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  1. Just put together a quick video from my ride. I rented a brand new Triumph Tiger XCA 800 form Maverick Motorsports in Missoula, MT. The price is really far, the customer service is above any motorcycle shop I have ever been to. I rode the bike to Blue Mountain just outside of Missoula. What a great riding area the trails are well marked and clean. I'm a So Cal local so to see trail signs that aren't tagged up and trash every where, was amazing to me. In order to keep this pristine don't tell anyone about this place. Here is a link to the video on my site http://sirsquarters.com/ride-around-blue-mt-on-a-triumph-xca/ Let me know what you guys think.
  2. billy1911

    The Social Pool - Why We Can't Have Nice Things

    People just like to destroy stuff. I'm sure you have ridden in the desert and have seen the countless destroyed desert cabins and graffiti in the middle of nowhere. It is a shame people can't leave stuff alone.
  3. Check out my video from the Cal Poly Penguin Hi mountain Dual Sport ride. Video Link http://sirsquarters.com/2016-cal-poly-penguin-ride-by-sirs-quarters/
  4. billy1911

    California Dual Sport Rider

    Thanks Eric, I follow you on instagram and facebook also. Defiantly need to meet up and ride. You just need to be the first to do the whole Penguin ride on an adventure bike. Saw an 1190 at the start of the ride this year but never saw it after the start.
  5. billy1911

    Any riders in Missoula, MT?

    Im going on a trip to Missoula and going to rent a bike on Friday and go ride Blue Mountain on Friday. Anyone available to ride Friday mid morning?
  6. billy1911

    California Dual Sport Rider

    Dual Sport Rider from California. I ride a XR650L it does have a 6 gallon tank, I know small for an adventure bike but its big for a dual sport bike. I ride LA-Barstow to Vegas and the Cal Poly Penguin High Mountain Dual sport ride. I also own and run www.sirsquarters.com check it out if you have a chance. Let me know what you think.