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  1. RT @Regmusicman: The first Black female doctor has been elected as president of the AMA. 74 years in the making. https://t.co/TXZVeWQkam. #…

  2. RT @kristenschaaled: Love this! Study up beautiful minds! https://t.co/HHbHbM68Dc

  3. @Regmusicman Saw that one when it came out. Loved it!

  4. RT @afiakc1: Learn how our 6th grade class is leaving a lasting legacy at AFIA through their contributions to our playground. https://t.co…

  5. Sometimes you just need a quick slap upside the head. Thanks, HW. https://t.co/rkIEZhrggL

  6. This keeps coming up among the trolls. They conveniently forget that the US children they are talking about have ho… https://t.co/0he64Dxd51

  7. RT @SarahKSilverman: Good lord https://t.co/z8kg8W57md

  8. Sums it up in one heart-breaking photograph. These helpless children are now bargaining chips in a cynical "deal" b… https://t.co/qMqkFFb6dy

  9. Worse than the incorrect use of the New Testament (which is all about love) is the use of the Bible at all to justi… https://t.co/Obe3NnArw9

  10. As a Jesuit-educated person, I appreciate Fr. Martin's words to remind us that religion is often a cloak for sin. T… https://t.co/b7Wp8S5oPI

  11. This just in: Trump is promoting Men's Health Week. https://t.co/yzyhE4J3KO ????????

  12. H E double hockey sticks yes! Jam on, Reggie! https://t.co/k7QF02h0qT

  13. @BarbaraShep Very much so, thanks! You too, I trust! Sweltering a bit in the early summer sun, but enjoying life. ?

  14. RT @MohamedMOSalih: Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico.…

  15. Such a great staff, all focused on whole kids. It’s a privilege to work with you https://t.co/xhUbOsBHgU