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  1. Great to have you here Martijn! That's really great that you can use your bike for your work. More time spent on two wheels is best in my opinion! A GS is such an all around great machine to have, NICE! Ride On😎
  2. Should change the name on your bike to say Alaskan Twin just to see how many would notice, only seems fitting. Such a beautiful , awe inspiring environment you get to ride in! Must be a concern riding solo in the backcountry there? We have black flies, chiggers , mosquitoes mainly here in the Adirondack region , maybe an occasional nuisance black bear or raccoon. Glad to see you've fitted soft luggage, nice job with your ride! Safe adventures✌️
  3. Hello Dennis! It's no wonder that the KLR has enjoyed such a long run here in the states when it's competition can't land on our shores! Can't believe the junior tenere wouldn't be a huge favorite here! Safe travels and adventures!
  4. Much respect and a little jealousy as to your adventuring! 👍Do this stuff while your younger since any of our futures are unknown! Really interested in hearing how your AT is on such a journey and it's strengths and weaknesses etc, Ride On!
  5. Total number of posts, maybe? I'm also advanced but maybe they're referring to my age, lol
  6. You'll be running a lot of fuel from unknown service stations etc. Since your AT is injected , might want to get a good prefilter sock as an extra layer of protection. The good ones go down to quite fine dimensions, 10 microns maybe. Safe travels!
  7. Every time I get to ride my motorcycles I value every moment as I'm sure you do as well !🏍👍
  8. Yup, I'm a keep it around in a box guy as well. So much that between all my construction equip. , camping and backpacking gear , motorcycle supplies started spilling out of my one car garage, I had to rent out a 10 by 15 storage unit a half mile away! Every time I open a stored box it's like Xmas ! So that's what I did with that, I knew it was somewhere ! Yeah, I'm a borderline pack rat.
  9. Wow! Talk about bringing back memories from my blurry past being a teenager through the '70's ! When not yet a preteen my family moved to a still under construction major housing subdivision in rural northern NY USA. As this was a huge development there were dirt roads being roughed in for miles! Didn't take long for my brother and I convinced Dad we needed a mini bike instead of messing around with soap box derby carts we had been building. That's how it started. Before long we had a whole group of young punk ruffians riding mini bikes around the new under construction area driving the job managers nuts. Dad also through his work new a local motorcycle shop owner. What more could a bunch of kids with only three channels of t.v. ask for? And it was also sweet that several miles away out through farmland was a huge county owned forest area riddled with a network of dirt roads and trails with several fire towers. It wasn't long before we all went through a progression of various mini bikes to mini trails to 125's , 175's 200's which is where my dirt bike history stopped at for displacement. Big brother got a 250 where he wound up. Into highschool, the "crew" started focusing on sports and girls so the scourge of the local dirt trails faded out. Aaahhh , the 1970's ! As a kid: homemade carts, choppered schwinns, butchered 10 speeds, mini bikes , mini trails , Honda xl's , Kawi kx's , Yamaha xt's. The art of the deal had us all swapping between our rides much to the confusion of the parents ,lol. After highschool/college: '75 cb400 , '81 gs550es , '75 r90s , '85 k100rs , '76 r90s '81 gl 1100 interstate After children are grown: '08 KLR 650 , '12 990R Adv. This has been my journey with many more dreams still being chased!
  10. Welcome to the mix from Northern NY ! Really cool to see a Mr and Mrs ride together. The 1190R looks like it's seen more off-road than on! Bought my 990 R new, a year before the 1190 came out and still trying to complete my full set up , lol! Happy riding!
  11. Hey ! Welcome ! From numerous videos I've come across showing riding adventure style in your country , it looks fantastic ! Please submit more pics of your riding/exploring !
  12. Having watched some of the videos of the PR7 on YouTube, it sure looks to have a all around capability for lighter weight adventure duty! What is unknown initially will be its reliability over time. Hope it can "check" all the boxes. From further investigation, the SWM motor seems to be an earlier HUSKY single but given current fuel injection components. It'll be interesting to see if it is delayed by the US emissions regs.
  13. HDB set-up is pretty sweet along with their custom handlebar clamp.Looks to be the ultimate combo.
  14. How about these KTM oem Enduro mirrors
  15. By the time I manage to have enough funds put together for a 690/701 this machine will be in the mix to consider. Might make it easier to decide once some PR7 owner feedback comes in. Or they may all be spoken for fast , leaving me still kicking tires!