment. I will leave that to the panniers.
  4. That's a great idea too. As you unpack you can give a quick overview of what you thought of each piece of kit. Did it meet or exceed your expectations or would you try something else.
  5. I'm thinking this show will just make me want to go out and buy an Africa Twin that much more. My PVR is all set to go. Also watching "RIDE" with Norman Redus.
  6. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. When you get home can you do a full walk around of the bike on video and share the story of each scratch and dent.
  7. It was great to be part of the group ride at the beginning of this adventure. Congratulations Alan
  8. Great journey so far. I also picked up a ADV bike after watching LWR. I now look forward to reading your daily reports and watching for pictures on Instagram. Following you from Calgary Alberta Canada.
  9. 6shifter_adv