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  1. Was.Once.There

    The New BMW R1250 GS

    Found this photo today someone had left it in a comment on my original post about the r1250gs photo I had posted.
  2. Was.Once.There


    Good Job Eric!
  3. Was.Once.There

    Hi from Poland ??

    How goes it buddy!
  4. Was.Once.There

    Eargasm Earplugs High Fidelity Earplugs

    Gotta say I'm really enjoying these @eargasmearplugs! The helmet I have right now doesn't block out the wind and road noise at all and after a long ride I usually end up with a headache which often ruins my riding experience. Tired of the normal foam plugs so I went with these Eargasm Ear Plugs and they have worked great and come with a cool little keychain case for them when your not using them. If you're interested in getting a set you can use my 10% off code: BOB10 at www.eargasmearplugs.com They already come at a great price so the 10% off helps even more. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy your @eargasmearplugs as much as I do!
  5. 1 review

    EARGASM EARPLUGS WILL STOP RINGING EARS, SAVE YOUR HEARING, AND LET YOU ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE ACTIVITIES WORRY FREE Already trusted by 50,000 customers and growing: Enjoy your favorite activities, without worrying about damage to your ears. Keep the noise to a minimum, but still hear people talking and hear music with clarity. Every order comes with two shell sizes, so they fit every ear. Discreet design that is almost invisible to others. Easy to insert and remove, thanks to the convenient pull tabs. Made with hypo-allergic soft silicone, so that you can wear them comfortably for many hours. Comes with lightweight aluminum case for easy transport. Trusted by major music festivals. PRESERVES SOUND QUALITY By using innovative attenuation filter technology our earplugs reduce noise evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound while protecting your hearing. Music or voices won’t be muffled like with foam plugs. PROTECTION Our earplugs provide about a 21 dB drop in decibels so you can continue doing the activities you love while minimizing the risk of hearing loss. (NRR is 16 dBs) ✔ GET THE PERFECT FIT With two pairs of different sized earplug shells included with every order. Insert the included pair of attenuation filters into preferred shell size and earplugs are ready for immediate use! DISCREET READY-FIT DESIGN Our earplug’s triple flange comfortably fits almost any normal to large ear size, effectively blocking out harmful noise. Clear silicone provides low profile for subtle use. Removal is easy with a tug on the integrated pull tab. BONUS ALUMINUM CARRYING CASE Included complimentary with every pair of earplugs is an aluminum-grade carrying case so that you can keep your ear plugs in easy reach. The case’s waterproof rubber seal ensures your earplugs are protected from moisture, dust and debris.
  6. Was.Once.There


    If you follow me on Instagram and would like some free stickers just DM your info and I'll send some out. I just got another batch of them and their ready to go! IG: @Was.Once.There
  7. Was.Once.There

    Tusk Panniers and Racks

    I wanted some hard panniers and racks but didn't want to break the bank as I'm on a budget. I decided to try out the Tusk Panniers and glad I did! Just got home from a 1100 mile trip both pavement and dirt. I dumped my r1200gs in the dirt and the boxes held up great! No dents and just barely a scuff. The racks also held up great! If your looking for panniers on a budget I would suggest looking into these Tusk Panniers for sure!
  8. Was.Once.There

    Has the GS Brand Fallen So Far?

    I'm on my 3rd GS now. Brand loyalty? Kinda. But overall I have loved my bikes and haven't had any REAL issues in the past 5 years. I have noticed a lot of negative comments lately on my social media and others but I do believe it is brought on by the Stanchion issue. I'm happy BMW finally addressed that problem and is taking care of it. When I think to myself about the future and my next bike I'm not set on staying with BMW but they have been good to me. The r1200gs fits my body size and really that's why I got it. 2 bikes I'm very interested in is the Honda Africa Twin and the KTM 1290 Super Adventure. I've ridden the AT and it felt awesome and a different beast than my GS. I've yet to ride the KTM but have heard good things about it. That being said I think other companies are really bringing better bikes to the market now that compete with the GS so people now really have other good choices to choose from when getting a bike....
  9. Was.Once.There

    Tusk Panniers and Racks

    2 reviews

    Details The Tusk Aluminum Pannier Boxes are designed and manufactured to handle the most extreme adventure motorcycling. These panniers are loaded with features to offer an unbeatable value! These panniers are made from durable yet lightweight aluminum with a tough silver or black powder-coated finish. Not only do they look great, but they prevent the items you store from getting the black residue produced when rubbed against unfinished aluminum. Unique design that eliminates seams on the back two vertical edges (weak spots on other panniers), and all existing welded seams are reinforced with internal stitch welds. For security and convenience, the boxes come complete with 4 (2 on each box) matched locks and keys already assembled on the latches! A rubber gasket at the top of the box ensures the lid is tight and waterproof. Each lid comes complete with 4 bolt-on footman loops to secure additional items. Each Large box is 37 Liters and measures 15 ½" tall, 9 ¼" deep, and 18" wide. The Medium boxes are 27 Liters each and measure 14 ¼" tall, 7 ½" deep, and 16 ¼" wide. This is a complete kit with all the mounting hardware to outfit your bike for the next adventure. Complete kit with a pair of Aluminum Panniers and Pannier Racks with all the hardware for mounting. Durable aluminum panniers that offer an unbeatable value for adventure motorcycling. Powder-coated finish looks great and protects items from unfinished aluminum "blacking". Seamless rear vertical edge design and reinforced welding ensures strength. Complete with 4 (2 on each box) matched locks and keys assembled on the latches. Aluminum lid is completely waterproof and features 4 bolt-on footman loops to secure additional items. Each Large Box is 37 Liters and measures 15 ½" tall, 9 ¼ deep, and 18" wide. A pair of boxes gives you 74 Liters of storage. Each Medium Box is 27 Liters and measures 14 ¼" tall, 7 ½" deep, and 16 ¼" wide. A pair of boxes gives you 54 Liters of storage. Aluminum is .085" thick and each Large pannier weighs a little over 11 lbs., while each Medium pannier weighs just under 9.5 lbs. Pannier racks feature cable operated Quick Release pins. Durable Powder coated steel construction.
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    Very interesting for sure. And totally agree with you Dominique @beemer bunny
  11. Was.Once.There