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  1. @WillGordonAgain My man

  2. @CaughtDot Taste of Dot was excellent! Not sure I can even pick any favorites, everyone’s food was great!

  3. #RNR3

  4. @HeyRatty "Kennedy car wash" is my favorite local colloqialism

  5. @MichaelFlaher19 @maureencaught 👍

  6. @maureencaught big excavator in the lot at E 3rd and i St, looks like another single family is about to bite the dust!

  7. @WillGordonAgain alert: curieux now in 12oz bottles!

  8. @bytimlogan @WelcomeToDot Most people are probably driving in BECAUSE they can't rely on the T. Also, I have notice…

  9. Apparently Lowes is the nazi home improvement store of choice?

  10. @WillGordonAgain I’d try it.

  11. @DorchesterEsq @WelcomeToDot they literally used the BPD district designations, ie "District B-3 Mattapan". Taking this way too deep.

  12. @GuineyPete @BillForry @PoliArmor No, there isn’t, but talk to any cyclist and it’s the best idea since the inventi…

  13. @WillGordonAgain @masundbe Probably excessively overpriced too, because “Brooklyn”

  14. @maureencaught Your source is probably better than mine 😀

  15. @AdamMyerson getting hit by uninsured motor vehicle at potentially high speed is less worrisome than getting hit by…