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  1. Another one drinking the orange coolaid...just like me.
  2. What did I miss? You got a Honda CRF 450X to ride?
  3. If your crossing over in San Luis, stop by for Lunch or breakfast or brunch or whatever. There are better places to eat than the last place. =)
  4. TiresWheelsBrakes

    Can you run tubeless with these?
  5. Now that you have come and gone from Yuma, I just wanted to let you know I live in Yuma and your welcome to crash on you way back, or have something shipped to me. Love your ride reports and your pictures!
  6. Facebook live streaming in French: https://www.facebook.com/FrancetvSport/videos/1701333879887438/ Anyone got other free watching sites?
  7. I was sad to leave it behind. I delivered it to an RV park in Quartzside AZ.
  8. Sold!! Looks like my bike is going to Alaska without me.
  9. Oh chit! Coming down to practice in the imperial sand dunes? I can run behind you with a tow strap and med kit on the polaris 700. =)
  10. My two cents for skid plate are Altrider or Blackdog.
  11. Welcome!!!
  12. IM have the same issue. I think you may have maxed out the reputation score Eric. So just pretend I liked your posts.
  13. Starts off in Rocky point? Looks intense. Can you run a paddle tire?
  14. Nice! Something else to add to my gear box, bailing wire.
  15. Eric, So what was the most technical part of the track? Was there a part that made you think "Damn this bike is just too damn big!"