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    Shinko Adventure Trail Big Block E-804/805 Tires

    For the price, it's tough to beat this tire. I mounted a rear up to my 1190R a few weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical at first about buying a Shinko, but pulled the trigger when my MotoZ tires were still on backorder. It handles about the same as my old TKC-80's, but seem to last a lot longer! Off-road, they are almost identical in performance to the TKC-80. On road, the TKC-80 might turn in a bit faster, and inspire a bit more confidence....but it's marginal. Air them down off-road (out in Silverton / Ouray doing all the passes this week) and they grip gravel, rock and hard pack very predictably. I ride about 80% off road, and 20% on. Happy so far!