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  1. Lol that's what I keep telling my wife...[emoji6]
  2. Yeah I love that thing. Wanted to have the best of both worlds and slowly realized I needed two bikes to do it.
  3. Let me know if you are ever back in phoenix.
  4. Checked them out and they kind of look like the same thing. Motor is different but they are currently available. Ever known anybody with one or had any experience?
  6. They will be available in end of 2016.
  7. Russian Made Taurus 2x2 Adventure Motorcycle Is Built To Conquer The Backcountry
  8. Thank you. I spend more time on highway, not entirely by choice. I also wanted the electronic suspension for dampening and load on the fly. The R model is manual. I gain more on the road than what I lose on the dirt. I always wanted a KLR. Still might add one in the future.
  9. Thanks man. Crown King is a fun little town with lots to explore.
  10. I'm actually up camping and cruising around Apache Maid Area. Crown King is always fun though.
  11. Frank Lloyd Wright and scottsdale rd
  12. Thanks for the heads up. The peak I'm told is mostly for blocking roosts, which explains why they are on all dirt bike helmets.
  13. Navigation

    Lol I was teasing, that thing is the size of a paper towel roll. What's battery life like and charge time?
  14. Perfect, wonder how well it will accept aftermarket bluetooth communication?