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    Hello from Dubai

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    Hello from Dubai

    Eric i guess already you have liked some of my posts on instagram. My id is: bigobikerboy Even though we have so much sand I haven't seen many people ride with a big bike in the sand. I do it time to time but it's mostly play ground of dirt bikers with 450 motocross bikes. Most of our off roading happens in the mountains and dirt tracks. Some of them quiet rocky or loose gravel because here we have countless wadis (valley in Arabic) which are mostly seasonal rivers. The closest thing to death valley. And the reason most people ride on street tires here is mostly lack of bike shops with plenty of tire choices or the riders just don't undrestand the concept of knobies because of lack of experience maybe
  3. omid455

    Hello from Dubai

    Hello, This is Omid from Dubai on an oil cooled 2013 R1200GSA (the better GS! ) Exploring this region on two wheels one weekend at a time. We have many off road tracks here in UAE and Oman. Some sandy some rocky, some just maintained hard pack. I do lot's of off roading on my GSA and yes sometimes I just go to starbucks on it some photos of what we do: https://goo.gl/photos/A6LmniwdNnhjEnNw9