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  1. Ended up 5 of 20 finished in my class. Ranging from 13.5 hours on course to over 15!
  2. Some carnage photos of my XR. Final tally I am down 5 spokes with a 6th about to break. Bent my protaper bars, twisted front end, rough/bent vanguard. Helmet is a bit crashed up from my high side at mile 98 or 100, and a massive bruise from landing on a softball sized rock with bumm
  3. An update on Alex from Oregon who caused me to activate my SPOT. Desert racing while fun can be very dangerous, and you are at the mercy of your fellow racers. I stayed with him for 45 minutes and the clarity rings true while I was on location waiving cars around and reassuring him that help was on the way. I departed with 2 helicopters, but neither was a medical transport. That took longer still, we all need to pray for his speedy recovery
  4. My Disney pins survived, and my wife was super stressed then relieved after activating my beacon for another racer. I will get more up over the next few days, but 300 miles and traveling to Reno. Now I need a beer
  5. Best colors too
  6. Spot link should be active tomorrow morning around 0530 Pacific Time
  7. You run 21/18 wheels right? If so we may be able to use some of my spares from Vegas to Reno, save the $$on purchase if you don't use em
  8. I left yesterday, hopefully out of Beatty and over 3k feet by the time the heat starts to build. More photos fro. Tech etc in a bit
  9. I also think the GS has had a really long run as top dog and people are ready to change the flavor of their dreams and aspirations
  10. Looking forward to seeing how this holds up. Are we bringing spare tires/tubes to Mexico?
  11. 250 miles over the weekend, now for final prep. Just a few little things to do and one bigger project.
  12. Great dirt ride this morning. 90 miles between Adelanto and Kramer Junction with some exploring mixed in. Played for about 3 hours and went from 78F to 100F as I loaded up. Too bad I reset my GPS trip after the first 20 or 30 miles(operator error). #projectmediumXLADV ran great, few tweaks but feeling optimistic about a 540 mile race in 2 weeks. Heading up to Big Bear with a buddy tomorrow
  13. I was looking at that jacket to fill a nitch below the badlands pro but more off-road. Let us know what you think of it. Sorry about problems at Klim, this seems to happen a lot as companies grow and struggle with bigger numbers and mass production. I hope they steer back to their starting point before they lose the name they have built for themselves
  14. Helping others spend money. Lol
  15. 2003 Ducati 749S