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  1. This is a very important topic for us adventure motorcyclists. I need to upgrade to a protective hard shell off-road boot as I currently have two sets of adv. class boots. Four years ago , I suffered a deer-motorcycle collision and had a broken ankle. Fortunately only bone fractures , no tendon or ligament tears , and healed up with no surgeries/metal implants. I was very lucky as at the time I happened to be wearing only my heavy Chippewa work boots (driving home from a work site). The protection an off-road boot may have allowed me to walk away uninjured in the foot area.
  2. 790 adventure r

    That rear tire in the last pic above is seriously torn up! Looks like a tester really put it through some aggressive riding! Does that switchgear on the left handlebar indicate a host of electronic rider aids?
  3. Great choice in machines ! Should serve you well on your journeys! How about some pics of that new scoot! Ride On Ride Far
  4. Jump on board Gear Dude! Nice looking KTM you've got there! Cool that your running some soft bags. Are those the new Kriega bags you've got? I use the outlander 60 and 20litre pack. Great stuff. Ride on Ride far
  5. TiresWheelsBrakes

    My 90/90-21 Trac. Adv. front has run its course and time to replace it. I estimate during its fitment it saw 70/30 usage from 36psi to 26 psi if I took the time to air down on long stretches of dirt roads. A rugged tire that did well to protect my oem ktm rim. This tire took a good amount of weight to balance with a rebalance check halfway in. Being aware of the heavy/tall tread on this tire I tried to go easy on the front brakes on pavement with running through the gears on decell. Being an old tightwad I put up with this tire developing a severe tread scalloping and heighth differences to the point of it almost hopping of the pavement. My suspension settings were mainly set to sport riding per ktm manual. Little over 3800 miles
  6. Eric , do you have any current release info on the road legal PR7 also?
  7. Thanks for the riding impressions BB! Glad your ripping it up! Ride On!
  8. Hey BB ! How about an update on you and your buds' 690 and 701 over these past months? Any long distance trips with these? Any issues pop-up? Has one shown any more over the other? Dislikes to speak of? Safe travels!
  9. TiresWheelsBrakes

    The outer knobs appear to retain the same configuration between the two versions. They've oriented the new center knobs differently in relation to the outer knobs with greater separation between the center ones. Maybe a little less depth also. Because of the center knob layout on my ADV 1.0 , I decrease the psi somewhat to get less squirreliness in the feedback. A pretty beefy rugged tire though compared to the oem's that I was running. Better rim protection for sure. Lets see how this version holds up over some mileage.
  10. Great to have you here Martijn! That's really great that you can use your bike for your work. More time spent on two wheels is best in my opinion! A GS is such an all around great machine to have, NICE! Ride On?
  11. Should change the name on your bike to say Alaskan Twin just to see how many would notice, only seems fitting. Such a beautiful , awe inspiring environment you get to ride in! Must be a concern riding solo in the backcountry there? We have black flies, chiggers , mosquitoes mainly here in the Adirondack region , maybe an occasional nuisance black bear or raccoon. Glad to see you've fitted soft luggage, nice job with your ride! Safe adventures✌️
  12. Hello Dennis! It's no wonder that the KLR has enjoyed such a long run here in the states when it's competition can't land on our shores! Can't believe the junior tenere wouldn't be a huge favorite here! Safe travels and adventures!
  13. Much respect and a little jealousy as to your adventuring! ?Do this stuff while your younger since any of our futures are unknown! Really interested in hearing how your AT is on such a journey and it's strengths and weaknesses etc, Ride On!
  14. Total number of posts, maybe? I'm also advanced but maybe they're referring to my age, lol
  15. You'll be running a lot of fuel from unknown service stations etc. Since your AT is injected , might want to get a good prefilter sock as an extra layer of protection. The good ones go down to quite fine dimensions, 10 microns maybe. Safe travels!