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  1. zbychostwo

    Dakar 2018

    Malle moto category is called “Original by Motul”, Matthieu Marchand is a manager responsible for that, but I can’t find any rankings even at the motul sites:(
  2. zbychostwo

    Dakar 2018

    My fingers are crossed for Maciej Giemza on KTM, cause he’s from Poland ??:) please visit his IG profile @maciekgiemza101. now I’m going to watch RedBullTV:)))
  3. I don’t have an experience with heidenau but it looks like solid on-road shoes, with 20% offroad capability. What do you think riders?
  4. Congrats Eric! Fingers crossed for next stage!!!
  5. “Decline” or “allow” - choices choices...;))
  6. Hi Pierre! Greetings from rainy Poland??:)
  7. Nice to see you Dominique ??, thanks for the kind words:)
    I did a pair H7 in GS1200R - awsome light, highly recommend it.
  8. Forgive Honda... it’s stunning photo:)??
  9. Hi buddy! I’m trying to learn how it all works here:)
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