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  1. motoguru

    Did Rev It Step in It?

    This is all I noticed. Finding any keepers, Eric?
  2. motoguru

    Post your XL offroad photos

    A few from my Saturday in Central Utah.
  3. motoguru

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    I'll be there again this year as well. Heading to Moab at the end of March for a few days of riding, then I'll make my way to Gold Point after that.
  4. motoguru

    BMW F850 GS

    Totally. I'm also playing a bit of devils advocate. ;-)
  5. motoguru

    BMW F850 GS

    BMW used a similar scheme on the R80GS way back when, but yeah, the gold wheels are definitely from a page in Honda's playbook.
  6. motoguru

    BMW F850 GS

    Good find, Eric. The more I learn about the 850, the more I like it! (And I have never been a fan of the current 800GS') The hype surrounding the KTM and Yamaha really overshadowed this thing, but I think it'll rise from the ashes of a failed launch and surprise some people. In person and up close, the Yamaha is a great bike to look at, but a lot of the design and construction makes it looks about as capable as a V-Strom .
  7. motoguru

    Portland to Cabo

    TL;DR Hello, friend!
  8. motoguru

    BMW F850 GS

    Being here at EICMA and being able to see all of the new bikes in person really made me wonder why no one was talking about this one. I clicked through all of the normal ADV focused instagram pages and saw that touratechusa was the only IG that I follow had posted anything about it after BMW officially pulled the cover on it. I have to admit I took a photo of it on my first round of the show, but I didn't really look at the bike. I had to go back a 2nd time to really check it out. BMW made a lot more significant changes to this than Honda did to the AT or Triumph did to the 800 Tiger, but I saw the latter two posted all over the place. It all just made me curious as to the reason why this was/is so.
  9. motoguru

    Tiger 800 Tramontana

    I love this thing sooooo much.
  10. motoguru

    The Adventure Rally - Sierra 2017

    I had a great time at the one in Colorado lest year. They put on a great event, and they definitely have their poop together.
  11. motoguru

    LAB2V 2015

    We're just about loaded up here... Heading south in the AM!
  12. motoguru


  13. motoguru

    Overland Expo West - May 15-17 2015

    Ray and I will be there with the bouncy castle.
  14. motoguru

    Saline Valley Hot Springs Apr '15

    Looks like fun!!
  15. motoguru

    AltRider Side Stand Foot

    I have one on my Tiger, and I love it!