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    Triumph Tiger 800/XC LED Turn Signal Upgrade

    Was either a defective $30 OEM relay, or something else. I hooked up correctly. I ordered/installed $9 LED relay and boom--works! https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/flashers-load-resistors/lf1-s-flat-universal-motorcycle-electronic-flasher/787/842/
  2. Michael Bennett

    Triumph Tiger 800/XC LED Turn Signal Upgrade

    Hi Bryan, I followed your install. I do miss the alignment notch in the stock, but overall, I got all four aligned ok. I even was able to install without using a dremel. :-) However... 2013 Triumph Tiger 800 ABS (Roadie) I started with the rears (fronts still had OEM while installing the rears), one at a time. For kicks, I tried with OEM relay, and the rear left blinked fast, as expected. Then I installed the OEM LED relay, and it flashed slowly/normal. Installed Rear right, slow blink/normal. I then proceeded to install the fronts, either/both blinked fast, as did the rears now? The ground wire is hooked up correctly (otherwise I would think the rears would not have worked at all). Is this a known issue with these lights? I saw one online install guide for my same bike (different year) have no issues, but he maybe I missed a step. Maybe there are two relays? I did read somewhere that some Triumph bike owners (not tigers) have all four blinkers go at once (not my issue), and fix was to install an LED indicator light in the dash, for the blinker. Any help appreciated. For now, I've ordered a non-OEM LED relay to try that.