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  1. Ron70

    Michelin Anakee Wild

    My passenger/wife is not happy going para legal speeds. Fortunately at 70 years of age if find it a bit less irksome to more or less comply with her wishes. So our riding will be fairly conservative - this will also be to conserve on fuel. Our route is from Spokane WA, to Watson Lake (where the sign post forest is) to Dawson City. That is about 2000 miles and nearly all paved. IF we decide to ride the Dempster Highway that will be another 900 or so miles round trip on gravel. Then back to Dawson and over to Eagle AK over Top the World highway which is another 200 or so miles of gravel. From there the rest is pretty much paved on down to our destination of Anchorage - Actually Kenai where I will be leaving the bike with a friend. We live in a remote village on Kodiak Island where I keep a KLR 650 to bang around our 7 miles of potholed dirt roads. Sorta keeps my hand in between rides up on the main land. Anyway - sure wish there was more folks out there who have done this kind of riding on those Wilds. I am tempted to just put the Anakee III on the back and hope it will serve on any gravel we go on - at least as long as things don't get too wet. I know it will last the whole 4000 to 4500 miles. Sure would like a more off road oriented tire for the long gravel stretches though! Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Ron70

    Michelin Anakee Wild

    This thread has me worried. I'm riding a 1200 Triumph Explorer, with passenger and right about at the 489lb limit. I have a set of Wilds waiting for us in Spokane to replace the Anakee III I have on now that are just about gone. Here's a question for you all: I have the set of Wilds, and I have a new rear Anakee III there in Spokane. The front Anakee III I currently have on has less than 2K miles on it. We are headed to Anchorage via the Cassiar Highway and may attempt the Dempster Highway to Inuvik YT. It's about 2000 miles of nearly all paved road to Dawson City. I was hoping I could get from Spokane to Anchorage on the Anakee Wilds but from what I'm reading I might not even have enough tire left to do the Dempster both ways and then another 1200 miles to Anchorage. It would be roughly a total of 4000-4500 miles. Any thoughts? We leave from Hamilton MT next week. Have already come 3000 miles from PA where I got the bike as a gift from my son. (Nice Kid!!!!). Thanks in advance for any feedback. Ron