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    Howdy everyone, long time rider, first time poster, long time soil-sampler. I've done a fair bit of adv riding aboard my XR650r, which doubles duty as my loaner-supermoto to try and convince others into riding. I've done the TAT, Baja, mainland mexico, COBDR, UTBDR, Kokopelli, and MOAB. As of lately, I have put adventure on a bit of a hold (While I scrounge PTO for a Deadhorse, AK trip), and have fallen into the supermoto racing world. Last weekend was my first race, and nearly ended my day early with a bad getoff during qualifying. What seemed like a relatively easy lowside is still giving me trouble a week later. Xrays show nothing, but I'm certain I have a hairline clavicle fracture or bruised bone. It feels all too familiar to a broken clavicle I had 15 years ago. I sure don't heal like I used to. Anyway, I'd love to put the Leatt STX to use. It seems like it would be the perfect all-arounder for ADV riding and still clear the speed hump on my leather for track duty. https://www.instagram.com/p/BKgyQ7PgnprE9EAYXwqkiyfz8BXGpIFeMbMo6Q0/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BKv6uRAgeTmKxZ8qjDFgF53u6r799FnawEcsF00/