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    Adventure Riding, Rally Racing, Enduro, Trail, Race Track, anything on two wheels. :)
  1. I would love to!!!!! Rally Racing and long distance travelling are the most exciting things I've done in my life, besides being a father and growing two kids! Hahaha!! Someday we'll race together.
  2. Hey guys, let me bring some loooong videos to this topic. This past weekend I've been racing on the Spanish Rally Championship (and I won!! Whooohoo!), It is not super-fast riding as I have to navigate the roabook too, so I have to keep a lot of concentration and attention on the navigation, but anyway some sections were fast, some others were technical, and I think some of you may enjoy riding with me on this nice camera setup. Cheers!!!
  3. Sadly I don't own a 12GS anymore, and my bike is not as big as it was (now I ride a F8), but... We had lots of fun last weekend riding fast as hell on some nice terrain after the rain First video is mine from my own gopro, second is from a fine of mine following me on his WR450 JVO, hope you like it! Ride safe!!!
  4. Haha! That guy is a friend of mine with his KTM EXC 500. He is damn fast, but get lost so often and easily.... he started in front of me and got lost, then overtook me and missed the right turn, getting lost again The roadbook holder is an F2R RB750, and there is no cap heading, they are tripmasters from ICO (ICO Rallye MAX), they only work as a speedo and odometer (well, much more, but not CAP on those ones, although they have a model that does CAP (ICO Rallye MAX-G)). And yes... I have to get the newest GoPro Hero Session 5.... it is awesome! But I'm in a budget, and I preffer to spend my money on tires and fuel rather than on cameras! Cheers!
  5. I have been reviewing one of my videos and I think you're going to love it. You will be able to almost "feel" what I feel when rally racing the big HPr... Hope you enjoy it!! Cheers!
  6. Boys just want to have fun with expensive toys! :D Yeah, I know is not as impressive as seeing Chris Birch... but I'm riding an HPr!! And that is way cooler than riding a stock KTM 1190 R, right? :D Cheers!
  7. Hahahaha!!!
  8. I start to truly love my HPr!!!!!! Full Throttle!!! :) :)
  9. And I've not just adapt those marzocchi for my bike, but we're developing a complete kit ready to install for any GS or GSA from 2004-2013... Better than HP2!! ;)
  10. Beware, don't try that at home with your GS. This is only possible with an upside down front fork. ;)
  11. Camping

    I am now using and testing a very very light and compact tent, the ferrino lightent 1: So far, I'm liking it because is super light, and very very compact. Following the GiantLoop mantra: Go Light, Go Fast, Go Far, I've changed all my camping gear recently for a lighter/smaller versions, and I'm pretty happy with the results!!!! (Ultra-light sleeping bag, matress, tent and stove, do make a huge difference put alltogheter vs regular versions) Hope that helps!
  12. Riding my GSA on my first Rally Raid!
  13. Hahaha!! Mate, I understand perfectly what happens here, and the feeling...
  14. I am not Chris Birch... But I am training hard!!! Someday, mauybe! :P Hope you enjoy this short vid
  15. Believe it or not, I know those guys. They are also from Catalonia, Spain. We're the best! :P Good section Eric! And I'm glad you like my videos!! :) Awesome work on BTW!