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  1. Nice! Something else to add to my gear box, bailing wire.
  2. Eric, So what was the most technical part of the track? Was there a part that made you think "Damn this bike is just too damn big!"
  3. What was Wes riding?
  4. Eric staging on day 3. Finally caught Eric on the Baja Rally live view.
  5. I know...40th birthday celebration for my sister in law. It's actually a tough choice cause I actually like her. =)
  6. Sweet Van! Is it Diesel and 4x4 too?
  7. Sorry, Im out. I will be in Las Vegas.
  8. Selling a 2014 BMW F800 GSA. Options included Heated grips ESA ABS ASC Traction control Lower crash bars Hand guards 6.3 gallon fuel tank Fog lights Over sized foot pegs Adjustable rear brake lever Bag mounts Aluminum paniers Tall Wind screen Accessories that I have added are: Altrider skid plate Altrider radiator guard Altrider luggage rack Rotopax gear box with locking mount Touratech bar risers The bike is in excellent running condition. Has been ridden off road so the plastics are not perfect. 7100 miles. [email protected]
  9. Good luck Eric!
  10. Now we just need to you be able to FB live the whole race.
  11. First stage comes right by my neck of the woods "sand". =)
  12. Well its interesting that on my computer, the BMW website doesnt seem to work past clicking on Qualifier. I picked up my phone and the mobile site worked pretty good. If you look at the pictures and videos, I had the impression you needed the R1200 because that all i see. I feel I am pretty active on social media, but never seen an advertisement saying "Hey! If you got any enduro type BMW, you can enter the GS Trophy" Actually, I don't recall any advertisements other than Rawhyde asking for help to do setup. I usually hear about it after the fact. Honestly before this year, I thought you had to be invited to it. Just my 2 pennies.
  13. So with the additional people, did we raise less money than last year?
  14. I enjoyed the demo of the Africa Twin. I tried to give the DCT a fair shake down. For slow and casual riding, its great. Doing slow figure eights, or stop and goes without dabbing was just plain easy on the AT. At speed on a gravel road, sport mode was not smart enough to shift up a gear when I was done accelerating. I would stand up and be cruising at 50+. Then I would try to catch up to Eric on my bike and would open up the throttle. It would shift down to 3rd gear and start spinning the back wheel and jump up to 75 mph in no time. Then I would let off to try and hold that speed but the DCT would keep holding on the 3rd gear, so I would lose all my speed. It was balls to wall or slow acceleration, no in between. My logic could be wrong, but I was thinking it should be like a car and start to shift up when you let off the throttle. Maybe it only does that in Drive. I didn't test Drive on the gravel road. Manual shift mode seems to be the only way to go on dirt.
  15. I believe your cooking Thrusday night for all of us, then you get a break Friday and Saturday night, then your on again for breakfast. =)