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    Music, Performance Pianos, Motorcycle adv riding, Moto camping, and traveling the world. Traveling the world does Not necessarily include a MC.

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  1. Dennis Hagerty

    High Sierra 2018

    Are GPS tracks posted for 2018 HSR?
  2. Dennis Hagerty

    Taste of Dakar 2017

    TOD 2017 was fantastic. The venue was perfect for adventure riders. Herb and Walt are a couple of those rare people who have chosen a unique life off the beaten path and we are the lucky ones who they let in to experience a bit of their adventure. The intermediate riding was great. Sand is away of life if you ride off road in the west and I still had fun inspire of several crashes. Not mishaps. No injuries and only a bent shift lever. All in all a great weekend of riding. But there is no substitute for practice, practice, practice before arriving at an event. Next time This was my first TOD. I've been to the Bear lodge GS Giantevent in the Big Horn Mtns and to the GSG and XlAdv high Sierra rides. An RV park in Parumph Nev does not call out to me.
  3. Dennis Hagerty

    Which GPS map devise should I buy?

    The time has come to start using a map device but Im choking on the cost of the Garmain Zumo 395LM and 595LM models. I have also looked at the Gaia App for my iPhone 6 but can't believe the $19.95 app will do the job. Is there something in between that I should consider? Or should I just breakdown and spend the money on the Garmain Zumo or BMW Garmain version?