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  1. https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/recall/bmw-motorrad-usa-stop-sale-recall-bmw-r1200gs-adventure/
  2. Barakaiki

    The XLADV Store

    Reading my response again, it comes off as a Debbie downer move. Totally not my intention and I apologize. I just think you are amazing at what you are doing, providing a resource in your reviews, and a wellspring whereby thirsty Adv Bikers can share ideas, experiences. I've had colleagues that have embarked on similar tacks before and it's such a huge undertaking with respect to customer service, ideation, returns, shipments, time to product launch, etc etc that it has burned them down. Perhaps a focus on one or two of your core ideas--I like the apparel one especially, I think that the soft pannier market is dominated right now--perhaps take that jacket idea and develop a kickstarter campaign and crowd fund it?
  3. Barakaiki

    The XLADV Store

    Don't do it. It's another layer of task management that is probably more of a headache, unless you're going to hire a team to manage it.
  4. Barakaiki

    Honda CRF1000L-Problems

    Dude. Now you're talking. I did that and only smiles on my ride. It's like getting a totally new bike.
  5. Ha! Keep in mind, we are oil/oil vinegar/vinegar day to day. So therein lies the problem--we love hanging out together, so it usually starts like: "You have to come to this event--we'll all have fun doing x,y,z". "Is it a dual sport event or DS and big bikes?" "It's easy, don't even worry about it..." See where this is going? All's well and good, I can hang with what I would say are "intermediate adventure routes--(not just paved fire roads, but stuff that you have to be comfortable with threading the needle (Lippencott pass comes to mind) until I forget that single track tight switchbacks, rocky steps, and extended sand washes aren't in my wheel house. If only I could have that 350EXC... saving up my scheckles...
  6. Barakaiki

    EnduroGuard Suit from BMW Motorrad

    I like the minimal look, good ventilation, advanced fabric--in my Klim gear I feel often like an astronaut
  7. Barakaiki

    EnduroGuard Suit from BMW Motorrad

    Seems like an heirloom item, I like that they minimize the branding. Klim could take a page from their playbook. Worth a look for sure!
  8. Barakaiki

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    Any of Motoology 1190 features with Adam make me drool with envy: https://youtu.be/XDxg4jK1Z8U
  9. Barakaiki

    Motoz Tires

    This is after 2500 miles, mixed use 1200 miles off road on the New Mexico BDR, various terrain heavy riding on an F800GSA with full Backcountry load. Has about 10mm left at this point. Front even better wear of course.
  10. Barakaiki

    Motoz Tires

    This was new, appx 15mm tread depth
  11. Barakaiki

    Motoz Tires

    Wait-- do you have a pristine Red 1200 GSA? Were you also filming with the drone around section 10/11? I think I saw you!
  12. Barakaiki

    Motoz Tires

    Eric if you recall the batch I had on the rear there was that chipping on the center tread from the get go, but that turned out to be livable as the tires once broken in were no problem. Took them on the entire NMBDR and had 10mm of tread left after 2000 miles. Front is still going strong approaching 3500 miles. Slapped on a new rear (shouldn't have) because of LABV but kicked myself afterwards because I could have run them. I love this tire. Hey: how do the Deserts run on your 990 on road?
  13. Barakaiki

    Motoz Tires

    Thanks! I'm running 32/36 on a 21/17 and on distributor recommendation dropping 5 psi for dirt not 10.
  14. Barakaiki

    Motoz Tires

    . Curious, I'm still trying to find optimal on/off road pressures. What are you running? Really appreciate it.
  15. Barakaiki

    Motoz Tires

    I'm with you on this. That realization happens somewhere around 2000 miles when you realize that your tread depth is where most new (insert common adv options) just begin, right?