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  1. Jason R

    CRF1100L Coming?

    Probablly not. Guess I will have to get a cheap KLR for a year or two.
  2. Jason R

    CRF1100L Coming?

    This summer?? 🤣
  3. Jason R

    KTM 790 Adventure Problems

    Is that the kick stand finally mounted to the frame??
  4. LA Times article, A war is brewing over lithium mining at the edge of Death Valley: https://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-death-valley-lithium-mine-california-environment-20190507-story.html
  5. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Do we have any way to contact KTM USA other than Twitter?
  6. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Mine is the same place as the video. Inspecting the 2016 version, KTM changed a cross member on the frame. It looks to reinforce this area.
  7. Jason R

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    The Mohave road is a good warm up!
  8. Jason R

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    I wanted to be last!
  9. Jason R

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    I around like a donut...
  10. Jason R

    MMM - Who is going this year 2019?

    Oh i know. The OHV park close by is a hoot.
  11. Jason R

    Buying Used ADV Bikes

    I have done both. My last new bike off the showroom was a 2014 BMW F800GSA. My last purchase was private sale. Right now, I don't know if I will buy new again. My used bike came all ready setup. Even the ergos were perfect. So far the only other bike I have gotten on new that was near perfect fit for me off the showroom floor is the Africa Twin Adventure Sport. A dealer will always have some markup on the bike. A good dealer would have gone through the used bike and done a safety check, change the oil, fixed any issues before putting it out for sale. They may even give you a 30 day warranty. I look at all options!
  12. Jason R

    MMM - Who is going this year 2019?

    Crickets.....Guess its just Arwi and I.
  13. Beside Arwi and I, who is going to MMM from this group?
  14. Jason R

    Fasst Flexx Handle Bars

    The foam grip saved my hands and wrist too.
  15. Jason R

    ADV Days 2019

    Ok important stuff. How is the cellphone coverage there?