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  1. Yup, run the generator all night while me and 950 stay cool in the AC.
  2. High Sierra - No trees Gold Point - No trees Desert - no trees Hammock, no bueno I guess since I car camp, I could try that hammock system that has the hangers under the front and rear wheels of my FJ...Might be OK.
  3. Were you able to scout it out on your way home from TOD?
  4. This is the correct place? https://goo.gl/maps/8JLubQrLnj82
  5. I didn't see option to camp in the post.
  6. Are you hoteling it, or is there camping somewhere?
  7. Im sure its worth the price. You will have a good time.
  8. I dont think i can make it. Tried telling my boss there is too much good riding in April and I can't work. She didnt agree.
  9. i plan on bringing the toyhauler. If my bike fits in there. This 1190 is longer than the F800GSA.
  10. Johnathon is out, so no cuddling. =(
  11. Welcome! There is still time to make Taste of Dakar. Many of us will be there 2 weeks from now.
  12. Im going to do that at TOD! hahaha
  13. So i was reading this Dakar article that Altrider put up and it was talking about how Jimmy Lewis would lead people down the wrong path then jump back on course. Sounds like a fun tactic for you to do Eric!
  14. TiresWheelsBrakes

    I dont think they have any out yet. I was looking too.
  15. Ok, want to know how the 500+ Ducati does! Curious about the tiger too, but I have seen those modified for racing.