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  1. I sure don't know. Must be outrageous though as there are so few.
  2. You only need three parts I think. Two huge balls A dirtbike I'm missing at least one myself...........I'll let you guess which.
  3. Logistics was really my question. I am from the midwest so my sand experience is lacking but that can be remedied. I've started racing enduros here locally on small bikes. But it's a different type of racing. Are there smaller shorter races in that part of the world where a person can go and get an idea of what to expect? I'm not really toooooo concerned about actually being able to do it from a riding standpoint. But preparing for logistics is really hard. So my original post was probably misleading.
  4. I would love to do that. What does it take realistically? I have a 950ADV I guess I need more sand experience. Probably more cash [emoji383]. I'm willing to try if it is achievable for an average person. But I'm honestly clueless about it. Where do I start?