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  1. I would need a bigger stator, beefier regulator rectifier and more battery to smooth out voltage. Might even need a dual stator setup with 1 channel for lighting and another for rally comp. Plus having to kick start the pig all day can get tiring
  2. Too bad the electrical system would struggle with the rally comp needs
  3. We have a medication that usually helps, 1 part more throttle and 1 part stay loose
  4. Nobody ran out of gas?
  5. Also why you need good gear! Like this guy holding on till the end
  6. Used to full blown race in Tech 7 boots when they were newer. They should be good to most of us in ADV riding.
  7. Also beefier footpeg mounts now
  8. Also keep in mind the Super Tenere outweighs a GSA, so Yamaha doesn't lower the weight a ton(Also related to cost point of Japanese bikes to Euro bikes is an issue as well) Still exciting times to see what is coming next!
  9. Glamis mid week, or try Dumont for less crowded
  10. Beautiful bike, GLWS
  11. Rim lock too?
  12. Finally home from work and get to unpack/clean up from the adventure.
  13. A chunk of safety wire coils up super small off the roll and is pretty darn durable. I highly recommend carrying some with you.
  14. A few other photos. Sorry for the delay but still working in Northern Nevada and wife wasn't happy with my 18 hour stop at home before leaving again for work. I had a great time and definitely met some awesome people. Changed more bib mooses than I imagined and hope Eric has a better go with tires/inflation next time out. The skill/stamina to muscle the big pigs is very impressive.
  15. He is off on the last day! Let's go Eric and hopefully no tire problems today.