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  1. tedwards463

    A little buying help

    Hello again from staging area. I'm looking to add an Adv/Touring bike. To justify this financially and mentally I'd like to use this bike as a commuter (80 miles round trip all freeway per day). I'm not looking to get gnarly off road, but handle graded gravel and some trails possibly. My quick research so far has pointed in the direction of V Stroms, Versys, maybe Tiger 800. I'm a decent sized guy 6'2" 230lbs, so I'm looking in the 1000cc range. Any experience or input is appreciated.
  2. tedwards463

    Greetings from Charlotte, NC

    Hello, everyone. I'm happy to find this site, I was redirected from ThumperTalk, but I think this site is what I'm looking for. A little about myself...I consider myself an experienced rider. I started on Dirt Bikes at age 12 and have progressed through Sport Bikes, and now I'm on my second Harley Touring Bike. I'm looking to combine my two interest (outdoors/camping and motorcycling) by adding an Adventure/Touring bike. I'll post in the Adv/Touring section with more detail. Again, Hello to all.