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  1. MGorman

    KTM Adventure Rallies Ultimate Race

    I think it would be a blast!
  2. MGorman

    New 1290 Super Adventure S?

    Going back to the 950/990 style saddle tanks? They do a good job at keeping the weight low but do a horrible job of ease of access! The 790 prototype has a similar set up if I remember correctly. I wonder if the 1090 will get a similar treatment? 2020? Except for the Addition of EFI and a larger bore, I think the 950/990 platform went the longest (03-12) without major changes. KTM tends to make changes every three years in the off-road market. Makes me wonder why that particular platform lasted so long while the 1190 faded relatively quick.
  3. MGorman

    What'd you do to your KTM today?

    I'm on my 3rd set of headers, one front rusted out because the previous owner put heat wrap on it which held moisture. it broke in half and melted part of my starter solenoid and the right portion of the stock skid plate and luckily not my furl tank. The second front cracked at the manifold. The rears both cracked in the middle and the 2-1-2 equalizer section section at the rear has rusted out twice at the welds for the mount. If you live in Ohio, it will rust!
  4. MGorman

    What'd you do to your KTM today?

    no, this is.....
  5. MGorman

    KTM Rally 2017: Crested Butte, CO

    I guess the Rally and all the street and dirt demos they do a year aren't enough. What other brand hosts more than a dozen events a year? Our club hosts the largest off-road demo KTM does. Last fall there were 1400 riders through the gate over 2 days for mx and xc bikes as well as open riding. I rode to the Crested Butte event from Ohio then to Ouray and not I'm in Moab. I enjoyed the event and rode both hard loops with Mike Lafferty. I always end up riding by myself so it was nice to have some fresh faces to ride with. On Friday we did the hard route over Cumberland Pass called something Ridge? Only one person turned back, he struggled just to get up the first road then saw damp two track and turned around. The KTM guys gave him directs back (two turns) but he decided to go exploring, got lost, dropped his BMW and couldn't pick it up. Mike sent his sweep rider to go find the guy and Mike had me take over as sweep. I also got to meet and ride with Simon Cudby from UpShift. I didn't realize it but Simon posted my 950 and a video of me on his Instagram page. The ride was fabulous. Simon Saturday didn't go as well for some, they didn't listen to the ride leader and four people ended up in our group. Mike had me ride the middle to help out and keep an eye on a few strugglers. As we were clearing the toughest part of the Schofield Pass, a DRZ 400 died and we couldn't keep it running. I took the items from my tail rack and stuffed them in my bag. I used those straps, a few others and my 21" tube then towed the guy's bike about 4-5 miles of pain in the but rocks. His younger buddy swapped bikes rode his while I towed. I finally got him out and KTM sent a truck to pick him up. That was the toughest tow job I ever did but the old 950 chugged along with little issue. My 950cc Asthmatic Donkey turned over 129,000 miles on that weekend. Once I get home, I'll see what's on the other camera.
  6. Try [email protected] That is where my confirmation came from
  7. Haven't been to one since 08, leaving the 12th for Colorado, look for the ugliest 950 there
  8. MGorman

    The new 2018 GS and GSA

    I could never buy a BMW for the same reason I struggle with the KTM 1290, too many computers. You don't know how relieved I was when KTM announced the 1090 would have a reduced number of electronics. It's already a struggle to pay for them, God forbid if one of these gizmos die. There isn't much I can't fix, but electronics, like women's minds, are beyond my level of expertise.
  9. MGorman

    1090R Side Stand - yes or no

    Any time I'm loading/unloading during a trip, I use my center stand. The main reason, items I place on the seat or rear rack don't slide off quite as easy. Chain lubing and adjustments are easier. It also makes working on the left side easier if needed. It's extra weight but it's low weight.
  10. MGorman

    Touratech's BMW R9X to Ride at Romaniacs

    The Adv market must be a money maker right now with the big players entering these events trying to prove their bike can do it, even if it requires an alien to do it. Lafferty just ran a national enduro on a 1090 Don't look for an air head from BMW. From what I understand, air-cool street going Moto's will soon be dinosaurs from a bygone era, it nearly impossible to pass Euro 4 emissions without water cooling. The XL and DR 650's are grandfathered in as long as there are nothing more changed than graphics.
  11. MGorman

    Honda CRF1000L-Problems

    I have a hard time thinking Showa would screw up on a fork size they've used for decades on a variety of bikes from a variety of manufacturers. I wonder why Honda would use a 45mm fork on such a heavy motorcycle. It appears they haven't used that small of a fork since the 90's on off-road bikes that weigh a half of the CRFL's weight. KTM uses the same basic 48mm open chamber fork on every XCW motorcycle from the 125 all the way up to the 1190 since around 2004 to current. How many guys are coming from primarily street riding and are new to Adventure riding who bought the CRFL, don't realize you need to take extra care in keeping the sliders clean so dried dirt doesn't prematurely eat away the seals? I've seen seals go for years, even decades (My Transalp) and never weep a drop yet I've seen other fail in short order.
  12. MGorman

