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  1. Jason R

    Cerro Gordo Sold for $1.4MM for a new hostel

    Looks like a good place for a XLADV meetup.
  2. Jason R

    High Sierra 2018

    Yup, You get a spot to camp! And some food, and some local beer.
  3. Jason R

    Garage title not working

    Is it me, or is the KTM 990 the only KTM available to add to the Garage? Jason
  4. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

  5. Jason R

    Bike rental in Chicago

    Eagle rider is the only rental i know of. I have rented a 1200GS from them before with full hard bags.
  6. See if it can survive being mounted to your bike for a full day off road.
  7. I get page not found for the video.
  8. Jason R

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    That looks like a blast.
  9. Jason R

    For Sale 2007 KTM 990 Adventure

    Where did the buyer find your bike?
  10. Jason R

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Good thing the speed limit in AZ is 75!
  11. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    I had a Tourtech extreme suspension done by Konflict. =(
  12. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Im not much of a highway long distance rider. Is it light enough to be on a hitch mount behind my FJCruiser?
  13. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    That's an awesome explanation and diagram!
  14. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Im going to explore the 690, 701 and 790. Who knows when I will see a Tenere 700 so its not on my list. Funny thing, I found a 2016 KTM 1190 Adv R new at a dealer in El Cajon. Least its on their website.
  15. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Whats neat about Gieco online claim is there is no essay question. Just a select box on what happened. If its not listed there, then I guess you need to call them and talk to someone.