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    SW-MOTECH 1 1/8" Barback Offset Handlebar Risers Provides a more upright, comfortable riding position by raising and retracting the original 1 1/8" (28mm) diameter handlebar. No need to replace your handlebars - simply remove the original top clamp, place the riser between the handlebar and original bottom clamp, and install the replacement top clamp using included hardware. Barbacks increase handlebar height by 30mm (1.18") and move them back 22mm (0.86"), producing an overall handlebar displacement of 35.4mm (1.4") at a 45 degree angle from the original position. When installed, there may be a slight gap between the bar riser and the top clamp. This gap allows the top clamps to be torque-tightened onto the bar riser to prevent the bar from spinning. Kit Includes: 30mm rise (1.18in) 22mm back (0.86in) Barbacks for 1 1/8" bars (1 pair) Top clamps for 1 1/8" bars (1 pair) Four M8x30 screws Four M8x20 screws SW-Motech 30mm handlebar risers.
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    Touratech's Large Sidestand Foot stabilizes your BMW R1200GS or GS Adventure when parked on the side stand. Whether you find yourself parking in grass, gravel, mud or forest soil, the increased surface area of the Touratech Sidestand Foot dramatically improves the stability of the R1200GS making your off-the-beaten-path parking much easier. The Touratech Large Sidestand Foot is the choice of travelers the world over because of its solid stainless steel construction, well engineered fit and strong 3-bolt mounting connection. The top clamping plate wraps 360 degrees around the kick stand for the most soild connection to the side stand on the BMW R1200GS or GSA. The Touratech Large Sidestand Foot installs easily and dramatically improves your parking experience when off pavement with your R1200GS. PRODUCT FEATURES Easy Installation Guaranteed to improve your parking experience when off pavement Made of laser-cut stainless steel and anodized aluminum Available to fit 2013 Water Cooled R1200GS, or 2014-newer R1200GS & Adventure Fits R1250GS & Adventure Does NOT fit 2016 and newer factory low models Please reference the diagram of foot styles and select from the menu above Made in Germany
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    Protect your headlight from rocks kicked up by cars, or other bikes. With the TOURATECH Headlight Guard for the BMW R1200GS / Adventure, you’ll never worry about an expensive, cracked headlight. Continuous steel mesh, lasercut from stainless steel sheet, securely protects your headlight. The headlight guard is held firmly in place with steel structure specifically fitted to the BMW R1200GS / Adventure. Easy installation, using existing mounting holes. When it’s time to clean mud off the lens, the guard is easy to remove and replace, even while wearing gloves. This attractive guard is styled to match the GS's aggressive looks, and protect expensive, and important components. Easy installation Quick-release to clean the headlights Fits BMW R1200GS up to 2012, Adventure up to 2013. Oil Cooled models only Laser-cut stainless steel construction Semi-gloss BLACK powdercoat finish Developed for OFF-ROAD use All installation hardware included
  4. Hi, First of all, I apologize for my not really good english, here in Quebec (Canada), the main language is french. My name is Vincent, proud owner of a BMW R1200GS since last year. Motorcyclist since too long (got my license 33 years ago)... I took a 10 years motorcycle break but now I'm back on the saddle. My BMW is equipped mostly for off-road travel (TKC80 tire, crash bars, headlight guard) but, of course, also rides a lot of paved roads.
  5. 20-100

    BMW R1200 GS (2009)


    Biggest bike I have owned. After a year, I still find the big girl intimidating... but I'm learning and appreciating it more and more.
    Easy install, looks good. The only drawback is that you see the light shining on the backside of the guard. Must also order the Anti Glare Shield (I will do it shortly).
  6. 20-100

    Touratech USA Large Sidestand Foot

    Perfect fit, easy to install, does the job.
  7. 20-100

    SW-Motech 30mm handlebar risers

    Easy to install, straight risers, they dont add any front or rear offset.
  8. 20-100

    SW-Motech Lower Crashbars

    Easy to install, very well made.
  9. 20-100

    BMW R1200 GS 2009

    Biggest bike I have owned. After a year, I still find the big girl intimidating... but I'm learning and appreciating it more and more.