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  1. I need/use one for ease of commuting and if to go to clients on days I ride to work. I've got the monster Givi 52L. My Shoei GT Air helmet fits in without issue as well as room for plenty of other stuff. Jason's right -- when there's not much in it everything flies around inside. I took it on my first offroad camping trip and tried to only put light stuff in it and stuff i needed quick access to -- for which it worked great. On that trip we camped in one place and took day trips so I was able to leave it in my tent when on the trails. After returning home I discovered I'd broken two of the four mounting bolts. Fast forward to my only other major outing when I really considered leaving it behind since we'd be camping in different spots along the 10 day route. Short story, I decided to take it as it was too nice to pass up the lockable storage space. I broke two bolts again early in the trip and was able to replace them with others we bought at a local hardware store. Moral of the story -- I don't think I'll convince myself to take it next time -- simply too much trouble for the supposed benefit. I do believe I've got a slight misalignment that in my rack that works against me but the position of the top case hanging out behind the rear tire tends to bounce around when in rutted or other rough stuff. So long story is yes for street, no for offroad.
  2. Holy sheep dip Batman that's a lot of companies to avoid Thanks for putting the list together -- always good to be able to make an informed decision.
  3. Sounds good Brettman, it was my first time on Forest Route 6N16. My friend on the WR250R had been on it once before. The road has a little bit of everything but sand, so for me it's a great relatively close by road for fun and practice as I live in Camarillo. The gate at Spring Canyon Creek was closed so I'm hoping to explore further one of these days.
  4. Was able to get in a quick ride after mowing the lawn this weekend. This is a forest road north of Fillmore, CA heading towards the condor preserve.
  5. From the album Easter weekend 2016

  6. From the album Easter weekend 2016

  7. From the album Easter weekend 2016

  8. From the album Easter weekend 2016

  9. Hahaha! That was awesome, great video to promote his products. ... I always wondered why they never run out of air ...
  10. Yeah that feeling of taking a factory assembled motor apart early in its life just isn't a great feeling. We all want to trust that they'll do a good job and all will be well when we get it back but there's that nagging suspicion of "what if ...". The longer you ride it without issue after you get it back will dispel that uneasy feeling. I hope all goes well. Ride safe!
  11. Just got mine back today from having the recall done. No muss, no fuss, valves were in tolerance so mostly a waste of time. But here in California you need the recall done before you can renew the registration.
  12. From the album BDEA 2015

    New and first set of knobbies for the Strom -- TKC80's. They made tremendous difference compared with OEM Trailwings.
  13. From the album BDEA 2015

    Finally at Hwy 1 at Westport, CA
  14. From the album BDEA 2015

    Finally at Hwy 1 at Westport, CA
  15. From the album BDEA 2015

    Sinkyone State Park at Whitethorn, CA