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  1. PeteMoto

    Top 10 Moto Camping Essentials

    To each his own, I like to pack as light as possible so my ultralight backpacking gear does double duty for motor camping. The type of backwoods exploring I do is the reason I like to be weight conscious as sometimes you have to pick up a dropped bike or pull yourself through some muck etc. Its amazing what you think you might need to what you actually use camping is evident after a trip and you unpack and realize you never used some items you've brought. Ive really invested in the Sea to Summit product as its quality light weight gear.
  2. PeteMoto

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro

    This 701 E loves to run the Adirondacks of northern New York!
  3. PeteMoto

    Rottweiler's Insane 1290R Build

    Shock and Awe on two wheels!
  4. PeteMoto

    Hi from Oregon. Short novel enclosed... ?

    Hello Brian! - Congrats on the 1290SAR, hope it brings you years of enjoyment! Interested to hear your impressions of this machine after youve racked up some all surfaces miles. I happen to live and ride on the southeast side of the ADK's near Lake George and enjoy the ADK's , Vermont ,New Hampshire , Finger Lakes etc. How do you find the riding in your area of Oregon? Welcome to the forum
  5. PeteMoto

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro

    Oh man, how am I going to explain this to my trusting ( trusty ) ol' KLR?
  6. PeteMoto

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro

    That's fantastic WR! Yes , the 690 retail price is substantially less than the 701. In my case,the only Husky dealer for all of northern NY was sitting on a '17 701 that apparently no one was biting on all year. I didn't know about it until I completely looked through their website and found it way back on the last page after all the 4x4's (maybe that's why it was available) 1700 was taken off the price in the listing so that piqued my interest! A little more nosing around the 'net , I found that Husq. was offering .99 interest on the 701E. The dealer wasn't aware of this until I asked them to research it. I believe it applies to the 690E also.Hope you may have gotten this rate on yours? Nothing's changed on the '18 701 , so I got a great deal w/ very,very low financing. Now just need the northern NY winter to finally finish up. Ride On
  7. PeteMoto

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro

    Wondering if the oem 990 adventure handguards might fit the 701 as I have a second set on the shelf. Not reinforced barkbusters but at least an improvement initially. No hard enduro in my plans, just exploring and camping off the beaten path keeps me happy , but I'm not immune to an occasional get off,haha.......
  8. PeteMoto

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro

    Thanks BB On my 990 , the stops were also a good amount adjusted out. I will check for this on the 701. The oem hand guards don't impress me , so these will be gone fast. My dealer had a new directive on break-in which requires/advises two 600 mile oil change intervals with non synthetic oil until beyond 1200 miles. Ride On! Pete
  9. PeteMoto

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro

    My initial thoughts are to run this bike as stock for some time to settle in with it and get a good amount of feedback as such. My ktm oem rally pegs may fit hopefully as I've got a spare set. My first add on will be a rear luggage plate for a small roll/duffle. Wondering if there is any concerns to address from new? i.e. - airbox sealing , etc. Pete
  10. PeteMoto

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro

    Got great news! ( On a Monday no less ) Working on a keeping a high credit score got me a great deal on a new '17 701 ! Can't wait to bring her home and run it through break-in rides! Still winter here in northern NY state with bad road salt and worse frost heaves etc. Looking forward for advice on this new ride!
  11. PeteMoto

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro

    After kicking tires, waffling on different bikes, pushing my credit to its highest I could get it, looking at my old KLR ( how could I do this to such a steady steed?) The moto angels have aligned the stars! Signed on the line for a left-over ' 17 701enduro w/ husqvarna special financing for the 701. Won't know for a couple of days if it's a done deal but can hardly contain my excitement! Just couldn't wait for the new ktm parallel twin adventure to show up , especially w/ the great deal on a leftover!
  12. This is a very important topic for us adventure motorcyclists. I need to upgrade to a protective hard shell off-road boot as I currently have two sets of adv. class boots. Four years ago , I suffered a deer-motorcycle collision and had a broken ankle. Fortunately only bone fractures , no tendon or ligament tears , and healed up with no surgeries/metal implants. I was very lucky as at the time I happened to be wearing only my heavy Chippewa work boots (driving home from a work site). The protection an off-road boot may have allowed me to walk away uninjured in the foot area.
  13. PeteMoto

    KTM 790 Adventure R Spy Photos

    That rear tire in the last pic above is seriously torn up! Looks like a tester really put it through some aggressive riding! Does that switchgear on the left handlebar indicate a host of electronic rider aids?
  14. PeteMoto

    New ADV rider from Montana

    Great choice in machines ! Should serve you well on your journeys! How about some pics of that new scoot! Ride On Ride Far
  15. PeteMoto

    Hello From The PNW

    Jump on board Gear Dude! Nice looking KTM you've got there! Cool that your running some soft bags. Are those the new Kriega bags you've got? I use the outlander 60 and 20litre pack. Great stuff. Ride on Ride far