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  1. Clink

    Big Bike Desert Ride - May 9 2015

    Fun ride, we need rain.
  2. Clink

    Jesse Luggage Panniers

    I have them on my KTM 1190. I got them because they tuck in close. So far they've been great and I don't have any complaints. I've dropped my bike several times and they have no problem handling the abuse, still in tact and straight. I haven't got the luggage yet, I'm still deciding on hard or soft bags, but I'm sure I'll eventually get both. I saw a pretty good luggage test on YouTube and they got a good rating. It's an interesting video, look for it, they submerge the boxes, toss them off a cliff, spray water and I don't remember what else.
  3. Clink

    Clink's adventures

    Random pics from rides
    I purchased this set up a few weeks ago and have really liked the features and how easy it is to use. The sound is pretty good but could use a bit more bass, with at said they are small speakers and get plenty loud. The jog dial makes it easy to use. I usually play my music from my phone and only talked on the phone once at slow speed so I'm not sure how clear it would be at speed. One thing that's cool is if you have multiple helmets, you can just buy extra headsets for about $30 for them and just clip the actual brain in and go. You can also get different headsets for different applications like use with ear buds, full face mic or half etc. I look forward to riding with others on group rides to talk smack back and forth or to warn others and such.
  4. 8 reviews

    The SMH10 is a Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset with long-range Bluetooth intercom designed specifically for motorcycles. With the SMH10, you can call handsfree on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigations by Bluetooth wirelessly, and have intercom conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other motor cycle riders. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth and the advanced digital signal processing technology, the SMH10 offers the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound in its class. Also, the easy-to-access and intuitive button operations make the SMH10 a perfect companion for motorcycles. SMH10-Features > Bluetooth 3.0 > Bluetooth intercom up to 900 meters (980 yards)* > Four-way conference intercom > Conference phone call with intercom participant > Universal Intercom™ > Music sharing > Bluetooth pairing for dual mobile phones > Voice prompts > Bluetooth stereo headset for Bluetooth audio devices such as MP3 players > Bluetooth music playback control by AVRCP: play, pause, track forward and track back > Easy operation by versatile Jog Dial (Patent acquired) > Sufficient sound level with integrated audio booster > Bluetooth handsfree for Bluetooth mobile phones > Bluetooth headset or stereo headset for Bluetooth GPS navigations > Speed dialing > Sidetone > Stereo music by 3.5mm audio cable > Water resistant for use in inclement weather > Crystal clear and natural sound quality > Advanced Noise Control™ > Up to 12 hours talk time, 10 days stand-by time > Can be used while charging on road trips > Individual volume control for each audio source > Firmware upgradeable > Peace of mind – thanks to the two-year warranty
  5. Clink

    Mitas E-09

    I like the 09 Dakar for the rear as well, I've had 2 and I'm sure I'll go back. I haven't tried the Mitas on the front yet but I'm sure it'll be in the near future. For me, I loved the performance of the tire on and off-road. Off road it bites well and feels great. On road going through the switchbacks, I've never felt like it'd slide out but I'm not sure if that's the tire gripping or the traction control helping me out... When home from the blacktop twisties, scuff marks were all the way out on the side knobbies with no more room to lean so it does hold well in corners. It's pretty noisy but it's a knobby and you need to expect that. It give 4 stars because wish I could get more mileage out of it but I'm not kind to the throttle, so that could be most my fault.
  6. Clink

    Arai XD4 Explore Helmet

    I have the same exact helmet and colors. I love this helmet, it's comfy well made and no complaints what so ever. I haven't ever had another full faced helmet for street so I can't tell if it's noisy or not compared to the rest of the field. I agree the price is a bit steep, but I was able to score a coupon for 30% off any purchase at the dealer so I used it wisely. I just installed a Sena Bluetooth system in it but haven't had a chance to use it since other than in my living room so that review will come soon.
  7. Clink

    MotionX App

    Has anyone used this app on their phone as their main GPS? I read some good reviews but I'd like some feedback and tips from people around here... I have a Garmin 60C but having it on the phone seems like it'd be easy to get trails and routes easier.
  8. Clink

    Rottweiler Performance Intake System Stage 3

    This is one of the best necessary mods I can think of for the KTM 1190. After one trip in the dirt with the stock box I had dust in the entire area after the filter covering my throttle body intakes. Fits great, very high quality parts, increased roll on power and sound of wide open throttle is awesome. Chris and his crew at Rottweiler are second to none for customer service, real cool guy to talk with.
  9. 4 reviews

    This system eliminates the stock air box which is prone to allowing dust to enter the engine through the lid seal or the filter itself. This Stage 3 system includes the filter setup itself, a new rear velocity stack and fuel dongles to eliminate the O2 sensors. Other stages are available with more goodies or less depending on your wants and needs.
  10. Clink

    KTM 1190 Adventure R 2014

    Love this bike! There are always quirks with new products and KTM has had them with the 1190. However with the right professionals in this industry, there are solutions. Things I love, not necessarily in order. The power is amazing. Lighter than the GS. Trail handling, feels lighter than it is. Traction control and ABS functions. Chain drive. Controls. Things I dislike Heat in summer, with that rear cylinder under your butt, it gets hot but riding with your legs apart a bit helps. Air box sucks, more fixes now (I went Rotweiller) it sucks dust from off showroom floor. Too quiet, I personally like to be heard a bit more in traffic. Servicing the air filter, you have to pull tank to do this. Lights need improving but I'm ordering the Cyclopis LED upgrade soon. (I'll review when I do) No cruise control...
  11. Clink

    Time for a modified leap frog?

    I think that's a pretty good idea especially if the second rider has a camera getting footage of everyone. Then if it's good to pass, that also makes good video, but passing may not be an option on tight or dusty trails. It all depends on the group.
  12. Clink

    KTM 1190 Adventure R (2014)

    1 comment

    Love this bike!