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  1. I think i want one to hang on the panniers of my KTM. For when i'm tired of 150HP.
  2. Anyone find any additional news on this?
  3. That is a rather vague re-tell of their story. Did BLM render aid? Did they have to drive down the mountain with a flat tire to get help? Were they fired on because they didn't have a proper spark arrestor? Do they have a lawyer yet? Gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
  4. Anyone have one of these tents that I just saw on Facebook?
  5. Not the first time BLM seems to make bad judgement calls...
  6. I think Verizon got overloaded in the middle of the day. My phone went from 4G to 1X at noon. There seemed to be so much more stuff to see this year. Just walking the vendors wore me out.
  7. This was a great trip. I started up early and stayed at Hole in the Wall campground Thursday night. It was bring a friend time for me and Bob Smith met me up there a couple hours later. Hole-in-Wall is a great campground with large spaces and great views. Bob pulled up his awesome $600 KLR find and we just picked places on the map to ride too. Friday we were going to the Lava tube. We were going to take dirt all the way, but this guy sitting on a trailer at the intersection of Mohave rd and Kelso Cima Road talked to us about how bad the road was and that there were Baja racers coming down. He kept talking on how it would be no fun on our bikes and it was so terrible. We took a glance at it and Bob figured we didn't want to run into racers doing 100mph, so we went around on boring pavement. Bob and I made it to the Lava tubes and met up some jeeps that pointed up this rock hill saying your group was up there. So went up the hill and ran into a guided group of people on 450 dual sports of all types. Many of the people looked like they were tourists on a guided motorcycle adventure through the park. After our spiritual light experience in the tube light, we decided to take the Mohave road back to camp. That was a great trail. The sand was a little freaky but not super long. We stopped and signed the log book "may the forth be with you" and then I looked up and saw the frogs. &%$#@!? The rest of the road back to camp was fun. The technical rocks to the never ending whoops was a great challenging time. I think my F800GSA would have beat me to death on the whoops. The 1190r was great fun. After beers, and Dinner I took a shower (not trying to rub it in) and passed out for the night. I was wiped out. Saturday morning after a delicious breakfast Bob and I headed out with real route to follow. We just picked spots on the map and headed down the roads exploring. We went to a spot called Cottonwood springs, but missed the turn first and wound up under a Verizon cell phone tower and a great view all around. Bonus cell signal there! We back tracked a bit and I found where I missed my turn and road up till the road ended and kept going up the wash. I was determined to find a spring with actual water coming out. No luck with water, but found a shady rock that was cool to take a break on. Great place to camp out there. Bob and I headed out to find our way to old Cima ran into a train stopped on the tracks. Looking NE, the road looked like crap, so we went SW and got to the front of the train where we met another group that had went as far as they could and had to turn around. Now, I am taking all the credit for getting the train to move. I road up next to the tracks in front of the train engine and was counting how many tracks we would have to cross. The train blew its horn at me and I looked at him and waved him forward. He actually started moving and cleared the crossing by the time we got there. So I take all the credit, it wasn't a coincidence. Finally across the tracks, we headed up to Morning Star mine (I think). That was a fun fast road. Took a break at the mine and 3 jeeps showed up. Talked to these guys a while and they were telling us all about this Riley's camp. The way they talked they were driving for hours. I could not find their camp on the map, so I asked them to point it out. It was about 2 inches on the map scale away. Maybe 10 minutes by motorcycle going slow!! They said we could follow them there, and Bob and I both took a hard pass on that painful adventure. We did take their suggestion and headed to Caruthers Canyon. Caruthers Canyon was another fun road, both with speed, technical and lots of other roads to mess with your navigation. We stopped at the bottom of the rocky hill to the end of the road. I didn't need more dents in the bash plate. After a rest and exploring the area, we headed back to camp to get fooooood. There was this little track off black canyon road to Mojave road. It was on the tracks, but it looks like Bob and I and one other person road on it. It was a fun little trail with flowers and nice washout that you have to loft over. You all missed out! We road it twice. Thank you Eric for putting this all together and having a successful event. No one had to be hauled off by the police this time!
  8. Check out the MOTOZ TRACTIONATOR GPS .
  9. I really liked my Klim Dakar pro jersey. Its an armored jersey. All kinds of stuff slapped my arms all day...not a scratch and my body temp was perfect.
  10. Ok, what is the history of this? And why was I not warned ahead of time to bring a frog to donate?
  11. I have that with some Paypal users. It might have something to do with whether they confirmed their account or something. Every payment I would have to go look to make sure it was accepted and posted. Thanks for the reminder, i need to go look...
  12. I will be heading up about noon today.
  13. Eric, Did you have phone service when you were there?
  14. From Facebook: Menu update! Food will be provide by Tracy King and the menu will be: Fri dinner: Carne and Pollo Asada tacos with beans, salsa bar, chips, poppers Saturday morning: Huevos Americana Saturday night: Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and stir fry Asian Veggies Sunday morning: Banana Pancakes and sausage. We will have water and coffee as well.