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  1. Outbacktaz

    MITAS Tires

    True, but there's a fine line between "not good on wet pavement" and being downright dangerous on wet pavement. I had Heidenau K60 for 16 000 kms and never had any similar issues. Ditto with the OEM Pirelli Scorpions...
  2. Outbacktaz

    MITAS Tires

    Hey Pete! Of course, it was a rainy July evening. I had just finished playing baseball, going back home. T intersection, where the crossing traffic has no stop sign, so no significant oil accumulation. I was turning left. Flat intersection. I was just finishing the turn, the throttle hadn't been opened too much, you know, I was on wet pavement. And then the bike just kept spinning around. Did a full 360 and was ejected from the bike. I had the luggages on so no damage to the bike. I felt hard on my hip. Bruised a bit. All good now. Mileage wise, probably 2000-2500 kms, about 1200 to 1500 miles. So the tire had been scuffed properly. Tire pressure was in the 28 to 32 psi. for the back one. Max pressure for that tire is 34 psi. I hope this clarifies some...
  3. Outbacktaz

    MITAS Tires

    Hey Pete, Might be a bad batch or else, but the rear one in the wet is horrendous!! It skids all over the place on wet pavement. I went down once, and had a lot of near miss. Never had a tire break away from me on the highway, at 50 mph in 6th gear, until this one!! Really don't know if it's the pavement or the tire or anything else, but it's down right dangerous. I've had superbikes and customs as well, rode on Battlaxe, which are notorious for no wet grip, and they were more predictable!! Go figure. I bought the tire in 2013, installed it late November 2014 and it's been a nightmare since. It's just getting worst. Very good tire on the dry stuff. But the wet... NOPE (for me)!!
  4. Outbacktaz

    MITAS Tires

    Hey Digitallysane, I see you had issues with the Mitas...? Care to elaborate? I have some issues with them as well. a set of E-07 on a KTM 990 Adventure. Went down once on wet pave, a few near miss... Scary!! Currently trying to sort the issue out with the reseller. Thanks!
  5. Outbacktaz

    My Austrian Waltzer, aka the Albino Pumpkin!

    Different views of my bike ranging from the American midwest to southern Ontario...