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    Rear suspension suggestions?

    Dave, Keep us posted, i have a co-worker with a 14' and actively looking into front fork upgrades. I have a 16 and sent my forks and shock to Konflict and they did an awesome job, the bike is so much more capable off-road then it was stock. I am a larger rider (240lb) , so stock just did not work and i was constantly bottomed on the smallest stuff off-road. Alex and crew at Konflict really know the bigger bikes and exactly how to get you dialed in.
  2. Eric Pierce

    Doubletake Adventure Mirrors

    I also just installed these mirrors with the small riser. Fantastic product, due to the dual ball adjustability I see better then the stick mirrors. So far no vibration and they have not moved a bit on or off road. (Unless I reposition them). If you ride off road this is a great solution.