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  1. Lets go ride the Raster route again before it gets too cold!
  2. After the 790 is bought, lets start a pool for $10 on how many miles the 790 lasts. ?
  3. Wow, 220 people could have donated $10 each and did much better than $800.
  4. Ktm 990 BMW F800GS/A Older BMW 1100GS
  5. Had a great time at High Sierra. I was lucky to be driven up and back and stay in a glamper for the weekend. Didn't take a lot of pictures, but got some video of Bob, Greg and Arwi. I would have gotten video of Tyler, but I just couldn't stay in front of him for long. Notice the smoke in background. So there is a small forest fire and Greg takes us on a route that had us exiting behind fire lines. I bet the Forest Ranger wondered how the hell we got behind him that day. Bob recorded that route so @Eric Hall you could add it to the routes for the 9th Annual High Sierra. The route is also on Greg's rever account. Its such a good route that when we got done Greg denied the whole trip was his idea! He was dehydrated and delirious. I don't think I broke my frame this ride, but not positive. I have not gone out to the garage to confirm this yet. I showed up with a 2018 KTM 1090R with only 200 miles on it. I have one thing to figure out. The traction control started to act up and wanted to turn on after starting the motor. It took turning the key on and off a few times and putting it in off road mode to get it to hold. I think I did the tough hill climb with TC on, even though it said off. I'm surprised I made it. Hopefully Arwi has video of it. Enjoy what images I have! 20190830_144217.mp4 20190831_113443.mp4 20190831_114031.mp4 20190831_114123.mp4
  6. Like real intermediate. There were people having issues that probably should not have been on the trail.
  7. If you have an Android phone, the routes look good in the Locus (Pro) app.
  8. Think i did last year. Then Eric and I lost the group and wound up in BFE.
  9. The bigger events are not charity events are they?
  10. Looks like a good place for a XLADV meetup.
  11. Yup, You get a spot to camp! And some food, and some local beer.
  12. Is it me, or is the KTM 990 the only KTM available to add to the Garage? Jason
  13. VBKV29402EM910326
  14. Eagle rider is the only rental i know of. I have rented a 1200GS from them before with full hard bags.
  15. See if it can survive being mounted to your bike for a full day off road.
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