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  1. Dan kleinsmith

    Hello from Hood River,Or.

    Thanks Eric, So far I've really enjoyed the 690. My wallet needs me to stop looking at 690dudes instagram page though.
  2. Dan kleinsmith

    Hello from Hood River,Or.

    How much time do you plan on spending in the area? Fyi, Lost Lake tends to get really busy in the summer months so if you plan on camping up there try to make it mid week. Timberline is always fun to go and hang out, can't go wrong there. Lots of great riding, the old historic Barlow Rd. is really fun and there are good camp spots along the way if needed. If nothing else you can spend a day in Hood River brew pub hopping and eating. Hope all goes well and feel free to reach out for more info. Dan
  3. Dan kleinsmith

    Hello from Hood River,Or.

    I've been following xladv on Instagram for a while now decided it's time to check the forum out. I used to ride a 2011 ktm 990 but down sized to a 690 last year and have been really enjoying the lighter bike. But I do miss the smoothness of that big twin! Heading out on Route 6 of the OBCDR in a few weeks. We rode the IDBCDR last year and had a great time, so I'm expecting this to be just as good if not better. Cheers everyone, Dan