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    Merino Wool

    Hey, we're using the Knox merino base layers. In the interests of full disclosure, we were given them by Knox so feel free to allow this to modify your opinion of what I say! We've been really impressed with them. We've lived in them through Europe, the Merino makes them soft and cosy and they need washing probably only once every few weeks (I think I've washed them only two or three times since we hit the road - if I wasn't on the road I might do it a little more often, but then I probably wouldn't be wearing them 24/7). I forget they're on under my gear and they're comfy enough to sleep in. They do also wick well, I've always been sceptical about the whole keep you warm when cold and cool when warm claim so was surprised by this. Whilst I wouldn't say they keep you noticeably cool, they definitely keep you more comfortable meaning the overall hot and bothered factor is much reduced. This is only effective up to a point though...we found we had to stop using them once temps hit the high 90's as the extra layer was just too much. The only downside for me is the cost of merino, prior to getting the Knox ones I was a fan of buying cheap and cheerful synthetic and just replacing when they inevitably wore out after a few months. But so far the Knox ones have been wearing really well (I'd heard reports that Merino was lighter wearing than some synthetics but that's not been my experience), so it probably all evens out. On the whole I'd say I'm a merino convert and when I have to buy a pair of my own I'll probably invest a bit more in these Knox ones next time. Oh, Merino also takes a bit longer to dry than synthetics which might be a consideration when travelling but I've not found it too much of a problem, they still dry quick in the sun. Good to know about Ice breaker, I've looked at them before and have thought about investing in their stuff. I'll avoid from now on. Cheers! K