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  1. Hello everyone, So your friendly local Tiger fan hasn’t gone off his rocker and planted himself on the last yellow beastie I posted up but has in fact had quite a run-in with RL and I’m now a Widower at just shy of my 55th Birthday. I won’t go into the gruesome details, suffice it to say it was a 5 time rollover in our Superduty and she died at the scene I crawled out of. I received a T11 microfracture and a bunch of abusive treatment at the hands of the local ambulance company on the way to the Hospital but that’s not for here. The reason I am posting is one of hope. Exactly three weeks to the day after losing her I grew tired of looking at her Tiger sitting there in the garage, mocking me over might have beens and could haves and making me cry. So I gathered up what remained of my strength and traded it in, that very day for a new Scrambler 1200 XE in green. I kept my 800 of course, I haven’t lost my mind and it’s my “it’s longer than a day” bike for going to Montana and back in 24 on. I’ll just permanently-install the bags and forget day runs to the beach through the forests on it and use the Scrambler instead. Speaking of which a mini-review might be in order, I started taking it off-road pretty much right away as I’m not scared of dirt and my back is MY back after all, I’ll be the judge of what’s appropriate. To begin with these are 270 degree, 8 valve twin cylinder engines of 1200 cc capacity “loosely” based on the Thruxton R giving about 90-96 HP with 80ish lbs. of torque depending on who’s data you are believing. They smugly refer to a dry weight of 456 but after God knows how many quarts of oil, 4.2 gallons of gas and whatever the coolant adds this makes for a 500 lb. bike. So she isn’t exactly small. That being said my first impressions in loose gravel that I first rode in was that it was sprightly, even with the break-in imposed 4K limit. A bit nose-divey on pavement it seemed, but what do I know from Brembos which definitely helped with that impression. The twin pots out front will put you over the bars, especially if you have the up-spec XE which has PRO mode, essentially turning off ABS. Additionally it has 50mm more suspension travel fore and aft due to the biggest set of Öhlins twin shocks anyone has ever seen and huge 47mm fully adjustable Showas out front. Power comes on flat and wide, just like other twins of yore and you feel an immediate connection to the old Meriden bikes. That being said, this ain’t your Daddy’s Triumph and it makes me laugh when old duffers come up and talk about their old 750s or more pedestrian T100s, this bike is literally Bud Elkins and Steve McQueen’s desert fantasies brought to life. I’m pretty sure you can wheelie the first four gears or so, and anyone crazy enough to hang on to 500 lbs of bike in the desert like this deserves what will surely happen to them. Now that I’ve had it a while and actually put more miles in off road in a single day than on my Tiger I can say it are the Champ. I even put it into deep 2” loose gravel which the Tiger hates and I could plough through on this bike without needing to gun the crap out of it which is dangerous on forestry roads. Outside of zero carrying capacity and being thirsty she’s everything one could want in a play bike, and my Son is definitely right when he says to not load it down with a bunch of crap. As proof of that I went to the Oregon Motrocyle Awareness Rally in Salem Saturday and by Noon I was following my nose down a road to Falls City, which I had never been to. After checking the signs in Falls City, I saw a sign indicating Valsetz. Valsetz is a Ghost Town, located upon Weyerhaeuser property and sometimes not readily accessible as during dry season they lock it up. But Saturday the great ADV Gods smiled, it was a pleasant 70 degrees and the gravel was over 20 miles in. I not only rode to Valsetz, one of the last remaining Ghost Towns in Oregon I haven’t been to yet but I realized I was glad to be alive still and able to continue the business which we both built out of nothing to be one of two in the entire State licensed to practice at our level. With the help of my Children, especially my Daughter whom I’ve breveted to CEO, we will be able to continue our tradition of service to the people of the State of Oregon, one which we have maintained for over 15 years in our current location. My Wife would be proud of us, for staying here and continuing our work in spite of many attacks and demonstrations of personal animosity we remain, allegations unfounded, proven so and ready to STILL work hand in hand with DHS, the architects of our miseries. My motorcycling life has taught me much, and it continues to do so. Instead of lashing out at these people who hate me I have tried to find the ones who are of like mind and form agreements and alliances to get my Residents the care and benefits they deserve instead of being confrontational with someone who never saw them anyway. I don’t want to run on here but suffice it to say in the words of Garret Morris (somewhat paraphrased)”baseball (motorcycling) been very, very good to me”. I may have lost my Wife, not watched the evening News since March due to the media storm surrounding her death, but I still grin when I get on my new Bonneville and wail down a County/fire road and I’d say that’s got to be worth something. It may alternate with tears but there is still joy, and for that I’m grateful.
  2. Flappy613

