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  1. "Tipsy" and me striking a quick pose.
    1:35 AM, May 17, Toshiba tower, Time Square, New York…

  2. Me photographing the amazing red rock and the last twinkle of sunflare??✨.
    ?Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona, #USA ??.
    #nature_perfection #nature_brilliance #bestnatureshot #nature_wizards #awesomeearth #landscape_captures #loves_landscape #tv_landscape #landscape_obsessions #bns_landscape #loves_united_landscapes #landscape #nature_sultans #globalcapture #splendid_mountains #kings_shots #main_vision #nature_sultans #adventuretravel #adventurer #welivetoexplore #wanderlust #traveltheworld #worldbestgram #worldcaptures #worldprime #igscglobal #usaprimeshot #ig_unitedstates_ #unitedstatesofamerica

  3. Ready to plunge ?: A young Steller Sea Lion cautiously observes as we are slowly…

  4. Had a fun weekend at the #KTM PowerKamp (Adventure moto & motocross/enduro camp). Many thanks to @ktm_powershop KTM Powershop Bogotá, @donb111 @mateomk @tianvm518 @tallervalderrama @pistalalaguna staff and friends, for extending to me friendly care, generosity and the all-around great fun. You were exemplary at demonstrating Colombian hospitality! Made me feel very at home and happy in the KTM family of Bogota. ?????♥️

    #ktmadventure #ktmcolombia #ktmpowershop #ktm350 #ktm350excf #ktm350freeride #ktmfreeride #ktmfreeride350 #ktmexcf350 #mx #mxgirls #mxtrack #motocross #motocrosslife #motocrossgirl #advmoto #advlife #advrider #xladv #motogirl #motolife #motorcycle #moto #enduro #readytorace #colombia #ridetheworld @ Pista MX La Laguna.

  5. #Glacier #illusion - an incidentally captured shot by a "hang-fire" of the camera.

  6. Dinna is returning from a trip to Bogota, Colombia.

  7. No wonder some of my Facebook friends thought I was over 6 foot tall. I look like 6 foot 4 here. It's the low angle of the shots.
    For the record, I'm 5 foot 10.5 inches (179cm) - I really want to grow half more inch in the legs for the tall adventure motorcycles ? ?

  8. I'm missing my beautiful home city Dalian, China, and her summer beaches and tasty food.

  9. Attended KTM 1290 & 1090 Adventure launch of Colombia last night.
    - With one specific goal in mind: get a test ride offroad in the proper offroad mode (unlike the "road mode only" regulation at the KTM demo rides at Overland Expo West last month).
    Alhough I didn't go there in order to look at, touch or pose on the bikes, I ended up with a few trophy shots anyway ?.
    Santiago of KTM was a great sport in putting down the Latin machismo ego and agreeing to be my passenger (and in reciprocity, I agreed to be his, next week) ???.
    Looking forward to our offroad test - in proper offroad mode.

    #KTM #KTM1290R #KTM1090R #KTMAdventure
    #ReadyToRace #motogirl #2upriding

  10. Had a dirty birthday as an adventure rider ought to have it ???..
    ?:I started my day with a ride out of Bogotá #Colombia ?? on a lucky sunny day absent for quite a long period, and ended the northward loop looking like this on a mud-battered "cow"??. .
    After a homemade breakfast of arepas, we rode to Subachoque and snacked on their famous almojábana.
    We then did an offroad segment to la Pradera, whose condition turned out to be too easy.
    In Zapaquira, We watched and clapped to the very out-of-tune singing performance by the teachers on peaceful demonstration against low wages ??, ate ice cream, snapped photos and petted a dog that bossed the street.
    We decided to switch our rides, Carlos's "vaca" ?for my "Mandarino Salvaje"?(pun for feral chino). The goddess of adventure heard our earlier complaint and granted us a stretch of rough local dirt road full of bumps and muddy ditches that we had little choice in avoiding due to vehicles large and small that James the route. I stayed the momentum of the cow and plowed through the slushes, with her almost mooing in pleasure when hit with splatters. My Kevlar jeans ended up soaked through ?, and the cow properly patterned ?..
    We passed higher elevation glacing over the gigantic Tomine Reservoir, and made one last stop at "la Cabaña" Alpina diary market, a regional favorite for families. We squeezed our fat selves through heavy traffic like scooters on steroids on the way back to Bogota, in time for a mid-afternoon meal at the tastiest pizzaria in town, with Carlo's amazing family ?‍?‍?‍?..
    My day were made better with a few hours spent with my Colombian brother Alvaro, a cake and gift session, a stop at the KTM store where my next bike suitable for my finca awaited, a KTM 250?? and a stroll to an appliance store.
    The night was concluded with a visit by a talent, who delivered my repaired Enduristan Monsoon 3 panniers and proposed to tailor a pair of rackless soft panniers for my upcoming South America tour this fall???.
    The birthday celebration continues on into Monday at the finca of my Colombian family ?‍?‍?‍?? Garnished with friendship, love, adventure, anticipation, I feel truly blessed and rich ???

  11. Birthday morning ride outside of Bogotá ?? The teachers' demonstration against low wages goes on in Zapaquira.

  12. Happy Birthday. Have A Great Year Ahead. God Bless!

  13. Ericka, 11 years seems like a flash. ? You were still a little chick (though not little in height).

    4 Wheel Motorbike trolley
    PARK n MOVE CSP45 for Your Goldwing, GS, etc

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  15. The shot of the evening, 2 years ago today.

  16. Can't believe this. Funny and super sad at once. Like it wasn't bad enough for wild monkeys to be captives, they are turned into mirror images of addiction-laden humans. Lord Krishna, why oh why!?!?

  17. Anyone going to NJ Motosports Park (#NJMP) tomorrow for the MotoAmerica Superbike race? Never been there but I'm looking at all the wildlife reserves near Millville, and thinking to say hi to Toni Elias TwentyFour again (been 4 years).

  18. The tireless scary shit that some members of my gender would do!!!

  19. The tireless scary shit that some members of my gender would do!!!

  20. We cannot afford to kill apex predators. Anyone with any basic understanding of our vulnerable imbalanced eco system understands this. Too many wild felines and canines are needlessly killed because the witless money-driven governments turned blind eye on them. While the outfitters squeak to the governments to get their way, we need to respond back more loudly. They are OUR damn animals, and nobody shall profit from killing them!!!Please take a click to sign the petition. Thank you all!

  21. 1️⃣ A very simple legal standard in the US to quickly measure the outrageous discrimination of the "Burkini ban

  22. In 2 weeks, an important public demonstration will gather in Madrid, marking 10 years of efforts in abolishing bullfighting.

  23. A horrific sample of a new low of savagery in Spain - what should we call this now, "calf-fighting"!?

  24. I'm selling this Nexx XD1 Voyager in size L. (I bought a XL and haven't had a chance listing this on eBay). Worn only twice, and all cleaned to new condition, ready to ship within the US. Bonus pinlock anti-fog insert applied to the visor. $400 firm. You pay for your preferred shipping. (Revzilla sells it for $500, and pinlock at $50). Anybody interested message me.

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