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  1. It's temporary.
  2. Hi, thanks for the complement. No dirt tours close to Houston. The best riding I've found in Texas is the hill country, South of I-10 around Leaky, Uvalde and Kerrville. There are a few picturesque dirt roads around there. This is a 3.5 hour drive West of Houston. It is best to load up the bike and haul it over. Big Bend is the only other interesting spot and I rate it high on the fun scale. Nothing really technical about it, but fun and scenic. This is a 10 hour drive west of Houston.
  3. I was a riding 2-3 days a week before I got transferred. Skinny ridges, 27 1/4 road, The entire area is a playground. Zion Curtain, Butterknife, Rabbit valley, 20 minute workout, Westwater, rips to Thompson springs...quick trips to Moab. The Unc.
  4. Montana native, residing in Houston, TX. Current ride is a 2006 950AdvS with 32K miles on the clock. (recently dressed it up with a signature designs vinyl kit) Until recently, I lived in Grand Junction, spending all my spare time riding Western Colorado and Southern Utah on a 530 Xcw. All technical off road, single track and and overland rides. This part of the US is an off road /overland dream. Houston doesn't have as much to offer terrain wise, but, it's always nice to get out for rip and meet other enthusiasts. Fun Texas rides: Sam Houston NP (yes, the sandy single track) In and around Big Bend NP/Terlinqua Hill Country Tarmac SW Kerrville/ Hackberry/Bullhead dirt roads