    Reason 1,247,874 why Facebook Sucks

    Agree. I have my own reasons which I’ll not elaborate here but suffice it to say Zuckerberg’s baby has gotten a bit “too” big for its’ own good.
  3. Flappy613

    The "Beyond Starbucks Gold"

    That's what I wanted to hear.....timing is everything though so I'll evaluate as it goes. 'sposed to be pretty dry this weekend.
  4. That's cool. I have my own reasons I boycott Bridgestone/Firestone but they have nothing to do with motorcycling.
  5. Flappy613

    The "Beyond Starbucks Gold"

    Hey, After much non-lulz inducing drama involving my Business almost going kaput since May we are back and firing on all 8 cylinders. Since the loss of my Mom a couple years back I conceived of a suitable farewell for the woman most directly responsible for my being away from motorcycling for almost 35 years and then glibly letting someone else take the blame. I'm not nearly as angry now as when I found out when she was living in my home but that is neither here nor there. After taking my Wife to see our fake Son graduate from Parris Island last September I drove us up to Pennsylvania to see her Mother's Sister for what quite possibly could be the last time. Again, neither here nor there just setting the stage for HOW I managed to get the blessed woman to OK my send-off of Mommy and why the bleep I NEED 5 days away to go to the California Desert. First reason, Lost Coast. Leaving early Wednesday night and jamming the I-5 down to the cutover to Crescent City where instead of whipping a right like I usually do, I'll make a left and go to Legett for the start of Highway 1. Google refuses to route me but I've already checked CalTrans and they show it open in it's entirety with some spots shut down to one lane but nonetheless passable. Somewhere above Point Reyes I'll cut inland and get back on 101 to Pacific Palisades where I'll have a private farewell for my Mother at a place she never actually saw although she is of that faith. She DID pay to send a young 13 year old man to rich white kids Church Camp there way back when in that Summer of Lucas when the Trailblazers won the Championship. And even that would have been seven years since I've seen the Northern California coast back in '70. My Mom, my Step-Dad and myself (all six years of me) drove a 1948 Diamond T flatbed logging truck with a teardrop trailer on the flatbed all the way up the coast from San Diego (they were married in Tijuana) to Marblemount, Washington. Talk about your Hippy upbringing. Nothing if not colorful. Many, many colors, like meeting Kesey at the Rainbow Fest and eating Peyote. Like getting the guy at Vortex who was asking for glue a bottle of Elmer's and not understanding why he was upset. Like letting me believe for over 30 years that it was my Step-Dad who sold my bike for dope. Time enough to put all that away for good on that ride, and afterwards she sleeps with Ghandi at the Lake she could never afford to visit herself. Second reason (and MOST important)- a certain young Marine of my acquaintance is stationed at Twentynine Palms until March and he has let me know he has Friday through Tuesday Liberty. Since said Marine is in possession of an endorsement for the State of Masachusetts I believe I might extend to him the courtesy of riding my fine Tiger whilst I rent something for myself as the more senior (and able) party. BUT THE MAIN REASON I POSTED THIS: I got 4 days in Cali. coming with my full load Tiger and I'm probably going to rent a Weestrom that's available close by for my Fake Son to ride. Is this SB Gold a good candidate or should I look elsewhere? I'm figuring frost early would be about all that would be happening but we should know more weather-wise the closer the date. If it's too darned dry I'll probably take a pass as unless there's some rocks for kitteh's tyres, she no like the sand too much. Found that out when the typical wet sand on the beach became dry and my Son and I both decided that was a bit too "manly" for us up there. So let me know what the opinion is and we'll see you out there November 8th through 11th!
  6. Thanks Folks. Sounds about like what I was expecting, especially given the audience (XLADV). Those numbers are pretty much my own depending on season and availability so it appears my suppositions were fairly close., @Eric, How astute of you especially the kind words about SOLO riding, it's the part of the Ted Simon bit in "Why We Ride" that really put the hook in for me. It's become especially close to my heart as I have had less and less time to actually get away here lately and ride as we have been working seven days a week 12 hour days to try to keep the County licensor from going insane and shutting us down. Now I'm back to full occupancy, Attorneys paid and we're back in fighting form but it's taking me time to focus on anything not Business related and I can sure relate to Elon Musk's 120 hour work week! That being said, I DID have a slightly ulterior motive in posting those questions other than curiosity, but I'll defer that for right now in the interests of brevity.
