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  1. It's sorted, if anyone buys a front brake master cylinder kit for a bog standard Honda XL600 (around 1985) then I'd recommend ordering the proper Honda kit which is part number 45530-HB9-006. It costs about £60 (twice as much as the ones on e-bay) but it does fit. Needless to say next time I go off road I'm bound to lock the front wheel and fall off, but at least my brakes will work Cheers Pete
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  3. Hi all, With a spongy front brake I started with the obvious brake bleed but that didn't help things much. So I ordered a master cylinder kit which arrived and looked to contain all the right bits but on measuring the old and new, the new one is about 1mm smaller in diameter so obviously won't fit. So I ordered another kit from a different supplier and have the same problem. Are there 2 sizes? The bike does not look like it's been mucked about with, but I could really do with some kind of front brake. Any suggestions or advice? Cheers!