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  1. PeterKaa

    KTM 1290 SA-R Travel Pack Horror story!

    Sorry about your troubles, must be frustrating! Not sure if you’re ranting or if you want some feedback, but... 1. Why are you doing your dealers work? You payed for the upgrade at their register, if they can’t deliver the agreed goods, get a refund, or an extra set of tires or a new pair of gloves. Would not take any deal that requires them to wrench on the bike, like first service, since they are clearly incompetent. 2. Do you have your bike? If yes, go ride you are spoiled with roads, trails and weather :-) 3. Do not call customer service employees a f’ing something - it is unlikely to get you any kind of service, as you may have noticed. These people work with you to help you within the frames set by their manager and the product training they have. If they cannot help you, 9/10 it is a management problem. I too get very frustrated with customer service persons in general, if they don’t know what they are talking about - but it has never helped to let that frustration out on that person. 4. What is “KTM my ride”? 5. I would think all authorised service in the warranty period, would include making sure that you have the latest firmware on your bike. But this is speculation on my part.
  2. PeterKaa

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    This is mad :-)
  3. PeterKaa

    Shipping Bikes to South AF from USA

    I shipped my 990 from LA to Copenhagen a few weeks ago. Try to get a hold of these guys: http://www.directexpressinc.com Were very professional and easy to work with. They were putting a Mercedes-McLaren SLR in a box, when I dropped my bike off, like it was no big deal. I have not received my bike yet, but unless they drop the box on the dock, I doubt they can scratch it up worse than what it has already..
  4. PeterKaa

    Motoz Tires

    Had my rear do that same chipping away happen on the same part of the tire. Was on a 12 day ride and kept going, honestly, I don't think it really degraded the life of the tire much. I mean, compared to what spinning it on a rocky climb on a loaded bike will do, and we're all guilty of that. It seems mostly cosmetic, but off-course it's not supposed to happen..
  5. PeterKaa

    The Importance of Tires

    I think it is easy to agree that the right tires are important.My point is that it should not be denied that aggressive knobbies take away a lot of the big bike's ability as an awesome travel machine. I had the Motoz Tractor ADV on a recent 12 day/2600mile trip, and they we're great as I rode a lot of dirt and backroads. I am really happy I choose those tires for that trip. But if I was on a cross coutry "explore the americas" kind of trip I'm pretty sure I would go with something slightly more road oriented and longer lasting.
  6. PeterKaa

    The Importance of Tires

    Big bikes are a compromise and the tires will always reflect that. Using a big bike for loaded cross country travel, hardcore knobbies get tiring real on that 200 mile stretch of hi/freeway, that you end up having to do. So choose for what riding you're willing to compromise, and be aware of that... Unloaded playriding as shown in the video is fun, but not what my primary riding is about (that case I'd have a big EXC or a 690E) so I choose my tires accordingly. I don't agree that hardcore knobbies is the only right choice for a big bike, unless you only do dirt playriding (in which case I kinda think you have the wrong bike).
  7. Few snapshots, might do a ride report when winter hits Denmarkia and I'm not too busy with wrenching :-)
  8. If the OP is trotting along on a big bike, it makes no sense to take an enduro bike on the same trail. Unloaded big bikes can go up some really gnarly stuff, I'd know..
  9. So, they took EXCs on the same trail as you could manage no problem on an F800? Why? I mean either; you're one hell of a rider; they're are terrible riders or they've misunderstood the point of an enduro racing bike completely..
  10. PeterKaa

    Mixing tire brands/models

    I've had good results with a TKC80 front and a Mitas E07 rear, lasts long and is a very decent compromise. Enough for fun in the twisties and off-roading with luggage..
  11. Yeah me too, but I'm quite busy with getting the shipping of the bike back to Europe sorted and then work..
  12. It all went really well..
  13. Haha, well plane ticket's booked for LAX on Monday. Heading out middle of next week, might hang around Kanab and discover a lot more of the GC if weather permits :-) Any recent reports on road conditions in that area? Trying to pack..
  14. Update: Work plans have changed, I'll be heading out about a week later. Still expect first stop out of LA to be Valley Of Fire, NV. So if anyone want's to bring some loaded up big bikes along the north of the GC let me know. I Expect you to be able to handle yourself, but that being said, once we're there in the dust I'll help us out with anything, out there it's no joke. Will go about the same route as last year, but we'll plan it out as we go. RR from last year: http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/a-dirty-blondes-first-time-a-solo-loop-out-of-the-comfort-of-south-bay-la.1102670/
  15. PeterKaa

    Stickers on your bike, thoughts?

    But where do you stick'em?