  7. Hey everybody, As another season begins (with hopefully no underaged arsonists) i’m wondering what are everyone else’s mileages in a single days’ ride? I’ve gone from a 40/60 bias doing barely 250 and hating it on my XR to over 700 30/70 on my Tiger. Now of course that’s at the end of a 17+ hour day in the saddle and I’m pretty wiped the day after, but I’m still serviceable. Can’t ever be away from my house for longer than 24 so I try to pack as much into the short time as possible. That’s one of the BIG reasons I went for the BIG bike, ability to extend. I may not be able to go to Baja, but I can ride endurance like nobody’s business and dream. Took a little 720+ mile spin the other day that saw me traveling through the Great Basin out east and choking in the dust and heat after spending a chilly dawn with icy mountain pass roads and tandem dump trucks up my tail as we descended to the high desert. Finally got to stop at a station in the middle of nowhere where I’d fueled before last year and all I’d had was plastic and still the kindly old gentleman ran off an actual paper charge slip for my miserable little purchase of fuel. I was glad to return, this time with cash and a few kind words for his kindness in seeing to my needs back then for damned little recompense. Small towns and places in Oregon are still like that occasionally: little glimpses into the past where people and things didn’t move so damned fast. I’ve waved and smiled at older folks just out strolling from Church on a bright and frosty day in Vernonia, stopped and chewed the fat like a local in every ‘burg from here to Lakeview and up to Joseph and all the way to Montana. The one thing I really took away from Ted Simon’s bit was his sense of adventure through being alone. I HATE traveling with a group, it changes the whole dynamic of social interactions. Instead of that half-mad fellow on the big ADV bike soaked to the skin, you are one of a bunch of noisy Klim-Klad Wild Hogs wannabes. Not really my cup of tea, and where’s the bloody adventure in that? i LIKE riding by myself and the reactions of people to me and the interactions therof, it’s one of the major kicks to this. Plus the ability to rely on oneself and one’s own natural coping skills in the face of little kinks in the road are just the spice that make it ADV. A sense of vulnerability as Mr.Simon puts it, a sense that you just might end up with more than you bargained for. Which inevitably turns out to be just enough to keep it an adventure instead of just a trip. It’s curve balls and adversity that make the spice of adventure, not smooth sailing with everything according to some plan worked in advance. Oh, that and the cute waitress will NEVER treat you the same when you are with the BOYS. Just not going to happen. Think about it for a second and you’ll realize that THERE is the secret to adventure, leaving your group/caste behind and just being available to whatever might occur. We’re social animals that’s for sure, but I don’t get big grins by hanging around a bunch of other middle aged fat guys in minty ADV gear congratulating each other on our great taste in front of the local Tavern OR dealership. I quit smoking AND drinking due to ADV motorcycling and I miss neither. Never did hold with drinking and riding under ANY circumstances, and smoking was just plain nasty and shortens your life. But back to the topic at hand: How many miles a day do you ride and in how many hours? I’m kind of curious as to whether or not I’m actually crazy for riding so much at a single sitting, but with good aux lights and the twin H4s of the Tiger I’ve got GREAT lighting at night so 1 AM departures are a thing with me. Already spooked well over a dozen cows at night so far this year, let alone the Puma, antelope or more regularly encountered Elkosauruses.
  8. I have ‘em. Don’t wear ‘em. Part of the HUGE pile of what I consider unnecessary that I have/had left over from motocross. I bought literally EVERY piece of protective gear sold back in ‘12 when I got back in due to caution and not wanting my Son or his bestie to get hurt while I burned the Vidya out of them learning the ropes again. Leatt GPXs for all and sundry, roost protectors, Rock Gardn Flak Jacks, you name it. By and large going upsize to a 500+ lb. bike has meant a LOT of changes and re-evaluations of what is really necessary for a distance tour, which IS after all why I’m on such a large bike Vs. a KTM or my former XR650. I LIKE to have my cake and eat it to so to speak, so I’ll run hard boxes in the Summer when the footing is sure and just a tail pack or tank bag in Winter when things are slick. At ALL times I wear basic CE minimal armor in my pants and jacket, Moto boots, leather gloves with thick palms and of course a helmet. The only real damage I’ve suffered in over 30k US miles of Tiger beating on me is a dislocated shoulder and a bunch of swelling/bruising from a lowside (on pavement) where the trac control went wonky in some moss and I wasn’t watching closely enough OR wearing the pants with hip armor like is my norm. Now my Tiger is another matter entirely as I’l pretty sure it lives on my knuckle blood, small birds, bats and expensive Hinckley plastic in equal measure, but that is another matter. My point was condensed for brevity, that we tend to both overpack and overprepare. There are of course schools that will teach you these things, but I can’t imagine EVER receiving the education I have from practical experience. Pain has a way of educating you about your bad habits and if you survive long enough you WILL figure out what is essential for you and your bike’s comfort out in the big empty. Plus although my Wife bears the Hinckley plastic bill stoicly, she balks at 600.00 plus campouts in the mud with the Boys for ADV cred. YMMV.
  9. Flappy613

