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  1. I will not pay anyone so they can insult me. All the more reason to purchase Klim and Aerostich products. Just ordered a pair of Aerostich Light Utility pants also. I do realize some of the Klim and Aerostich gear is made overseas.
  2. You're losing your mind Eric. Don't fight it, it will only make it worse!
  3. Mooney! Have you taken your Italian beauty on anymore adventure rides?
  4. I'm old. When you mentioned a riding jacket without the huge logos and jerseys that dont look like the astronaut pajamas I had in 1963, you captured my attention. How about a simple pullover windshirt that will fit easily under an air mesh jacket? I have one that I use all the time here in Texas on cool mornings. It simple and easier to use than zipping liners in and out. You can also wear it over a thin fleece. They fold extremely small.
  5. I'm glad you're hanging around with lawmen!
  6. What is " bounce rate"?
  7. Was the V-strom rider being obnoxious, rude, just totally clueless?
  8. I applaud Honda for making these affordable bikes. I'm really trying to get more younger people into dual sport/adventure riding so we can grow the recreation and sustain it. Having affordable bikes and gear is important.
  9. I ride with a friend that has one. They are nice little bikes buy very heavy.
  10. I'm reading this ride report again and thinking, "Has it been almost two years since I was on the IDBDR?" We were pushed off with the forest fires in 2015. I think this summer will be, "Return to Idaho". It's time to wander...
  11. You might have taken Old Maverick Rd to Santa Elena pass. Thats the dirt road to the right of the park entrance coming from Study Butte. I'm still looking at your photo and trying to place it in the park. I really like the Versys. Just wish it had spoked wheels and the front was nineteen inches. I congratulate you on taking trips while you're young. I was married to the US Army and fully engaged with that proverbial career...
  12. I ride at BBNP frequently. If you took your Versys with those tires(from your Big Bend photo)on Black Gap, Old Ore and River Road(portion along Rio Grande) in the park, you're downright manly!
  13. I even place the stock nuts and bolts (that go with the stock item) in a small zip lock bag and tape them to the part and label it as to bike, spring weight, date etc.
  14. Well, had GREAT winter riding weather at BBNP and another great ride on Old Ore Road. The DR performed flawlessly.
  15. That's a good article! Thanks!