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    ICON Raiden DKR Jacket

    I've been wearing the @ICON DKR jacket and pants for a while now. I'm wearing the white with blue and orange. I like the visibility this graphic package offers. The jacket is by far, the best fitting jacket I've worn. Period. The sleeves are the right length with your arms extended to the handle bars, they are the proper diameter to keep the elbow armor in place, and there's no extra fabric to flop around. One of the best features is the flow thru venting - when yo have the full length thermal liner in, you can still open the jacket vents and receive cooling via the slits in the thermal liner. The liner has slits what match up with the vents in the jacket. This is great as it offers greater temperature control without having to stop and completely remove the liner. I find this feature handy here in the Pacific Northwest where it's chilly in the morning, warms up, and then perhaps starts to rain and then cool off again. The armor is D30 and is very comfortable. The other features, like plenty of pockets (one with goggle wipe), including the map pouch on the back, inside pocketes, waterproof zipper on one outer pocket, are welcome. The pants are just as good as the jacket. I like the suspenders, as they offer great comfort while keeping the pants in place. The pants offer a full length zip on the inside of the leg to ease getting into them. The nice thing with the full length leg zip is you can open the top of the zip and let some cooling air flow in. Both the jacket and pants are waterproof. I've ridden in the rainf for a few hours and stayed nice and dry. The pants have waterproof zippers on the pockets and leg zips. There's a nice patch of no scuff material on the inner leg too. Highly recommended.