    Hello from PacNW

    Hello and Welcome! Got a few of you big Kato riders around here in PNW. I’m out westside myself and I think there might be more bias towards KTM as opposed to the Bavarians out here. Might be a different scene on the other side of the Metro and we DO have pockets...(Helvetia Tavern? just about ANY McMenamins...) I don’t tend to post anymore much as almost everything is served by PNW Moto for us locals and of course Facebook has changed the nature of online communities but I noticed a PNW feed from here and thought I’d say hello.
  10. Flappy613

    2018 Touratech Rally in Plain, WA, 6/21-24/18

    Big rides for big bikes!
  11. Hey All, So since I've been in Winter mode contemplating since the big double crash day in late December while trying to peg drag in the de-icer I've had time to think. And well I might after going over the bars of my Tiger twice in one day, not only was it personally demeaning in front of my newfriends but it cost me a bit more in Hinckley plastic. So with bruised ego (and Amex) I seriously started to take stock in all the damned motorcycles laying about and look at which ones were getting the hours. It rapidly became apparent that Bob "Hurricane" Hannah was not going to come ride the '13 YZ250 smoker I have in the corner made up for him especially let alone the 125 of my Son's right next to it. So a quick check of KBB gives me an idea......gank the plastics, custom kit and tank off the Whyzed and use it for a trade. Now a bit of backstory if I may. Back in October when my Business really began to get busy my WIfe came up with the idea of getting my Son a Sportbike for Christmas. I was the cautious one here (go figure!) and was originally against it as I have had a longtime fear of them due to losing a few friends back in the eighties when I basically quit riding. But that being said the ART course at Pat's Acre's had put the hook in for Track days. So last Fall I sold my XR (for what I wanted!)on CL, gave the Wife 1600.00 and bought an '01 Firebade as a Track day pig. Problem with that was after I fixed it all up I didn't want to trash it. Plus it is a handful on short, tight tracks like Pat's which means the only time it'll be able to run is at Portland International, the Ridge or Oregon Raceway Park. While I was running my CL ad there was another one running of what to my mind is one of the sexiest bikes ever, a 2006 Triumph Daytona 675 in Scorched Yellow. Ad catches my eye because fellow who is selling it is 67 and is selling it to get a more powerful bike. I congratulate him on his age, taste and abilities but since he probably does not desire an XR I am unable to come up with the 5 grand necessary to purchase his Daytona and wish him good luck with his sale. Now fast forward to early February and the unthinkable has happened; my Son got my CBR for Christmas due to an advanced case of lust and I STILL have a busted Tiger. He's fully kitted with leathers, armor and a nice shiny IOM helmet and I'm rideless. So this being the state of affairs we go to the OMRRA meeting at Beaverton Motorcycle to get the word on motorcycle racing and after I figure out that the CBR will NEVER I repeat, NEVER be suitable I take myself a think and a look on the internet. And sure enough, almost like Fate itself had a hand I discover an advertisement on Cycletrader that will answer ALL my prayers. A 2007 Triumph Daytona in Scorched Yellow with 921 original miles for the princely sum of 5200.00. The rub in this ointment however is that the bike is 200 miles away and I only have one day to drive up after working a 12 and have to leave in the early AM to be there at 10 while contending with Seattle traffic and a 20+ foot trailer. But since I lust as heavily after this bike as my Son did the CBR (+this one IS a Track Day weapon!) I'm on my way last Friday. Bike proves to be exactly as advertised: a bike that some kid bought in '07 that has sat in a garage for 11 years. Absolutely breathtaking and they have freshly serviced it to the best of their abilities including a new set of Dunlops and a fresh battery. So now that is how things are, a fresh Daytona awaiting recall service at the local dealer and me on the 'Net looking for Cheabay plastics to go with the rashy dented tank I bought it so we can go racing. But for this year the plan is instruction, instruction and more instruction culminating in licensure for next year's amateur Season. Plus a LOT of Tiger time to keep up the proficiency, I still shred in gravel with it. Obligatory glam shot obtained the other day while there was a break in the clouds:
  12. Flappy613

