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  1. Alon

    Hello from Alberta

    Welcome and let me know if you're going to tour east into Ontario this coming riding season. I'm in Toronto.
  2. Alon

    New member - Toronto, Canada

    Yes, I do like my KTMs and I'm still searching for a 640adv What's in your stable?
  3. Update - boots and white Dainese gloves are sold. I can't believe that no one has jumped onto the Held gloves...
  4. Alon

    New member - Toronto, Canada

    Yes - longer length footpegs transform big bikes, it's like having power steering all of a sudden...anyhow, part of my winter and injury recovery plan is plenty of retail, therapy (aka: shopping for goodies) and I've got a pair of Raptor titanium legs on their way to me as we speak...they're so delicious
  5. Alon

    Baja New Years

    Looks and sounds amazing - I'm insanely jealous...as for your key, not surprised to hear you couldn't hot-wire it, that bike has an immobilizer system that is extremely challenging to bypass. Post more pictures - I need winter and injury therapy!!!!
  6. You know...if you're buying a new leftover 690, consider the Husky 701 instead - it's got the new double counterbalanced engine that KTM put into the duke 690 and it's very very nice...that and you get a whopping extra 1.5 litres of fuel capacity and a generous extra 25mm of suspension over the 690.
  7. Don't torture yourself - there's no do it all solution in one bike; get a big bike and a little bike and then you'll have almost everything covered between the two of them without making big compromises. Anyhow, I don't mean to hijack your thread - I do have someone who will buy your Wings mufflers if you'd sell them. Please let me know and I'll put you in touch with him. Thanks and good luck with the sale - it's a nicely setup beast.
  8. Sorry, did I say Eric? I meant rob... So...what's going to replace it?
  9. Good luck with the sale Eric - looks and sounds fantastic. What are you replacing it with?
  10. Alon

    New member - Toronto, Canada

    Thanks. The wife ended up shovelling three times between yesterday and today - poor thing, I've hired a snow removal guy to replace her As for Moto-lives, I am convinced there's truth to that...
  11. Alon

    New member - Toronto, Canada

    I was in full armour head to toe. My boots were Sidi Crossfire TA2 and I didn't sustain a single scratch apart from my ankle injury. I think that what caused it was two-fold: the entire weight of the bike coming down was focused onto the inside of my ankle when the footpeg crashed onto it and once down and sliding, that same footpeg had my foot hooked and twisted it around. I am quite confident that if I were wearing lesser boots, I would have torn my foot off and if I weren't wearing my knee braces, the twisting would have destroyed my left knee. It's just one of those things...now I feel like crap sitting on my house unable to do anything while my poor wife is outside shovelling the snow.
  12. Alon

    New member - Toronto, Canada

    And I do use the backroads map on my Garmin to explore and plot new routes for big bikes and gnarly little bike riding.
  13. Alon

    New member - Toronto, Canada

    Lol - yes, that's me...
  14. Alon

    2017 New Klim Gear

    Perfect - thank you
  15. Alon

    2017 New Klim Gear

    Has anyone seen this Kodak jacket in person? I'm intrigued...