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  1. RT @SacredStoneCamp: According to @lakotalaw, it’s actually closer to 1 in 2 Indigenous women with statistics at 56%. Almost every other…

  2. Another Alexandra Petri gem. Take that, #Sinclair! https://t.co/HZOAX1SIvd

  3. @StephenAtHome How about we coin a new word for the Mango-in-Chief’s tweets? I suggest... “twiticism”

  4. Reaping what we’ve sown https://t.co/wcOhbzBZuc https://t.co/xZFZjasbtK

  5. RT @AGCSRQ: Students experiencing “Meaningful Movement” while teachers learn #artsintegration strategies from @kencen teaching artist Randy…

  6. The Trump-Less Kennedy Center Honors https://t.co/wfI1HyhlHT What it means to have a Philistine for President. The… https://t.co/UxwwlvKKN3

  7. This one really made me think: “The Problem with ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Isn’t Consent. It’s Slut-Shaming.” by Ca… https://t.co/PpaXUMcFNN

  8. So, imagine there is a shooting at your high school. You are thanking your lucky stars you are alive. And then the… https://t.co/pxdtwVvr0k

  9. @krqe Thank you!

  10. #HR4HR encore, I say!

  11. RT @artsedge: If you're a gesticulating teacher—awesome news! Gestures help kids learn complex content. #theater #artsed #edchat https://t.…

  12. Because every tweet/retweet of #HR4HR gives two bucks to relief efforts, nyuk nyuk! 🖖🏼

  13. For Guys Reading #MeToo Testimonies — a powerful and sobering read: https://t.co/vyBBVUNPYI

  14. Can the Performing Arts Boost Student Outcomes in STEM Disciplines? Dance is powerful! https://t.co/6yYHVqpfPm

  15. Keep an eye on N Monterey County CA schools. They are daring to teach the whole child and have the adults take the risks. 🔛