    2018 Touratech Rally in Plain, WA, 6/21-24/18

    Thanks Pete, I too have a 20+ foot flatbed trailer with multiple tie downs and a Superduty to pull it so if there is enough interest I could be persuaded to roll that in addition to Tigers. Should still have room for at least 2-4 bikes depending on how they are kitted. If little they can ride in the buckets in the bed leaving the trailer open or whatever. Still don't know if I'll be able to get my Wife away in which case I'll be bringing BOTH Tigers. But that would still leave room for two more people that wanted to go with their gear so if there is interest and you are between PDX and Plains let me know. And as for the SS1K, yes that IS a Saddle Sore 1000. I ran one from Tigard to Missoula last Summer and as far as I know I'm the first Tiger 800 to run one. Had a great time and found out that the Tiger is actually QUITE comfortable to be on for a day straight when kitted correctly. I'm just too damned lazy to write ride reports as they are only interesting to the idiot blabbing and I don't blab well. Nice to be able to take in a bit of off pavement while there though, some of it has burned to the ground since and only exists in my GoPro and the stills I took. https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=172955a2466314b97b&hoursPast=0&showAll=yes .
  13. Flappy613

    Do you give to a moto-specific charity?

    Strangely enough my one and only charity besides St. Jude through AmazonSmile is Ted Simon’s foundation, Jupiterstravellers.org.. Something I actually believe in and not only did it enroll me IN the foundation but I’m actually one of a limited amount of Facebook friends of Ted himself. Somehow ended up with 2 endorsed copies of his book but I think one was complementary with the membership/donations. Still a great endeavor and when I found out his site had been hacked by ISIS of all things I was compelled to make a bit of a statement of support I suppose and have been ever since at 10 bucks a month. And definitely second the AMA although not so much of a Charity as a lobby. I used them specifically of how to engage politically as an example to AARP who will NOT be getting another 50 bucks for five years of not much when they come due again.
  14. Flappy613

    2018 Touratech Rally in Plain, WA, 6/21-24/18

    So Eric, are you IN? I am for sure at last through Saturday as I regularly have Fridays off and to myself anyways plus hopefully a bit of goodwill built up with the Wife by then to cover an extra day or two away. PeteN looks like you’re confirmed so where will we all hang our collective hats? Under the big XLADV sign or what? I’ll be coming in early Friday AM so try to be quiet around the purpley looking Tiger when all you people arise at the crack of dawn Friday, will ya? Thanks, appreciated. But seriously it’d be great to put a face to the handle so to speak and a reason to explore an area I haven’t spent a lot of time in before except in passing trying for my SS1K.
  15. Flappy613

    New From Oregon, My Neighbor Referred me

    Hi Tanuki, See, What’d I tell Ya? Great bunch of folks and far more “focused” if you wil than the “other” adv forum. I haven’t been posting much myself due to my annual licensing taking place any day and having had two rather spectacular crashes riding with the Westside crew back in late December. But my Tiger is back in order (and back from paint!) with only a sacked clutch needing attention so I’ll soon be out and about again. See ya on the trails....... Rick (Flappy)