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  1. Fan and temp switch function normally? Can you install a manual fan switch as well as temp control switch? Airflow obstruction from an aftermarket part? Tried different coolant like engine ice?(although this is proba boy a band aid and actual problem needs to be found) Possible bad head gasket or tune problem generating too much heat? Hope something helps, I haven't heard of too many problems with these bikes for heat.
  2. Dig the snowboard setup Had 90k miles on mine when I finally sold it.
  3. Thinking about swapping XR650R and Super Tenere for one, trying to win wife over on this. Enjoy
  4. Available whenever, I will fill the tires/spare etc today. If I'm not home I will hide a key for hitch lock
  5. You can borrow my trailer if you want for free. Small enough for easy tow behind your car.
  6. Not sure yet, just took 1.5 weeks off and may not be able to get out of work again for a bit
  7. I would need a bigger stator, beefier regulator rectifier and more battery to smooth out voltage. Might even need a dual stator setup with 1 channel for lighting and another for rally comp. Plus having to kick start the pig all day can get tiring
  8. Too bad the electrical system would struggle with the rally comp needs
  9. We have a medication that usually helps, 1 part more throttle and 1 part stay loose
  10. Nobody ran out of gas?
  11. Also why you need good gear! Like this guy holding on till the end
  12. Used to full blown race in Tech 7 boots when they were newer. They should be good to most of us in ADV riding.
  13. Also beefier footpeg mounts now
  14. Also keep in mind the Super Tenere outweighs a GSA, so Yamaha doesn't lower the weight a ton(Also related to cost point of Japanese bikes to Euro bikes is an issue as well) Still exciting times to see what is coming next!
  15. Glamis mid week, or try Dumont for less crowded