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  1. A chunk of safety wire coils up super small off the roll and is pretty darn durable. I highly recommend carrying some with you.
  2. A few other photos. Sorry for the delay but still working in Northern Nevada and wife wasn't happy with my 18 hour stop at home before leaving again for work. I had a great time and definitely met some awesome people. Changed more bib mooses than I imagined and hope Eric has a better go with tires/inflation next time out. The skill/stamina to muscle the big pigs is very impressive.
  3. He is off on the last day! Let's go Eric and hopefully no tire problems today.
  4. 5.4L and 2x4, getting a locker soon. Rally Air is off to pick up #88 Luis Javier Pelayo for a fractured leg. [emoji34]
  5. Pits and my sweet sleeping spot
  6. Starting order for 1st full day
  7. Tech day in Ensenada. Enjoyed some poolside cervesas last night and a tasty burger!
  8. Tv en Espanol.
  9. We are off. A big KTM fits in an E350.
  10. Maybe group run in a vehicle. All about the adventure, doesn't need to be on a bike
  11. All of us involved really appreciate the help and support. Racing isn't cheap with lots of unseen costs. Thanks to all that are volunteering time, money or knowledge.
  12. A couple, I need to get out for some fresh shots
  13. I believe the DCT is a learning system where with more time it can better predict the changes you want as a rider.
  14. Nice to see the pit side too. You guys put in a lot of work and stress trying to help a racer get to the finish line.
  15. Ended up 5 of 20 finished in my class. Ranging from 13.5 hours on course to over 15!