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  1. Jason R

    Cerro Gordo Sold for $1.4MM for a new hostel

    Looks like a good place for a XLADV meetup.
  2. Jason R

    High Sierra 2018

    Yup, You get a spot to camp! And some food, and some local beer.
  3. Jason R

    Garage title not working

    Is it me, or is the KTM 990 the only KTM available to add to the Garage? Jason
  4. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

  5. Jason R

    Bike rental in Chicago

    Eagle rider is the only rental i know of. I have rented a 1200GS from them before with full hard bags.
  6. See if it can survive being mounted to your bike for a full day off road.
  7. I get page not found for the video.
  8. Jason R

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    That looks like a blast.
  9. Jason R

    For Sale 2007 KTM 990 Adventure

    Where did the buyer find your bike?
  10. Jason R

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Good thing the speed limit in AZ is 75!
  11. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    I had a Tourtech extreme suspension done by Konflict. =(
  12. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Im not much of a highway long distance rider. Is it light enough to be on a hitch mount behind my FJCruiser?
  13. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    That's an awesome explanation and diagram!
  14. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Im going to explore the 690, 701 and 790. Who knows when I will see a Tenere 700 so its not on my list. Funny thing, I found a 2016 KTM 1190 Adv R new at a dealer in El Cajon. Least its on their website.
  15. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Whats neat about Gieco online claim is there is no essay question. Just a select box on what happened. If its not listed there, then I guess you need to call them and talk to someone.
  16. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Clicked the box that said "Pot Hole". It was the truth. I hit that damn giant pot hole at the Mohave ride that was right next to the cattle guard. Probably doing 50mph.
  17. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    I hope this helps anyone else in this jam. My insurance company paid out more than I paid for my KTM. Like a 100 dollars more. Gieco does not have a database on KTM. So they needed to shop out fair market value. Make sure you tell the adjuster of ever modification, I believed it helped with mine and they took it in consideration. At first estimate, Gieco wanted to fix the bike. After I took it to a KTM dealer, they found an additional 1500 in damages to push the repair over the threshold. I was tore between fixing and total loss. On one hand if it was repaired I was going to get some better stuff like a Woodys front wheel, possibly a 2016 year frame, new seat, and have money for new tires and such. On the other hand I wondered if I would just have more trouble and wind up breaking the bike again, or have trouble selling it. I had a love hate with that bike. Loved riding it, but its left me broken twice now. So ultimately its time for it to retire. I hope Gieco doesn't lose the key...i still have the orange one.
  18. Jason R

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Any idea if any will come to the USA?
  19. Jason R

    T 700 Review from Brake Magazine

    It looks like the front fender height can be adjusted a little. He makes sound likes the bike is just meh. Seems to get good wheel loft without much effort though. Comes in at about $11k US. So its just a bit more than a CRF450L. It seems like a bike alot of us would like to have. No more going through endless menus every ride to turn off TC, ABS, Off Road mode, etc. Push a button, ABS off, and now we have a 700cc semi dirt bike. https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/adventure-touring/models/tenere-700 SPECIFICATIONS: Engine Type 689cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke; 8 valves Bore x Stroke 80.0mm x 68.6mm Compression Ratio 11.5:1 Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection Transmission 6-speed; wet multiplate clutch Final Drive Chain Suspension / Front 43mm inverted fork, fully-adjustable; 8.3-in travel Suspension / Rear Single shock, adjustable preload (w/remote adjuster) and rebound damping; 7.9-in travel Brakes / Front Dual 282mm hydraulic disc; selectable ABS Brakes / Rear 245mm hydraulic disc; selectable ABS Tires / Front 90/90R21 Pirelli® Scorpion® Rally STR Tires / Rear 150/70R18 Pirelli® Scorpion® Rally STR L x W x H TBD Seat Height 34.6 in Wheelbase 62.6 in Rake (Caster Angle) TBD Trail TBD Maximum Ground Clearance 9.5 in Fuel Capacity 4.2 gal Fuel Economy** TBD Wet Weight*** TBD Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty) Color Ceramic Ice
  20. Jason R

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Guess you need to get it on that road leading in and out of Goldpoint to know...
  21. Jason R

    Relocated to Mesa, AZ

    3 hrs from me. Welcome to our winter riding season.
  22. Jason R

    KTM 790 Adventure Problems

    so it doubles as engine, swing arm and foot peg mount?
  23. Picture would at least get me to stop scrolling and look. I believe that's that they want. Mission accomplished.
  24. Jason R

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    My 1190 is at a KTM dealer for inspection. Gieco insurance wants to replace my frame. They think its cheaper than totaling the bike. I will update when the dealer gets done with their inspection.
  25. Hey all, If you went to High Sierra 2018, you might have heard me cranking my 1190r all day on friday trying to get it to start. Arwi and I finally got it to start with Jonathan's assistance of pure luck at 3pm. That night I kept the bike in the trailer all night and it was able to start the next morning and ride all day Saturday. I left the bike out Saturday night and sunday morning it would not start. I trailered home back to Yuma, and the 1190 started right up at home (it was 100 degrees at home). I did some google searching and so far I have come up with that there is some issue with the 2014 starter in cold weather. I do have a lithium battery too. Does anyone have any sure experience with this? Should I be looking for a 1290 starter motor and switch to an acid battery? Thanks! Jason