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  1. swl

    Florida Coast Run 8/13

    Looks like more fun than work... Sorry I missed it.
  2. Sorry but out this weekend- Helping my kids move but I'll post up something when I can get out.
  3. Bryan- Glad you got the hand fixed- You told me it's been a problem for awhile. Definitely looks Central Florida! Let's plan a ride soon-
  4. Well -It's called Adventure riding! You got your moneys worth!.Forgot about your glasses breaking... Maybe you thought the water crossing was only a foot deep?- More like 3 ft deep! Fun time- Will check into some other areas while we wait for the hunters to finish chasing Bambi around.
  5. That was a late Thursday night thought- Glad I brought it to- GSADVRIDER is real happy I brought it!
  6. A few more pictures from Saturday's great adventure! Fun times!
  7. swl

    Keeping sand out of eyes?

    Oh yeah- Like tiny little paddles kicking sand back- My knobs didn't seem any worse for kicking up sand but they don't look as tall as the TKC's.
  8. swl

    Keeping sand out of eyes?

    Bryan- We discussed this before- I think it's in the fender- I added a rubber extension to the back of the fender which helps but now I think it's the front part of the fender. Pushes sand forward as the wheel spins and then sucked thru the Triumph vortex. Got to find some type of extension for it.
  9. swl

    IDBDR July/Aug 2015

    Great video- What an epic ride!
  10. swl

    Madstad Engineering Windscreens?

    Nothing like Florida in the summer- Expect to get wet. Looking forward to the review- Could use a bit more wind protection myself.
  11. swl

    Madstad Engineering Windscreens?

    Bryan- Last ride we did we went right by their shop - Just north of Dade City- Interested in your write-up
  12. swl

    Added some BARK to the Tiger...

    I don't know if the stock muffler is a S/A or not- Know that you can look down the outlet and it's blocked. They always checked at races for the S/A. Might not be that big of a deal.
  13. swl

    Drz 250 Weird IDLE *VIDEO*

    I am assuming you are talking about lack of idle. Not familiar with the carburetor (diaphragm or reg. type carb) of this model but sounds like something in the pilot circuit. Make sure your vent hoses aren't blocked and pull the float bowl back off and clean the jets again. Pull your idle screw out (check how many turns it's screwed out first!) and spray some carb cleaner through it. Sounds like something is clogged on the low speed circuit- Good Luck
  14. swl

    Added some BARK to the Tiger...

    Bryan- Do they come equipped with a spark arrestor? Checked the Yosh site and it did not specified or I missed it-Thanks
  15. swl

    Added some BARK to the Tiger...

    Sounds a lot better Bryan- Not too noisy. I've looked at them and almost puller the trigger. Only think missing for me would be a heat shield for the wifey.