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  1. Oddy1972

    KTM 1190 Adventure (2015)


    Some might say "baby" of the ktm adventure bikes but to be honest it does absolutely everything I want it to. Plenty of trick bits added and it's my go to bike for all day riding. The power is noticeably different to the 1190 but up to 6.5k revs it's put out the same BHP so doesn't bother me at all. Suspension... Yes it has some and that's about it. Might be my next upgrade but undecided at the moment as I don't keep my bikes long. Still happy with this one tho.
  2. Oddy1972

    Hi from South Yorkshire (uk)

    Thanks Eric and also thanks for the kind words. 791 likes for you and about 50 new followers for me. Share away my friend. Hahaha
  3. Oddy1972

    KTM 1190 Adventure 2015

    Yes it's a 1050 adventure and not a 1190 but the 1050 isn't in the drop down menus. Hopefully xladv will sort that. . Some might say it's just for girls but then again they said girls can't eat Yorkie bars and they got that wrong. Love the bike and and does everything I want it to and to be fair I reckon I could take this bike anywhere that "I" could take a 1190 and that does me just fine. I road both bikes back to back and found it hard to justify the extra money so opted for the 1050. Saying this I don't keep my bikes long so at the moment this is the best one ever.... Who knows what's next. Ps... Xladv no drop down menu for the 1050. I can't be the only one..
  4. Oddy1972

    Hi from South Yorkshire (uk)

    Hi all, regestered so as instructed Im just saying hello.