    GS/GSA Fork Stanchion Problems

    My guess would be due to the nature of most Adventure type riders being overly obsessed with being ATGATT, that if this were to happen to say Harley Davidson, the outcome would be Ambulance rides and funeral planning* instead of head scratching on the side of the road trying to figure out "how can I get this back together and finish the rest of my trip?". Maybe me any how *Except states with mandatory helmet laws
  13. MGorman

    GS/GSA Fork Stanchion Problems

    I'm surprised the stop sale wasn't part of the recall. If we sell a KTM with a safety recall such as this, we get in trouble with all the powers above.
  14. Thanks to my father, I spent every waking hour on my bicycle as a kid. The joke was I was born riding, but in reality, the first year of my life I lived above a bicycle shop. My Grandfather (Mother's Father) rode back in the late 40's, early 50's until he was killed in a collision with a car. I never knew him as my future mother was only a child at the time. My father rode for commuting and my uncle (his brother) always talked about riding and scrambles but I never once saw him ride though he did own a 650XS. My mother finally let me get the XL125 but I was forbidden to ride on the street for fear of me becoming like my grandfather, dead. In some ways my uncles tales of others racing (not him) got me interested in competition. He said he'd come to my race if I did one so I entered the 1982 Bear Creek 100 on that XL125, minus the lights, he never showed up. Sadly, I can never get two words out of him any more. I did 2 more scrambles before buying the XR350R, it's been all downhill ever since. ’79 Honda XL125S ’83 Honda XR350R ’79 KTM 420 ’84 Honda XR200R ’82 KTM 495 ’84 Husky 250CR ’81 XL185S ’86 Can-Am 560 Sonic ’87 KTM 250 MXC ’89 KTM 250 EXC ’73-’79 XL-TL-SL125-185 Frankentumper** ’84 Honda FT500 Ascot ’89 Honda XL600V Transalp (64k miles)** ’87 Can-Am 250 ASE ’93 KTM 300 MXC ’81 XL185S (bought back for wife approx. 5 years later) ’95 Honda XR250R ’96 Honda XR400R ’84 XR200R (kid got arrested and bike given back by father) ’99 Honda XR250R ’74 Ossa Plonker ’00 Husky TE410 ’04 KTM 950 Adv (126k miles)** ’89 Honda VT1100C3 Aero (23k miles)** ’84 FT500 Ascot Basket Case ** ’08 KTM 250XCF-W (Sold then bought back as a basket case) ’03 KTM 640 Adventure (sold then bought back 12 months later, 24k miles)** ’73 TL125 ** ’97 Beta 250 Techno ’11 KTM 350 XC-F ’11 KTM 250 XC ** ’06 KTM 950 Adventure S (9,600 miles)** ’11 Sherco 2.9 ** ** Bikes I still have I think that is all. The 640 may go soon in exchange for a 350-530 XC-W I only compete a couple times a year anymore so my riding from now on will probably lean more towards dual sport, travel and exploration
  15. MGorman

    KTM 1290R vs 1090R

    I rode the 1290SA, 1290R and 1090R today. I'd have to get that SA out on the freeway to see how it works, stints up to 90mph on country roads aren't a good way to get a feel for the bike. I guess if I were an old fart who was going to riding the freeway at speed all the time, the 1290SA would be ok. The 1290R? I don't need that much horsepower. The 1090 motor was smoother and seemed to have better throttle response down low. I can say, the cruise control on the two 1290's would be nice when stuck on the freeway for miles on end. I use a throttle lock but you constantly have to move it to keep a steady pace. The only time I think one of those would truly work would be on my old '79 XL125 where I'd lay on the tank and ride throttle to the stops from Akron to Youngstown on the freeway every Thursday. When jumping back and forth between the 950 and 990, I never felt the difference between the 2 bikes was enough to justify buying a new 990. I even rode both back to back mutiple tmes around the same loop in WV. I have two 950 Adventures, one is an 04 with over 126k miles, the other is an 06 S model, the modern equivalent to the R. So Sunday I rode the newer 950 S not only because the motor is fresher (less than 10k miles), but it has the second generation motor used in the newer 990 models which eliminated most of the vibration and rattles. It only took one stint of riding the 1090 to realize the power output of that motor is significant enough for me to finally start considering buying a new bike. On the way home I kept grabbing handfulls of throttle on the 950 and was thinking how slow that bike really felt. Then today I rode the old girl to work. She coughed to life and settled into her typical rhythmic rattling while I strapped on my skid lid. I jumped the 1st set of tracks at 70 mph then seat bounced the 2nd in second gear before heading to the next town thinking "this old girl isn't that bad". Decisions, decisions, decisions...