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  1. This is all I noticed. Finding any keepers, Eric?
  2. A few from my Saturday in Central Utah.
  3. I'll be there again this year as well. Heading to Moab at the end of March for a few days of riding, then I'll make my way to Gold Point after that.
  4. Totally. I'm also playing a bit of devils advocate. ;-)
  5. BMW used a similar scheme on the R80GS way back when, but yeah, the gold wheels are definitely from a page in Honda's playbook.
  6. Good find, Eric. The more I learn about the 850, the more I like it! (And I have never been a fan of the current 800GS') The hype surrounding the KTM and Yamaha really overshadowed this thing, but I think it'll rise from the ashes of a failed launch and surprise some people. In person and up close, the Yamaha is a great bike to look at, but a lot of the design and construction makes it looks about as capable as a V-Strom .
  7. Being here at EICMA and being able to see all of the new bikes in person really made me wonder why no one was talking about this one. I clicked through all of the normal ADV focused instagram pages and saw that touratechusa was the only IG that I follow had posted anything about it after BMW officially pulled the cover on it. I have to admit I took a photo of it on my first round of the show, but I didn't really look at the bike. I had to go back a 2nd time to really check it out. BMW made a lot more significant changes to this than Honda did to the AT or Triumph did to the 800 Tiger, but I saw the latter two posted all over the place. It all just made me curious as to the reason why this was/is so.
  8. I love this thing sooooo much.
  9. I had a great time at the one in Colorado lest year. They put on a great event, and they definitely have their poop together.
  10. We're just about loaded up here... Heading south in the AM!
  11. @motoguru
  12. Ray and I will be there with the bouncy castle.
  13. Looks like fun!!
    I have one on my Tiger, and I love it!